Jennie (31 March 2011)
"Rapture Timing"

Here is a Rapture Timing thought?    God said when you see Israel dwelling back in their land, that is when the countdown begins.  So, Israel took back their land in MAY 1948.     If this is when the 70 year countdown begins, then really it's only  5770 year in Israel until this May of 2011.  I know that Israel celebrates Rosh Hannah as the new year, but on a Prophetic Time Clock, God could be using May 1948???   This is just a thought.
1948  -   2011  is 63 years   and add  7 for Tribulation  =  to    May 2018 would be 70 years.   Isn't the Jubilee in that time frame???   To restore all .   This is just an Idea?  Comments welcomed  Also, don't look for a Jewish Feast day for the Rapture, it will come on a REGULAR DAY.  Remember, it's a Mystery????   YSIC  Jennie