Neil Lipken (10 Mar 2024)
"A most intense Rapture dream!"

I often go to YouTube and look at all the Rapture dreams and visions that people are having, as the time is now drawing near to the Rapture late in these End Times!   What is one's ticket to the Rapture?  One must know Israel's long rejected Messiah (Christ) as one's Lord and Savior!  You can receive Him into your heart today!  All who are left on earth after the Rapture are going to face the most terrifying time in all of human history!  Right after the Rapture the antichrist will arise in Europe and make the Daniel 9:27 covenant with Israel and other nations, which will begin the 7 year Tribulation Period leading to the Second Coming.  Even during that time period after the Rapture one can receive Jesus, but many who do so will be martyred for their faith by guillotine.  So, you really want to know Jesus now!  I received Him into my heart as my Lord and Savior in 1979, and it was and still is the very best decision of my life!   Nothing else compares, and the benefits include eternal life!

P.S.  In May of this year Israel will turn 76 years old.  No "spring matzo ball"!  In the "parable of the fig tree" in Scripture, the generation to see Israel's return as a nation from 1948 will see all end time events come to pass!  And that generation is us!

P.P.S.  Ever since the end of World War II, a popular element in our society has been all sorts of "UFO sightings".  Once the Rapture happens, this will be the false explanation for it, that some of the people of earth were removed from the earth by UFO's.  The newly arrived antichrist will press this deception!  And he will use this deception to unite all the world under his leadership, since the "UFO threat" will be common to all the nations of the earth!

P.P.P.S.  After you look at the above Rapture dream, go to YouTube and type in "Rapture dreams and visions"!   You will be amazed at how many people are having these!