Steve Coerper (3 Mar 2024)
"Four American "Great Awakenings" - should we expect another??"

Dear John and Doves -

The "Jonah Eclipse" is nearly upon us.  For most churches and nominal Christians:  <Shrug!>  But this may well be the last "wake up" call for the U.S. - with what happens to "America, the Nineveh" being an object lesson for the rest of the world.

We obviously need a revival - a "great awakening" if this country is to be saved.  Will it happen?  Will American Christians turn off their TV sets and unplug their minds from social media?  Will preachers hit the streets with calls to repentance?  Will grief over the sin we've tolerated humble us before God's throne of grace?

We've been here before:  times of spiritual laxness and apathy, tolerated sins (though probably nothing like this) and spiritual luke-warmness, with folks thinking they are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing.  Here's our history:

The First Great Awakening (c. 1730–1755) —major leaders of the revival such as George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards

The Second Great Awakening  (c.  1790–1840) preachers James McGready, John McGee, and Barton W. Stone in Kentucky and TennesseeTimothy Dwight, Lyman Beecher, Nathaniel W. Taylor, and Asahel Nettleton.  Charles Grandison Finney,

The Third Great Awakening (c. 1855–1930) during the 19th century  Significant names include Dwight L. Moody, Ira D. Sankey, William Booth and Catherine Booth , Charles Spurgeon and James Caughey. Hudson Taylor  and Thomas John Barnardo.

The idea that there was a Fourth Great Awakening has not been generally accepted.  Some have proposed
(c. 1960–1980) Billy Graham, etc.

I'd submit that these are the days of Nahum, and while "the Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who trust in Him," at the same time we can fully expect that His fury will be poured out like fire, and darkness will pursue His enemies.
(Nahum 1:6-8)

I hope for repentance and revival, but I think it extremely unlikely.

Stand valiently,