Bruce (27 March 2013)
"President Obama's Trip to Israel, March, 2013"

I've enjoyed reading your site.

What do you think about God speaks the language of the
times, so Daniel's future years would likely fit our years without any
recalculation. Right? Thus, using the UN declaration to restore and rebuild
the fig tree nation Israel, we calculate: 1947 + 62 + 7 = 2016. Subtract 3
1/2 years and you have spring of 2013 (March 20-22 are after winter and
before the Sabbath!).

Does President Obama's Trip to Israel fulfil Daniel, John, and Jesus'
prophesies? (Dates coincide with prediction over 8 years ago by

Note: Apparently, underlying Hebrew does not say that the Antichrist will
actually stop the sacrifices, or place the abomination, or stop an offering.
These, and the temple being rebuilt, are all apparently wrong assumptions by

1. Exactly 1260 days previous to March 22, 2013, on October 9, 2009, Obama
was given the Nobel peace prize. Also, in early 2009 the new President Obama
confirmed peace treaties with Israel, etc.

2. On March 20-22, 2013 President Obama traveled to Israel confirming a
"Covenant of [Many] Peoples" (Daniel 9:27). He promised Israel an eternal
covenant. How could any person, considering himself mortal, promise and
everlasting covenant?

3. There was an order to stop at least one group from sacrificing a lamb.
Police confiscated at least one lamb recently. The
award given by the Prime Minister to Obama could be the "offering".

4. Obama entered Jerusalem on the donkey symbol of the Democratic Party on
Nisan 10 (March 21), same date as Jesus' triumphal entry. He has been
declared several times in the media and by many people as a messiah.
Recently a music star declared him as "god and our savior", etc.

5. His administration showed a graphical "image" of the State of Israel that
cut Jerusalem and the Temple Mount out of Israel and placed it back under
gentile/Palestinian control (i.e. an abomination). The Dome of the Rock is
also an abomination or detestable thing on the Temple Mount.

6. There was an ice sculpture created in Obama's image.

7. President Obama entered the holy site of Jesus' birth on March 22.

8. This all happened after winter (March 20) and the day before
Sabbath/Saturday March 23 (Matt. 24:15-21). 

What do you think? Just coincidence?