Ned (3 March 2012)

I have known Jethro King since I was twelve years old and am aware
that he is a very spiritual person and Warrior Of God. I trust his
teachings and his research implicitly. Jethro has often talked about
Satan's influence on the world and how dark forces are ranged against
us and avoided 'worldly' things because of this, however his good wife
Laura bought him a laptop over the holidays and he has been on an
information quest since then.
This has led him, and myself, our Pastor and our church first to Ron
Reese and then onto Five Doves. We are convinced this is the hand of
Our Lord bringing us to yourselves, particularly as He has clarified
the information for Jethro once and for all and at a faster and faster
pace. Truly this is not a coincidence and these are indeed The End
 The truth is even more shocking than you may have previously
imagined, Doves! Many of the events, visions and brief flickers of
data you have experienced are all part of the wider vision and view
that Jesus has given to Jethro.
What is even more heartening (and somewhat more disturbing and
frightening) is that since we contacted Ron and yourselves regarding
the secret conspiracy of the Chitauri - Satan's minions, architects of
the NWO and also known as fallen angels or Nephilim - OTHER people of
God have started to post about the same matters on Five Doves. We have
seen two more  letters on Five Doves about the Nephilim-Chitauri in
the last TWO DAYS! Is this coincidence? Have the Watchmen been
watching Earth too closely when the real threat lies beyond it? Our
COSMIC WAR! And not a moment too soon!

It is only now, in the final few minutes of the clock ticking, that
Our Lord brought us here and is allowing these secrets to be revealed.
Only now can they be shared with you. You may find it disturbing and
you may find validation and answers to what has thus been shown. At
last and in time. So many of you have sent letters regarding these
events but now the whole tapestry of Satan's Sinister Masterplan is
revealed - through the prophetic vision of Jethro King!!

I now present to you Mr Jethro King's SIX SIX SIXES of BIG evidence of
the Chitauri Empire - how it relates to the WORLD now and to THE END
TIMES - IMPORTANT - more important than anything else you've seen so

1. 'Demonic Possession'/'Exorcism' - have you ever wondered if this is
so? or is it merely a Chitauri manifesting as a 'human' and
communicating with the (usually Catholic) priest in 'tongues' -
sending on a message to the Vatican from its Satanic-reptilian masters
- when the 'exorcism' is complete the 'human' returns to normal as the
Chitauri changes back into its spiritual self and thus the circle of
evil is complete

2. 'Comets'/'Missiles' prophecy and dreams - this is a positive for
'our' side - some people are more spiritually attuned and closer to
Jesus - they are picking up 'flashes' of skirmishes in the spiritual
zone - like movies of conflict between the Angelic host and their
Chitauri counterparts - if you see this sort of vision (Laura King's
mother, Mrs Edna Josias did) then you are truly blessed in Christ

3. 'The Number Code' in the Bible and in scripture - Again, all of you
Watchers out there are doing an amazing job with the math - BUT why
does it  transpire that on the dates prophesized for the Rapture or
Sudden Destruction the event simply does not happen? Because the
NWO-Chitauri-Satanic alliance use binary math code THEMSELVES and like
a computer code they can change it so the dates SIMPLY ALTER because
they KNOW WHEN WE ARE ONTO THEM. Five Doves is not just watched and
read by the Godly - it is watched and read by the NWO and its horrific
Chitauri-Nephilim-reptilian masters.
You righteous Watchmen may be sat there at your table or PC working on
the math all day on your own - while your (im)mortal enemies the
Chitauri have 3000 agents (human, reptilian and spiritual) at work in
giant space stations orbiting their black star DOING THE SAME WORK and
UNDOING THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE! Take solace that they will not always
be the operators when OUR LORD SOON STRIKES! When a heavily armed
invasion force of the Heavenly Host breaches the airlocks of their
mothership the shoe will be on the other foot!! Hallelujah!

4. 'The Middle East' facade/decoy/illusion - this is all well and good
for the humans on Earth to fret over Israel and so on, but you must
open your eyes further, for the destruction of Jupiter, Neptune,
Uranus and The SUN ITSELF is the Chitauri's true aim - how horrified
will Our Lord be if the Sun itself is destroyed?!! And all of the
planets! And each 'branch' of the Chitauri Empire has the task of
DESTROYING ONE PLANET EACH of which will be revealed later

5. 'The Great Unsaved' Already many humans are unwitting drones of the
Chitauri - do you suffer a migraine or a headache? This is your
spiritual self fighting the advances of the Chitauri in the fourth
dimension as it tries to make contact. Atheists, false prophets, hs,
evolutionists, socialists, communists, Satanists, devil worshippers,
abortionists, Islamics, Scientologists,liberals,  Sikhs, video gamers,
Jehovahs witnesses, Hindus, rock n rollers, psychics, false prophets,
witches, Wiccans, Italians, drug addicts, drunks, drug users, Italians
and homosexual atheist bookstore owners who stock the Koran in their
Religious Studies sections are ALREADY easily able to become prey to
the Chitauri mind-controllers and are waiting to become their robot
slaves at the flick of a switch. Particularly Scientologists. Only the
cosmic armor of accepting the way to Heaven is thru OUR LORD JESUS
acts as protection. Those secular masses may as well peel off their
skin to reveal the green scales underneath NOW

6. 'The Sudden Destruction' is more horrific than anyone has dared to
believe so far. The SIX SIX SIXES of cosmic spiritual warfare stand
revealed. Who's side are you on?


Tomorrow - the Chitauri Empire's DEATH PLAN for the Solar System and
how the Rapture Cosmic War will be fought and WHO are the
Human-Satanic-Chitauri people AT LARGE and already in place to serve