Charles (15 March 2012)
"Michael all doves another clue"

Michael do you realize in your post you pointed out the fact that the USA was 223 years old! God said everything is backwards upside down evil is looked as good and good as evil 223 backwards is 322!!!!

As for A Bad Moon Rising I was probably born when that song came out but the first verse played in my head when I heard about the super moon on the 19th three days before 3/22!

Another interesting thing Japan had another strong series of quakes today the first tweet I looked at was in Japanese but the name of the tweeter was March-USA another spiritual warning!

When I got up today I asked Jesus how I could go on knowing its all a lie and not many seem to realize this that all our works are vain except those through Him. Paul nf post was exactly what I was thinking and knowing its all a deception unto death how can we continue to walk in it much longer even if we are spiritually not of it!