Mike W (7 March 2012)
"letter to all"

Hi Everyone
I have been reading all the letters over the past months and it is really amazing how everyone has an opinion on everything.(including me)
It seems to me that God made it simple and clear if we read the Bible and divide it according to the dispensation we live in. Our doctrine should be from our spokesman Paul. All other scripture is good for our discernment but the clear teachings of Paul are simple for us to understand.
Of course when someone states their position they will then state from the Bible "God is not the author of confusion" and then go into a long "Greek" study of the different word's in the Bible. God may not be the author of confusion but man along with satan surely is. It seems people are always trying to show what they know about the Bible(i am guilty of this also) and then trying to point to someone else where they are wrong and even at times pass judgement on whether this person is saved or not.
Don't you think that when Paul through the Holy Spirit said "work out your own salvation" that maybe God knew there would be a lot of different interpretations of his Word because man and satan would start the confusion. So he was telling us to study and work out your life through what you read.
Don't you think that God made it that way so it would get us to study more and sharpen our "body armour" for God.By doing this it keeps our thoughts on God and Jesus our Saviour through the Holy Spirit. It is the only book that I know of that can be read so many times and still come out with a new experience or another blessing!
Now I think it is great to have the discussion's about the different way we interpret the scripture's and what it all means. I too am a "watchman" as are a lot of people on this web-site. I have been pre-trib and I have been post-trib and then even mid-trip. Oh and i do not want to leave out the pre-wrath. But what is truly amazing is that whether a person is pre-trib or mid-trib or post-trib we are all expecting Jesus to rapture us any day now.That is how amazing God is. Who could have written such a great book except for God himself. I mean thnk about it. There are post-tribers on this web-site and mid-tribbers and even pre-tribbers. Yet every person on this web-site to the best of my knowledge is expecting the rapture at any time now!
After all my studies I always have come to the conclusion that we are saved by faith alone. I have never had to study the Greek or anything else. It was just so clear in the Bible from a casual reading. That is the most important thing. Now for those of us who are watching we have to dig a little deeper but we will get our rewards or not depending on why we do it. But let us never think we are better than anyone else as then that deadly sin of pride will take us over.
I have no idea why I have the desire to study prophecy and watch for the coming of our Lord but it has been put in me by the Holy Spirit to desire that. Yet I know a lot of Chrisitans who I know are saved that do not look for the rapture or should I say are not wathcmen. They just have not been given that desire. That does not mean I am better then they because I am not. They may have a desire for other things the Lord has given them. That is why we are not all feet or hands or whatever in the Body of Christ.
Don't you think.......
Mike W