Neil Lipken (24 Mar 2024)
"I love this woman's enthusiasm about the upcoming Rapture!"

More and more Christians are receiving the message from the Holy Spirit that the Rapture is drawing near!  This lady is but one example.  I love her enthusiasm!   You can "google" "Rapture dreams & visions" on the internet and many will come up.  Jesus is showing us that He is truly coming very soon now.  I would hope all of you are familiar with the Scripture, "this generation shall not pass", concerning the fulfillment of all end time Bible prophecy through the Second Coming.  Too much to go into here, but Israel's return in 1948 started the clock ticking, and now Israel is nearing 76 years old (this May 14th), and the Rapture is nearly at hand!  Those left on earth following the Rapture are going to face the worst time period in all of human history, but that 7 year Tribulation Period will culminate with the Second Coming of Israel's long rejected Messiah, Who is Christ!

P.S.  Sadly many pastors do not like to acknowledge from the pulpit that we are living in the End Times!   Sadly they think it is too "controversial"!   It is a true tribute to those pastors who realize where we are in time and are not afraid to speak the truth from their pulpits!