Charles (3 March 2012)
"Warning vision of last tumbler clicking into place it's an eight!"

I was praying to Jesus this morning after reading the news last night and my bed shook! I opened my eyes thinking its my son playing a trick! No one was there! I heard the phrase in my head it's all over except for the fireworks after gathering my strength to get up I got in the shower a saw a vision like during the Tebow game of the tumbler like a bike lock in the sky this time the last number was twirling it had been since my last vision but all the others were locked in place! The number twirled five, six, seven, eight and locked into place! Then I saw nine and the trailer for the John carter warlord of mars movie and where it says it begins! Then I saw events like a stream of consciousness I saw Putin being elected March fourth that's what started to slow the tumbler so you could see the numbers. Then I saw five and O and Netanyahu meeting it was very contentious privately publicly a good face was waxed on! Then I saw six another event began to happen I could not see it then I saw seven and apple unveiling the Ipad3 this was shown as what the world was watching and a symbol of the knowledge of good and evil the apple with a bite the original sin knowledge increasing rapidly people going to and fro on the Internet! Then eight the tumbler clicked into place I wonder if the Internet goes down does that stop the too and fro? Then I saw a door opening the sheep gate the Shepard was waving the sheep in calling them to hurry! I saw charities dream 5,6,7 Jesus! Then the door closed the age of grace ended I saw God shift his eye to Israel and the number nine for judgement of the nations had begun for their treatment of the apple of Gods eye and their focus on increasing their own knowdge pride and glory but of their hands work and not through seeking the glory that comes only from Him. Then I was just taking a shower and the water was starting to get cold! I can only report what I am seeing test the spirits please!