Steve Coerper (31 Mar 2024)
"Another "Last Straw""

Joe Biden has declared this coming Sunday, on which we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as "Transgender Day of Visibility" to lift up the lives and voices of transgender people and end discrimination and violence; you know, the same rhetoric and word play to justify evil, perversion and voluntary mental illness.

There is one algorithm that the western church, led by the Catholics, uses to determine the date of "Easter" and a different one used by the Jews (and written in scripture) to determine First Fruits.  Often, these lead to the celebration of Easter on one day, and First Fruits on a different day.  But interestingly, both land on the SAME DAY this year, which is TODAY - March 31 on the Gregorian calendar and Nisan 20 on God's calendar (HebCal got it wrong - Passover was March 25).

So if the rainbow-draped sinners among us are particularly conspicuous today (here in the U.S. anyway), now you know why.  And if God decides to judge America in the very near future, NO ONE should be surprised.

What a disgrace!