Patty Hayes (3 Mar 2024)
"A fearsome Dream"

Around 9:45 a.m. 2/27/24 I fell asleep as I am presently not rebounding from a more severe episode a few weeks ago at church. I had been examined at my hospital in ER as instructed by my primary doctor and learned of additional heart, aorta and lung related challenges that cannot be remedied medically speaking. Also, my kidneys and bladder are more challenged.  Thus I am found to be on the "God Timetable of living".  I am a strong person internally and at another younger time in life also a physically strong lady.  My belief and faith are in my Savior and Lord, Jesus and have been for 50 years. 

So very many years ago I had dreams that I felt were regarding events in our world that were future ahead of us.  The details are still with me but as these many years passing, are more in keeping of symbolic of the suffering of believers in Christ. As I have advocated and still in that camp of understanding the unrolling of Endtime events where still I see a Catching Up prior to the enforcement by the Antichrist of a 7 year peace treaty with Israel and the many nations. Another words a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. 

That all said, I had yet another dream that spoke of horrible Judgement of which I will attempt to describe.

I am up in my bedroom having been awakened by a sound that immediately sounded of trouble or danger downstairs and outside the house.  I immediately in haste jumped up from bed and quickly was outside my bedroom on the upstairs landing.  I briefly saw my legs at a normal size and without haste jumped the 8 steps to the midpoint landing without any problem. I jumped the remaining 3 steps to the floor and took off to go outside in the back yard.  

The backyard was just above the sand along the beach where it sat on a small hill looking across the sand to the ocean.  It was a crystal clear day and many people were out on the beach and surfers along with swimmers were in the water.  I turned to look towards my right just above the water was a very young Lori repairing some kind of container. She was using a handsaw.  I walked down to her and saw she was okay.  I looked back up to the house were I lived as a renter to Lori.  The house sat in the midst of other homes whose yards also faced the ocean.  There were also stores and small storefront restaurants in the same area. 

I asked Lori if she felt the water to be safe such as from pollutants from industries and the like as the water looked clean and refreshing.  It looked good to swim in.  She said she thought okay to get in the water.  So like many others, I got into the water near waist high and began to float on top of the water.  The sun was out and the peoples' voices sounded as they were having fun as well.  The surfers were further out in the water staying away from us.  

Soon the sky began to start turning a purple dark color and the waves grew higher and taller.  I along with many got out of the water as we witnessed the sky, the air grew to an orange and dark night color. It took much strength to get me out of the water as the current and waves fought me. The ocean became more violent and high tide set in as we scampered up the hill to be at a safer location hoping the waves would not reach the height we we at.  I saw the surfers being overcome by the waves and fierce water.  There along the top of the ocean sprang up 3 fiery orange/green/black large water spouts whose trunks were huge and fearsome that reached up to the dark sky. It looked as fire was coming from within the water spouts. All around us the dark air and sky mixed with a fiery orange engulfing the whole region.  

My body was that of a young person's body and was able to run for safety.  Others just stayed there in shock and I think Lori had already got out of the beach area as not remember seeing her.  By the way, she looked like she was in her 30's in my dream and I must have had a body that was in my 20's as having freedom to do much with that body.  I do remember having a cell phone, a flip phone on my person and must have been water proof. Danger was all I saw and felt.  It felt as judgment came to our shores.