Phil (10 Mar 2024)
"Lahaina wildfires, Maui to the Centre of the X formed across the USA on 8th April, 2024"

John and Doves,  (please discard my earlier email )

There are videos out there now saying that attention to the X Eclipse USA on 8/4/2024 is a distraction and the day to watch is 11/3/2024.
From 11/3/2024 to 8/4/2024 = 7+7+7+7 days.

11/3/2002 Twin Towers light memorial starts, to 11/3/2024 = 22 years or 11+11 years from the 11th to the 11th and the two towers formed an 11.
11/3/2011 Japan quake and tsunami, to 11/3/2024 = 13 years.
11/3/2020 Covid declared a pandemic, to 11/3/2024 = 4 yrs.
22+13+4 = 39 years or 13+13+13 years.
39x12 = 468 months or 234+234 months.
234+432 = 666 twice.
That would appear to be the 666 connection between 11th Sep 2001 and 11th March, 2024.

The extraordinary Maui widlfires were on 8/8/2023.
The X Eclipse USA will be on 8/4/2024.
Day gap = exactly 8 months to the day!
From Lahaina, Maui to Salem Rd Illinois = 6,666.66km.
We saw earlier that the distance from the Thai Cave where the 13 children were trapped by the flood, to Kilauea volcano = 6,666 miles
And from the same Thai Cave to Reunion Island where we were told the flaperon from MH370 was found = 6,666 km.
And from RAAF Pearce where the search aircraft looking for MH370 flew from to Reunion Island = 6,666km.
How strange!
What a coincidence!

And not forgetting that the Lahaina wildfires were exactly to the day 15 yrs after the Beijing, China Olympic Games opening ceremony of 8/8/2008.

Keep Looking up!