Charles (26 March 2012)
"Fay watcher woman doves"

Thank  you so much my family lives on the west coast I do not. I warned who I could Mexico unzipped the plate I wanted to say thank you for your prayers my sister is listening! The buildings in the photo on San fransisco the shorter brown ones in front right in front of the black skyscraper match what I saw! They are blasted sand brown not darker brown and amazing the view I had seemed to be placing me behind and beside the shorter one in the air I did not see behind me it's amazing the black skyscraper and bridge was in another vision I was told someone on doves would understand it was for me to post as a further clue or confirmation! My view then panned left to a beach since San Diego is south I now believe it was Coronado beach I saw under the super moon where the starfish and other creatures washed up! This was three days before the tsunami and quake! So I believe the wave was from San fransisco to san Diego! Interestingly there was a discovery article describing what would happen if such a quake occurred and how a 100 foot high wave could be generated! There is a super moon may 21st!I hope many come to Jesus and the rapture occurs before such a thing happens!  We got another reprieve I feel the 188 day cycle had held five times! Watcher woman I thought wow Gods communicating through license plates people are having visions sure well until I started having these experiences also he does! It's wonderful! There is no way like you said that's a coincidence! There is no way I could see buildings I have never seen in front of other buildings others have seen in a similar vision! God said your sons will dream dream your daughters will see visions! It's Gods emergency alert warning system activated through those willing receivers!