Charles (17 March 2013)
"Alert direct impact full on CME coming"


A direct impact full on CME coming right before the V planetary alignment of doom march 20th. Both planetary alignments and CME can trigger EQ this is a one two punch right as we are telling Israel hey don't worry about Iran just give up more land lets go to the Temple Mount and sign a treaty.

Remember Katrina when we said give up Gaza! They found a bible open to psalm 83!

Do you see the why they released the RT story now did not want to be the Italian scientists and no one will pay attention anyway to much cry wolf. Pay attention the rapture is coming at the great quake a man is waking in sackcloth warning Jesus is coming repent. The spirit of Elijiah for those who will recieve it.

I have relatives out there doves get ready to fly! I can only report what I see. The fact is God is warning 1) we see the CME 2) We see the V 3) they warned in RT 4) 100 micro quakes in CA 5) A visit to Israel to give up land 6) a man in sackcloth 7) the seventh 188 day cycle April 2nd.

Based on my dreams look for starfish and other invertabrates washing up, look for a quake 5.0 around Eureka, damaging a senior center in the area then an 8 around Fresno area then the big one. That's how it went down in my visions use your Disernment here but facts on the ground CME V alignment converging with Israel visit man in sackcloth and they are publicly warning in the news any time now!

Look up.