Carter (24 March 2012)
"RE: Harmelss as Doves But wise as a serpent"

After reading this letter all I can say is AMEN AMEN AMEN!! Reading the letters written produces in me a righteous anger toward the consistently contentious spirit who write their letters as passive agressive  attacks on brothers and sisters over non essentials. If you are not edifying and lifting each other up with the letters, of what use is it? I have been reading the letters for a while now, and post rarely. I have come to the point where I just don't read letters from specific posters due to the reasons outlined in in the link above.

If we are all truly Christians, we are running out of time to bicker over these ridiculous issues. Sadly, those who continue to post and use non biblical (non-canon) sources, have already been politely rebuked yet still post their letters with the same spirit of contentiousness.

I ask, for the sake of unity that you post things that will inform, edify, exhort, encourage, uplift, strengthen each other. It is a blessing that the letters are posted, but it's been escalating in the utter ridiculous for some time now. Life is too short, and the challenges we face now and in the future too great to constantly weed through the chaff of these letters to get to the wheat.

I'm beating the dead horse now, but why must we be forced to read the responses you continue to post 5 days later. If you post something and someone disagrees, and posts the disagreement, generally that should be the end of it. The back and forth nature significantly detracts from what we are trying to accomplish here, which has been outlined above. Normally when someone has that much energy to focus on non-essentials, they usually tend to be significantly failing in the essentials.

I write this letter with love and encouragement for unity. I encourage all of my brothers and sisters to be energized with the love of Christ.

In His Service,