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"Reply to Lewis Brackett (17 Mar 2024) . . "Are Near Death Experiences of God?""

Reply to Lewis Brackett (17 Mar 2024) . . "Are Near Death Experiences of God?"
You said:  "What we do know is that biblical revelation is already complete. So new revelation is likely a deception." 
On the contrary, Divine revelation didn't stop with the Bible.  God is "the same yesterday, today and forever."  He is still revealing things to mankind today.  He didn't put everything there is to know in the Bible because it would be too much for most to read.  Our brains couldn't handle it due to lack of capacity.  He is so vast, so immense, so beyond our understanding that He even had to give Dr. Eby more brain capacity while in Heaven in order to show him things He wanted to reveal to him.
It all comes down to a person's ability or lack thereof to believe like a child.  Jesus said we have to believe like a child in order to enter His Kingdom.  Children are inclined to believe things more easily than skeptical adults.  Take for instance the Russian astronauts who came back from space and declared there is no God because they didn't see Him while out in space.  They don't realize that if their spaceship had a mishap or their oxygen tanks ran out and they died that they would definitely see God.  What they lacked was knowledge of God and His Word, the Bible.
Or consider people who die after a stroke or heart attack but then return to life who claim the only thing they saw on the other side was the pet they loved who had died previously.  Therefore, they believe there is no God, no Heaven or Hell.  Their knowledge of God and His word is so limited that they make wrong assumptions as a result.  They don't realize God sent them back to learn more about Him and His love for them as it wasn't their time to die yet.  It helps to understand this dilemma when reading 'life after death' stories.
You said:  "..astral travel" or "out of body" experiences where it seems that a person floats out of their body looking down on themselves.  Often then seeing down the hallway and down the street is in effect the person's soul/ mind/ being co-opted by a demon or even a fallen angel and they are seeing what the demon sees as it travels around."
Many humans tend to credit demons with most everything before considering God's role in creating everything and controlling our experiences.  Be it hereby known, God created everything, not Satan.  Out of body' travel is a capability that God created.  Satan did not create this,  God uses it for teleporting believers to other places like He did with Philip in order to meet the eunuch in time to baptize him.  It may be used for wrong purposes, but that is man's doing.  Demons may interfere, but God is in control of everything. He may be allowing their interference to teach the person misusing it something they need to know in order to turn to Him as their Savior some day. 
The fallen angels are locked up in Hell in chains of darkness until Judgment Day, per 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6, so they aren't free to affect a person's soul/mind either.  Yes, a person can run into a demon during such experiences, but God allowed it to scare them on purpose from messing around with the supernatural for wrong purposes.
I dreamt once I was out in space in a space port/hangar where spaceships fly in and out of.  I was so awed by everything while looking out over the vastness of God's creation that I said to God, "You're so great, but I'm so small."  He responded with, "Perfect love casts out fear."
Those who fear and attribute to Satan and demons that which is God's are doing God a dis-service.  If a person claims to have met and talked with God while on the other side and then they are sent back for some reason -- and what they were told by God is sound or possible -- I would have no reason not to believe it.  If for no other reason than the fact that only God could have given them their life back here on Earth, which means God was in control of their whole experience.  The devil can't do that.  In such cases we need to take heed of what they claim God told them.  We might learn something.  ;)