Charles (15 March 2013)
"Gerry all Doves Thursday"


I cannot tell you the trepidation I feel over warning about this day The Thursday less then one week from now. I opened my bible last night to the gospel of Mark. I rarely read Mark but John and Luke. The part of it I opened to was when you see the abomination of desolation standing where it ought not let those reading understand its almost God going wink wink see see really!

It's not a temple but Gods holy site where that was. Wink wink its a person despicable to God according to my concordance which I also rerely read.
In my spirit March 21st will be the last normal day before it never is again and if the rapture is not then I see no other time we avoid the results of this desolation that may be occuring.

It's just too coincidental the new pope, the visit, and a sign we could not make up the locusts wow fulfilling Joel 1.

A sign that needs urgent investigation by all here is the celestial doom alignment march 20th. A V of the planets like a funnel? Pointing to earth will this initialize the earthquake will this be a funnel channeling the bride to Heavan behold I make a tent over the sun! This V formation turn it upside down its a tent over the sun!!!  

It's also the tv series V For visitors you know the show. They laugh showing reality to the masses conditioned not to believe.

Nicole I find it amazing that I wrote we see visions and by the spirit through a veil and you wrote the same. It's true a d that Joel 1 talks about the drunkards drunk on wine waking up.

I am or have been a camper also. I hear about packing a to go bag. Go where? To do what. I have come to the same Conclusion the rapture is our only blessed hope out of this pit this hole dug we are in.

It's really up against it soon and so few are seeing this hope god what it is Jesus promised to come back to Take us longing for Him to not because He missed us but to escape what's coming. The fact is God said He would destroy what is with what is not. A not see. By the naked eye dark star that comes into our space could have been Noah's flood cause, the parting if the Red Sea, the plagues, the signs and EQs now, the day that stood still for Joshua all that. Does how God do it matter?

We should not even exist! Think about it why are any of us here? God told Moses who He was. I AM simply God exists because He exists Jesus said to the Pharisees if you do not believe I AM you will perish.

I believe Jesus is the I AM He The Father and the Holy Spirit are one. He became flesh to redeem us by being the new Adam sinless spiritual redeemer in the flesh. He is the word the truth and the life and no man can come to the Father ie go to Heavan except though Him.

There is no more time to debate if you do not believe He is I AM there is no other exit plan.