Jim Bramlett (12 March 2012)

Dear friends:

The below urgent message is from Pastor Carl Gallups of Florida, author of the ppsimmons Web videos..  Please help him get this urgent word out and send this to everyone possible in your address book and others.

Jim - can you help me get this out to as many as possible? It is a passionate call to action to end the Obamanator's reign of terror. We have got to do something, Jim - the mainstream media is terrified. I am not, though. I am doing ALL that I can do to get the word out. I need help. Can you help?
God bless you,
PASTOR PLEAS FOR EMERGENCY - "CALL TO ACTION"  Before the lights go out.

He later wrote:
Thank you my brother. God bless you. I weep for my nation. Are you and I like the prophets of old just before the fall of Judah and Jerusalem?   Oh, my brother, I weep for the soul of America.  Thank you for your help.

(I too weep for my nation, for which my father and uncle fought in Europe and Africa in World War 2.)