Steve Mullin (31 Mar 2024)
"Very powerful 1-minute testimonies from 4 men Jesus appeared to!"

I've posted this before but for anyone who has not seen them, they come across as so genuine and real to me. They've had a big influence on me to the point I don't understand how another human could explain it away. It's either a delusion or an apparition or it's the truth. I'd say pass it on to anyone it might help. A wonderful witnessing tool in my opinion.


The man is about to commit suicide and Jesus shows up. Kamal does not know who he is. Jesus explains and Kamal describes the holes he sees in his hands and feet.


Iranian member of Hezbollah. Jesus appeared to him in prison.

James Tour:

Jewish scientist who Jesus appears to while James is in his dorm in college.

Atheist Australian man:

He was into the occult and drugs and at a very low point cried out to God and Jesus answered.

Steve M