Phil (24 Mar 2024)
"More on the Royal Family in Great Britain and especially Princess Catherine"


Dear Doves,

I have copied this straight out of my Word document with maybe a slight change or two.

This is the big event happening globally at the moment.
Is Catherine alive or not?

And Obama popped up at No 10 in Downing St to see the UK PM on March 18th, 6+6+6.

New details on Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis, treatment and more

Cancer = 44 Ordinal gematria.
6 letters.
Or 254 in Satanic gematria. 2+5+4 = 11.
King Charles and Princess Catherine BOTH have cancer!
Bit of a worry!
911 was on day # 254
Day #254 was 11th Sept . in 2001.

The light memorial for the Twin Towers was 2 x 44 xenon lights shining up into the sky.

They say the video of Kate lasted for 2 mins and 15 seconds = 135 seconds = 5x(9+9+9)seconds.
And 135+mirror 531 = 666.
I rest my case!

Also, the number 254 mentioned above was prolific in connection with 11th Sep 2001, the 254th day of the year.

508 was the number of days that MH370 was missing before the flaperon was found on Reunion on 29/7/2015. MH370 = 138+370 = 508
508 = 254+254

On 9-11 the 4 planes were in the air for 47 + 49 + 77 + 81 minutes = 254 minutes

The full name of a recent President of the USA on the QWERTY keyboard = 254 based on the placement of the letters on the keyboard starting with Q = 1 W = 2 etc

The house in Abbottabad, Pakistan where bin Laden had been living was #254.


Palace’s Latest Kate Video HEAVILY Questioned|The TRUTH will SHOCK You|William Questioned About…

The Jumper she is wearing is 7 years old as she appeared in it on YouTube all that time ago.
The background is not moving at all anywhere.
The video lasted they say for 2 mins and 15 secs or 135 seconds.
Add 135 to it's mirror number 531 and we get 666.
Black rings on the jumper are 11+11+11 = 33.

King announced with cancer 5/2/2024.
Princess Kate announced with cancer 22/3/2024.
Day gap = 46 days or 23+23 days.
The human body has 23 pairs of chromosomes.

What entity might want to change that to create their own patent of ownership?

Australian The Voice referendum announced on Aug 30th to be held on Oct 14th. Day gap = 23+23 days.
Oct 14th, 2023 was an Annular Eclipse across the USA from N-W to S-E and then going through Central America and the northern part of South America.

King Charles' Coronation on 6/5/2023.
King Charles announces that he has cancer on 5/2/2024.
Day gap = 276 days inclusive = 23x12 days inclusive or 3+3+3 months inclusive.

King Charles' Coronation on 6/5/2023.
Princess Kate's cancer announcement on 22/3/2024.
Day Gap = 322 days on date 3/22.
322 days = 23+23 weeks.
322 is the well known Skull & Bones occult number .
I rest my case.

Keep looking up,

Phil in Perth.