Suzi (31 March 2011)
"FOX TV is such a fake! "

I'm so sick of even trying to watch Fox News's so obvious that they've been told to NOT let even the words 'birth certificate' slip by, that even the 'flip & snarky' "Red Eye" is making fun of Donald Trump for bringing up very legitimate points. They laugh derisively, at a letter someone wrote them about 'doing their research', then say things that prove that they haven't done the LEAST bit of honest research at all! They say that 'birthers' expect them to 'prove them wrong'...NO! We want Obama to PROVE the TRUTH! They had one guy on there who said something about 'some people think that it's possible that his dad wasn't really Barrak Obama Sr....but instead some communist writer...Marshall...Davis, somthing, Frank Marshall...Davis, I think.' *period*. Then onto another distasteful joke from the resident liberal on the table. Stupid!! WE knew this stuff back in '08 & '09...books have been written, expose done. He's spent millions hiding all his records...these things are TRUE! They are facts. I don't really trust Donald Trump as far as I could throw him, and I'm not really sure what he's up to, but it's very possible he actually cares about the country that he's got so much money invested in!! But he's being laughed at, pooh poohed and disregarded...worse than the average joe who obviously knows more than theses 'professional news celebrities'. *ack!*

We need to see the Hospital Generated Birth Certificate.
We need to know the name of the attending doc.
We need to know for sure which hospital he was born at.
We need ALL his school records (showing his birthdate, name used, all pertinent info)
We need his Passport info (esp. what passport he used to travel to Pakistan when US citizens were not allowed to travel there...when he admits he DID.
We need to know about his adoption/citizenship that was conferred to him by this step father.

I am of the belief that he got the Certification of Live Birth like so many people did once Hawaii became a state...since his grandparents were citizens and residents, I believe they filed/got the C of LB for him in '61...I have a feeling his big secret is this....he was born BEFORE Hawaii became a state (probably 1957), and that his BC states either 'father unknown' or lists "Uncle Frank".

No matter what...he's hiding something. Donald Trump is right, he needs to come clean...and Fox News needs to get a spine and stop kowtowing to the crooks who obviously 'own' them.