Luis Vega (31 Mar 2024)
"TORAH CALENDAR PASSOVER - Based on the Spring Equinox"


Connections to the Leo New Year Rapture Theory

by Luis B. Vega

‘Your New Moon Feasts and your Appointed Festivals I Hate with all My Being. They have become a Burden to me; I am Weary of Bearing them. When you spread out your Hands in Prayer, I hide My Eyes from you; even when you offer Many Prayers, I am not Listening’. -Isaiah 1:14-15

On March 24-25, 2024, there was that Lunar Eclipse that was associated with the Feast of Purim, on the Rabbinical Calendar. And this is the Point, according to the Torah Calendar Website, Passover for 2024 occurred on March 25. It is precisely 14 Days or 2 Weeks ‘Off’ from the Rabbinical Calendar Nisan 1 of April 8, 2024. So? Which is correct? And as the Rabbinical Calendar Passover is on April 23, 2025, it is 1 whole Lunar Cycle ‘Off’ by 29 Days. The Lunar Eclipse of March 24-25, on the Torah Calendar Passover was a Penumbral Type, so the Moon was only partially occulted.

What was interesting, was that it occurred along the Equator. Its effect was best seen in the Nation of Equator. But the start and finish of the Occultation or Eclipse spanned the approximate length of the Continental USA. It was from New York to California in terms of Longitude. One could say that this was a sort of, to put the USA ‘On-Notice’ of the April 8, Nisan 1 Solar Eclipse coming. Realize that Eclipses come in pairs.  


And about the Great American Eclipse occurring on Nisan 1? Even if the Month and Day could be correct, the Calendar Confusion is still a factor to absolutely know what 'Time' it is. For example, The Torah Calendar Passover, of March 24-25, 2024 is exactly 120 Days to the July 23 Date. And? That Date corresponds to one’s Leo New Year Rapture Theory Time.  


March 25, 2024 Torah Passover + 120 Days

(Are there not 4 Months and then comes Harvest?)
= July 23, 2024 (Leo New Year at Lion’s Gate.)


Is this the Time-Frame Jesus was insinuating about the July Summer Wheat Harvest? But is this possible Evidence of how the Rabbinical Calendar is either, totally Correct or Incorrect? The ‘Passover’ in the Torah Calendar is determined by the Ancient Benchmark of counting the 1st Full Moon after the Spring Equinox to determine the 1st Month. This Calendar Rule would make Passover always occur in a New Moon, 15 Days later. Either way, if one counts the Spring Equinox as the 1st Day of Nisan, that would not make a New Moon or a Full Moon Possible on Passover. It is because the Moon Cycles only randomly match a New Moon or Full Moon occurring then. And?

Of Moons and Months
One has demonstrated that during the Passover in 32 AD, conjectured to be Jesus’ Crucifixion Year, the Moon was a Full Moon, and Lunar Blood Moon at that. But this Month was commanded by YHVH to make Aviv, which means ‘Spring’ the 1st Month. This was and is YHVH’s Calendar. So, it is the Spring Equinox that determines that. There is no linking it to a Full Moon though in Scripture, there are many references to New Moons and Fixed Festival Times. Here are several of those Verses.

Psalm 81:3     

Blow the trumpet at the New Moon, at the Full Moon, on our Feast Day. (Still Confusing.)


1 Chronicles 23:30-31
They are to Stand every Morning to Thank and to Praise the LORD, and likewise at Evening, and to offer all Burnt Offerings to the LORD, on the Sabbaths, the New Moons and the Fixed Festivals in the Number set by the Ordinance concerning them, continually before the LORD.


2 Chronicles 8:12-13 

Then Solomon offered Burnt Offerings to the LORD on the Altar of the LORD which he had built before the Porch; and did so according to the Daily Rule, offering them up according to the Commandment of Moses, for the Sabbaths, the New Moons and the 3 Annual Feasts—the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Booths. (This is what the False Jewish Messiah, the AntiChrist will mimic to Confirm the Covenant and Dedicate the 3rdd Temple and reinstate the Daily Sacrifices.)


Colossians 2:16-17    

Therefore no one is to Act as your Judge in regard to Food or Drink or in respect to a Festival or a New Moon or a Sabbath Day— things which are a mere Shadow of what is to come; but the Substance belongs to Christ.

It is for sure a bit convoluted. But in one’s Anticipation about the July 23, Leo New Year and at the Lion’s Gate, here are 2 Videos touching about the significance of the Key of David and is often the forgotten portion of that Promise Jesus gave to the Church of Philadelphia. It is about what opens the Door or Gate, the Lion’s Gate, and who has the Key, in one’s Assessment.


It is about the Lion leading the Lambs on that Day through the Sheep Gate. And Jesus has the Key. The Key, is a Spiritual Sense, is about Praise. And will it not be the case at that Rapture Rendezvous when it does happen the Bride gathers around Jesus in the Clouds. One will be so ecstatic, grateful and joyful that one will bust-out in Praise. At that Place and Time, all will all be Pentecostal for the Moment, no?

The Key of David

In reference to the other Video, it is the Lion’s Gate. One sees the Theme and of the Lion King leading the Sheep through the Lion’s Gate on a July 23 Leo New Year. One’s Rapture Theory is that the Anniversary of when the Church Age was initiated, thus could the Time and Place it concludes its Commission.

Celestial Synchronicities
Note when the 1st Great American Eclipse took place? That was at the End of the Lion’s Gate Time-Frame, from July 23 to August 22. The Eclipse occurred on August 21, 2017. And that was right at the ‘Heart of Leo’, at the King Star of Regulus. That is the ‘Star of the Gate’, etc. Coincidence? It signifies a Beginning and an End. After the April 8, 2027 Eclipse, see the beginning of the Snow-Ball Effect of Prophecy and World Events become even more unhinged, but especially in the USA.

I AM the Door - The Sheep Pen

Now the Question that was asked and was being challenged is that the Time from the August 21, 2027 Eclipse to the April 8, 2024 Eclipse was not 6 Years, 6 Months, Weeks and 6 Days. It is. It just depends how one inputs it on those Online Day Calculators, etc.

Most just input the Inquiry Request using the Count Days Option, not the ‘Add Days' Function instead, which most, if not all, would have had no Clue. But if you do exactly that, in the Online Day Calculator, it is verifiable. See the following Outcome. From Monday, August 21, 2017, added the following Days results in the following.

6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, 6 days

Normalized to 6 Years, 6 Months, 48 Days, it results in Tuesday, April 9, 2024. This result will be the Outcome, if the Larger Units (Months/Years) are added before the Smaller Units (Days). But the Alternative Result is Monday, April 8, 2024, if the Smaller Units (Days) are added 1st.

Source: Time and Date Website


The Buzz, all over the Net about the April 8, 2024 Eclipse showed once again, the ‘Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ pertaining to Watching in the Last Days. One just likes to point-out, a Date about it. The Question was asked, where did the 2017 Eclipse occur or what was the Constellation Sign? It was in Leo. And guess what was the Day coinciding? It was on August 21/22, 2017. That was the Last Day of the Leo New Year Cycle. That was the Window that the Lion’s Gate Opens and then Closes, Astrologically.

Astrological Sign: Leo
From July 23: Lion’s Gate Opens
August 22: Lion’s Gate Closes

The Lion’s Gate Phenomena is the Time, supposedly, according to the Mythos of the Ancient Egyptians, when Heaven’s Gate Opens and the Bodies of their Kings were Resurrected and entered through Heaven’s Gate, the Lion’s Gate, etc. Rapture anyone?


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