Steve Mullin (10 Mar 2024)
"A HUGE sign with Bitcoin in my opinion"

Today is Monday March 4th and Bitcoin has gone up 9% today. It's gone up 25% this week. And over 50% the last 30 days! 

I've shared all the stories I've seen about the wealthy selling off shares of their own companies. And again, the main theme of Leave the World Behind is that a very wealthy client knows something is coming and moved significant money ahead of it.

Moving away from the dollar and into cryptocurrency shows to me at least that a collapse of the dollar is imminent. Of course I don't know the exact window but Jesus said we should see the signs and be able to discern what's coming. If the stock market or the NASDAQ went up 3-5% in one day it would be a major story. Almost all cryptocurrency is increasing value in a way we haven't seen before. Increasing 9% in one day and over 50% in one month is definitely noteworthy.