Laurie D (31 March 2011)
"To Ron Reese and Raul-Feast of firstfruits(same time as shuttle launch)"

In my simplistic way I am trying to piece together everything the two of you have revealed regarding an April 2011 rapture! I checked out the space shuttle launch and I believe it is scheduled to launch at 7:48 pm on April 19,2011. Ron-this would be the same time (4-19-11 or 4-20-11) that you have been shown! Ron--are you aware of the dream that Raul has been speaking of that showed a meteor shower causing the shuttle to return and (according to the dream) would occur at the same time as the rapture)  As I was looking over the details of the launch I was reminded of the numbers 747 that a close Christian friend of mine has been seeing now for so many years ( on the clock!)   Could the rapture of the Bride occur at 7:47 pm April 19/20 2011 ( one minute before the launch of the shuttle/meteor showers?)
I appreciate the time that the two of you have allowed the Lord to reveal to you regarding our departure!  Thank-you and bless you both and you too, Jon for the many hours you post for us
Bless you and everyone on Doves for being God's watchmen and woman!
Laurie D