Steve Mullin (10 Mar 2024)
"Robert DeNiro's Trump meltdown on Bill Maher"

The hatred for Donald and the Dem win -at-all-costs or do anything to keep him from winning is excessive to me, but why? Do the luciferian elites know something we don't? I remember there was a quote from Hillary in 2016 that if Trump wins we all hang from nooses? DeNiro in this clip says if Trump wins, he's going to come after me and after you and he's a dictator, there's not one redeemable thing about him. 

More oddly to me, is Trump held the presidency and played the victim. No one has paid any price for the fake dossier and the witch hunt, Hillary's private server and destruction of hard drives and multiple blackberries. Biden was on tape in China saying if he's not fired by the end of the day you're not getting the billion dollars, meaning the man who was investigating Hunter!? And so much more. Strange

Steve M