Jean Stepnoski (20 March 2012)
"Dates of Adar 28, 29, Nisan 1: 3-22 to 24, 2012"

Dear Doves,
 The following information concerns the 3 day period from Adar 28 to 29, then Nisan 1 from 3-22 to 24 after Spring begins on 3-20-2012. There are many SIGNS in the Sun, the Moon, and the stars.
Executive Order signed on 3-16 for control of labor force, food, and water if Martial Law is considered necessary to declare and implement. Why is this being done now? It may be precautionary since seismic activity is rising in area of the New Madrid Fault and other places in the continental U.S.A.
The date of 3-22 is the next date of the time frame of 188-189 day intervals since the Chile earthquake on 2-27-10, then at Christchurch in New Zealand, then Japan, then Figi.
Alignments of the following on 3-22 are Planet X (Niribu), the Sun, Jupiter, Moon, and Earth. Will there be massive gravitational pressure on Earth's tectonic plates? Will this affect the New Madrid Fault, Yellowstone, the Ring of Fire? Elsewhere?
Solar flares are intense in the current solar phase.
Dates of 3-22 to 23 are Adar 28 and 29. Adar 29 is the Last Day of Month 12, the last month of the Scriptural Year. Adar 29 is The Last Day of the Scriptural Year according to the current Hillel Calendar and the current Torah Calendar, which shows us concluding month 13 called Adar II. Will Adar 29 be The Last Day of the current dispensation called the Age of Grace? If so, there would be Spiritual and Scriptural logic to this time of conclusion and new beginnings. Month 1 and Year 1 will be Nisan 1 on 3-23 to 24.  This will be a Shabbat.
From Adar 29 to Nisan 10 are 10 days until Lamb Selection Day. The Book of Revelation refers to 10 days of tribulation.
Hunger Games movie begins showings in America at midnight beginning 3-23.
According to Sky and Telescope, the new moon will look like a crescent pointed upwards, as an ARK shape, just above the horizon during the early time of the waxing of the moon for countries North of the equator, like Israel or the U.S.A. The ARK shaped crescent moon will appear to rise toward Pleides (the 7 sisters, reminding us of the 7 congregations in the Book of Revelation). My thanks to Calvin at RFTH.
Adar 28 and 29 would be the symbolic Last Days of the last days before the immature green barley was harvested and taken to the Temple on Nisan 1. This barley with flecks of gold in the barley grain, was the earliest and initial First Fruits barley to be harvested and acceptable sacrifice. It was roasted in a skillet in fire. When the barley began to be Abib/Aviv was 17 days before  the mature barley began to be harvested on the Feast of First Fruits at Nisan 17-18 and taken to the temple for sacrifice. At the Bema Seat, the redeemed believers will have our works put into FIRE to burn away the useless chaff, hay, and stubble, symbolically speaking. Then only things of spiritual value remain, like gems or jewels. A believer is called " a living lively stone" in the Temple not made with human hands. OFFERINGS IN FIRE. PURIFIED THROUGH FIRE. The Book of Revelation tells us details about His appearance. Revelation 1:14 states more about fire, His consuming and holy FIRE. "And his eyes were like flames of fire."
We have many reasons between 3-22 to 24 to look to Spring and The Blessed Hope. There are many SIGNS in the Sun, Moon, and stars. THIS WEEK! "When you see these things begin to happen, lift up your heads and look up. Your redemption draws near." Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,