Neil Lipken (24 Mar 2024)
"I had my very first Rapture dream ever early this morning!"

I was born again in 1979 (I am a Jewish Christian), 45 years ago, and shortly thereafter I began teaching End Time Bible Prophecy.  I have always wanted to have a dream about the Rapture, but I have never had one.  Very early this morning I finally had my very first Rapture dream!   Well, it was a short dream, but a Rapture dream nonetheless.  In the dream I was among a group of people (I don't know what type of group), and I stood up and said, "The Rapture is going to happen very soon!"  And then I woke up.  Short and to the point, and I am very grateful to finally have had my first Rapture dream after all these years!

So, what does "very soon" mean?  I don't know.  God's "very soon" and our "very soon" can be quite different.  LOL!   Anyway, there you have it------- my first Rapture dream after 45 years of wanting to have one! 

So, the hour is most definitely late in these End Times as Israel this May will be 76 years old (no spring matzo ball!), and from the parable of the fig tree in Scripture, "this generation shall not pass" (from 1948) without all end time events coming to pass!  There is still the 7 year Tribulation Period ahead after the Rapture, so the minimum number of years now from 1948 to the Second Coming is 76 + 7 = 83 years.  Is that sufficient for a "generation"?  Personally I do think so!

So, I will agree with my early morning dream------ "The Rapture is going to happen very soon!"  Are world conditions now ripe for the Rapture?  Too much to go into here, but I definitely think so!

Well, everyone, have a most groovy day in the Lord, and see you in the Air "very soon"!   If anyone receiving this email does not know Israel's Messiah as your Lord and Savior, ask Him into your heart today and ask Him to forgive you of any sin!   And then you will have your "ticket" to the Rapture!  And just Who is Israel's Messiah?  Oh I don't have to tell you----- you know!


P.S.  If you don't already know this, you can "google" "Rapture dreams and visions" on your computer, and many will come up!   Most are much more detailed than the short dream that I just had.  I go to that site every few days and feast on all the Rapture dreams and visions!  They are very comforting as I do not care much for the things of this world, and I long for the Rapture and to be Home with the Lord for eternity in that wonderful resurrection body!

P.P.S.  You have my permission to send this email to whomever you wish.  

P.P.P.S.  If any of you receiving this email have ever had a Rapture dream or vision, please let me know!

Oh, one more thing!   If anyone of you should find yourself still on earth after the Rapture, you are going to severely regret it!  Life during the upcoming 7 year Tribulation Period is going to be nothing less than terrifying!  And should one take the "mark" upon his or her hand or forehead, that is a ticket to Hell forever!