Phil (3 Mar 2024)
"Cell Phone Outage USA on Feb 22nd, 2024."

John and Doves,

Mobile Phone outage USA was on 22/2/2024.

The next day is the 23rd!!!

From and including the 23rd Feb through to the 8th April, 2024 the 2nd X Eclipse USA = 23+23 days.

This is exactly the same as The Voice Referendum here in Australia when it was announced on 30/8/2023 that the Referendum would be on 14/10/2023, an Eclipse date.

A total of 23+23 days.

And all the 23 matching day #'s added to 529 = 23x23.


Now in the USA they have created a 23+23 day gap from 23/2/2024 through 8/4/2024 where the paired day numbers all add to 153 as in 153 fish caught in the net as per the instructions of Jesus!

And the net was not broken!!! That speaks of us believers being saved/raptured!!!

But does the number 529 appear here = 23x23?

Why yes, of course it does!

The first 23 days of day numbers add to 1495 and the second set of 23 days of day numbers adds to 2024.

2024 - 1495 = 529 = 23x23!!!

And what about the 2nd column of 23 day numbers which adds to this year's number, 2024???

And 2024 = 44x44+(44+44).

And 2+2+4 = 8, standing for a New Beginning!

Even so, come Lord Jesus!