Jim Bramlett (17 March 2012)
"Psalm 83 commentary"

Below,  a Bible student friend has written an interesting commentary on Psalm 83.  It is timely and relevant because of all the talk that Psalm 83 describes our current situation.  He makes some interesting and provocative points.  Prayerfully consider.

                                     "Why there is no war mentioned in Psalm 83"
  There are many today who are speaking of a "coming war", which they say is mentioned in Psalm 83.  Despite this "rumor" the real reality is that the psalmist "never" mentions any war taking place in this Psalm 83, but he only reveals the "plot" of Israel's enemies in Psalm 83 who are planning her annihilation as a nation.
( Psalm 83:4 - 8 )......"They have said,, "Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation;  That the name of Israel be remembered no more."..........For they have conspired together with one mind;  Against "Thee " ( the God of Israel ) do they make a covenant; The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab, and the Hagrites; Gebal, and Ammon, and AmalekPhilistia with the inhabitants of TyreAssyria also has joined with them;  They have become a help to the children of Lot."
Question: Is there any language in this text which suggests that there is a "war" taking place here in Psalm 83?
Answer: NO!
Notice that in this Psalm the enemies of Israel are ONLY making a "covenant" with one another and they are "plotting and planning out" Israel's destruction only.  But nowhere within this text does it ever show nor mentioned that this "plot" which they are planning among themselves is ever carried out!   As a matter of fact the Psalmist is asking God to "step in" and intervene on behalf of Israel in order to "stop" the destruction of Israel.  Look at the text below.
( Psalm 83:9 - 18 )
...."Deal with them ( God ) as with Midian, as with Sisera and Jabin, at the torrent of Kishon...........who were destroyed at En-dor, Who became as dung for the ground..............Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb, And all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna,..........Who said, "Let us possess for ourselves the pastures of God."...............O my God, make them like the whirling dust;  Like chaff before the wind,..............Like fire that burns the forest,  And like a flame that sets on fire ,...........So pursue them with "Thy tempest", And terrify them with "Thy storm."..........Fill their faces with dishonor,  That they may seek Thy name, O Lord,............Let them be ashamed and dismayed forever;...........And let them be humiliated and perish,...........That they may know that Thou alone, whose name is the Lord,  Art the Most High over all the earth."
Question:.....Who is intervening here, and who is the one pursuing Israel's enemies? 
AnswerGod is "directly!"  ( This happens "inside" the "Day of the Lord ).
You will notice that the psalmist does NOT suggest, nor does he ask Israel herself to rise up and destroy her enemies which are listed.  And neither is he requesting that any "nation or nations" should intervene on the behalf of Israel.  But instead the text shows clearly that God will pursue and destroy Israel's enemies "inside" the "Day of the Lord" Himself.   How do I know this?   I know this because you have to go back and read the last verse of Psalm 82:8, which "precedes" the opening of Psalm 83.
Psalm 82:8........" Arise, O God, judge the earth!  For it is Thou who dost possess all the nations."
This begs us to ask the following question:
Question:  Can God arise and judge the earth while the Church is still here????
Answer: Absolutely NOT!  The following verses I have listed below shows clearly that the members of the "body of Christ" are NOT appointed unto the wrath of God, nor shall they ever experience God's wrath and judgments at anytime according to the following Scriptures: (  Rom. 5:9,  8:1;   1 Thess. 1:10,   5:9;   Rev. 3:10 ).
Since God cannot begin His "judgment program / Day of the Lord " UNTIL the Church has been removed from the earth,  then it is clear that Psalm 82:8 is revealing that the Church has had to have already been "removed from the earth" at the time in which this "plot and plan" of Psalm 83 is already "in the works",  and of which will be foiled, interrupted, and stopped by the very hand of God Himself at that time when He removes His Church.  Then begins the "Day of the Lord."  You can see that the psalmist in Psalm 82:8 is asking God Himself to arise and judge the earth.  Then he goes right into Psalm 83 and reveals the plan of Israel's enemies who are plotting her destruction.
Listen carefully!   The opening of Psalm 83 reveals to us "why" the psalmist in Psalm 82:8 is asking God to......."Arise, O God, judge the earth.It is because of what he reveals is being "planned and plotted out" against Israel in Psalm 83.
Psalm 83:1- 3............."O God, do NOT remain quiet ; Do NOT be silent , and, O God, do NOT be still ...........For behold, Thine enemies make an uproar;  And those who hate Thee have exalted themselves.......They make shrewd plans against Thy people, and conspire toegther against Thy treasured ones."
The opening of Psalm 83 reveals that the "Day of the Lord" has to open up in order for God to arise and "deal directly" with His and Israel's enemies and save the nation ( 83:9-18 ).  This cannot and will not happen UNTIL Israel is "inside" the "Day of the Lord."  And the "Day of the Lord" cannot happen UNTIL the "resurrection / Rapture" of the Church has taken place. God at this present time is NOT dealing directly with Israel and her enemies like He did in the Old Testament when He was calling out the nation of Israel unto Himself,  but instead He is "setting the stage" and allowing Israel's enemies to continue their evil plot as He Himself is "setting them up" for destruction by His own hand!  God is allowing this so that His prophetic word can be "fulfilled" in Psalm 83.
So, what does this mean then?   It means that the "evil plan" of Israel's enemies in Psalm 83 which is being "planned out" right now will NEVER COME TO PAST!  Israel is NOT going to be destroyed as God is NOT going to allow her enemies to do so.  For if God allowed this evil Arab plot to succeed,  then It would disrupt and destroy God's prophetic plan for Israel. He can NEVER let this happen! 
Let's take a look now at the present situation in Israel and analyze it!  
 The news coming out of the "Middle East" right now at the present time is revealing that Israel and the United States relations are taking a turn for the worst!   Israel's back is "against the wall" as Iran is steaming fast ahead with her nuclear program. Time is running out and Israel wants to attack Iran and do "infrustructure" damage to their nuclear facilities before they can produce a nuclear weapon, but the United States and the international community is NOT supporting nor backing Israel's desire to take out targets in Iran.  The clock is ticking!   So Israel is damned if she does and she is damned if she doesn't.  We are watching the plot and plan of Psalm 83 right now folks!  It's happening right now!  The Rapture has to be AT THE DOOR and it looks like more and more that we may very well be leaving this planet THIS YEAR as the "Iran crisis" will NOT wait another year! 
The reality is this, that Israel needs the US. air and ground support ( which we are not agreeing to give them ) in order to carry out such a task!   They need our refueling jets, radar, ships, and submarine support.....etc. in order to succeed.  But the US., Europe, and the UN. are not backing Israel.  And while this is happening the terrorist organizations are continuing to stock pile weapons and military hardware as they are planning for an all out "missile war" against Israel. 
Lebanon alone has 50 to 60,000 missiles along her border alone and the leader of the Hizbullah ( Nasrallah ) has already stated that they are preparing for a "missle war" against Israel in order to wipe them out with one giant swoop!   This does NOT include Syria and Iran's capability combined along with the stockpiles down in Gaza.   The picture is "very grim" for Israel right now!  She has NEVER been in this kind of dilemma in the past, but now she is! This is a HUGE SIGN for us folks that we have reached THE END!
So, are you getting the picture here!  God cannot allow thousands , upon thousands , upon thousands of missles to come from every direction and wipe out the nation of Israel.  HE WILL NEVER ALLOW IT HAPPEN!   Israel has a powerful military, but she cannot take on all of her enemies all at once in the whole middle east at this time by themselves as they are surrounded with their backs to the Mediterranean Sea
What Israel is facing today in the middle east is like NOTHING that they have ever faced in the past!   Israel cannot pull off such a task today by herself as the middle east is more complex and dangerous than it has ever been!  The enemies of Israel have risen up and have been stockpiling missiles and armament to the point that they now feel confident that they can pull off the task of wiping her off the face of the map!  Israel's "back door" is now open ( Sinai / Egypt) as the "Sadat / Begin" Egyptian / Israeli peace agreement is now cancelled due to the fall of Mubarak in Egypt.
Do you now understand where we are at today prophetically! 
 Israel at this time has no true support nor any friend to "raise a finger" in order to help her. The economies of the world are "broke" and unable to finance such a war and undertaking.  Therefore, such a dilemma means that God is going to have to...."arise and judge the earth" as stated in Psalm 82:8 in order to save Israel from Her enemies plot, which is prophesied in Psalm 83.  The time is NOW!   Israel, the US., Europe, and the world at large have RUN OUT OF TIME as the "Islamic giant" has been preparing for this very hour and has now reared its ugly head in total confidence that it can wipe out the tiny nation of Israel.  But I have news for those of such arrogance!   The Islamic nations have a rude awakening coming as GOD IS ABOUT TO REAR HIS RIGHTEOUS HEAD and WIPE THEM OUT instead!
 You can now see why Israel's enemies WILL NOT SUCCEED in carrying out their plans which are mentioned in Psalm 83.  And it is because God is going to "remove His Church" at the time that this "evil plot" against Israel is being "contrived", which is taking place right now as I write!  And God is going to "step in" and save Israel from an all out "missle war" which he cannot allow to take place as she would NOT survive as a tiny nation under such a horrific all out missile bombardment by her enemies.
 In conclusion something else must be considered.   We know that the Israeli military has a plan which they will initiate if they see that the nation is about to be destroyed.  It is called the "Sampson Option."  If Israel sees that she is going to be wiped out,  then she will pull out her "nuclear arsenal" and take out herself along with all of her enemies.  THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN as God will also NOT allow Israel to "foil" His prophetic plans for the nation either. 
Therefore there is NO war taking place in Psalm 83 as the text reveals clearly, but instead we see that God Himself is at "war" with Israel's enemies, foils their plans and pursues them!   What an incredible surprise is waiting for them!   We are at the END folks and the plot by the Arab nations which is mentioned in Psalm 83 will NEVER be successful nor get off the ground as God is going to interrupt their plans by His hand when He removes His Church and then brings confusion and "sudden destruction" upon the Arab nations who are plotting Israel's destruction.
They ( The Arabs ) and the world won't know what hit them between the eyes when it happens!
I personally believe that time is up this year folks! Iran and the Middle East cannot wait another year without having Apocalyptic repercussions.  Therefore, I believe, we have to go (in the rapture) this year by Spring as the Church is NOT here for the unfolding "seal judgments" which open up the "day of the Lord / tribulation hour!"
Even so Come Lord Jesus!