Steve Coerper (10 Mar 2024)
"Rulers of Evil"

Dear John and Doves:
The true story of the founding of the United States and who rules the world behind the scenes not in a theory, but facts. Without the Bible this book is worthless to you, without knowing our Lord Jesus Christ you will not understand this book.
The late Tupper Saussy wrote this book and had it published just six years before his death.

The book is available as a free download here: - it's a PDF but displays well on a Kindle or tablet.

It's also available for $8 on Amazon as a Kindle mobi file.

Print copies are hard to come by but you can get one for $487.76.

For those who want to look "behind the curtain" and especially behind the shroud of false history we've been taught, this is HIGHLY recommended.

It occurred to me to post this information because of the Antichrist Prophecy Concealed within the One Dollar Bill! (35 mins) and similar material that claims to tie it all together.