Frank R Molver (15 March 2012)
"Pyramids, tetrads, timing of rapture, a revelation."
This is a short cool video re tetrads sent in by Dee.
Four consecutive moons, tetrads,  associated with feast days.
The last one for a very long time will be 2014-2015
The 3 tetrads prior to this one are all were associated with the Jews regathering and taking Jerusalem
The scripture quoted is that the sun and moon was not only given for dividing time
But also for signs and wonders, or clues.
I  watched the very cool video by Discovery channel recommended by M. Agee and Lois Vega
It is also very evident that only God could have helped them in it's amazing mathamatic design and construction.
So I believe it is also for a sign.
Curious sketches by Nicole Poon also show the pyramid also being involved in the rapture.
Marylin has shown that the height 5776 indicates a date
On the following Day of Atonement, Tishri 10, 5776, Sept 23, 2015, I think the coming Jubilee Year will be announced.
Anyway about the design, it is built with different sized stones that fit perfectly together
This design helps it withstand quakes.
I know that some feel that the New Jerusalem has the shape of a pyramid.
Could the stones of the pyramid, all different shapes represent people?
A church that can not be shaken?
I mean, we are all different shapes, yet we fit perfectly together because of Christ.
He it the chief cornerstone.
He is our ship out of here.
17 August 2011