Luis Vega (31 Mar 2024)
"DEVIL COMET 12P/PONS-BROOKS - Conjunction at April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse"



Conjunction at the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse


by Luis B. Vega

The purpose of this study is to depict the Trajectory of what has been deemed the ‘Devil Comet’ of Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks. One is writing in the Past-Tense. Why this Comet was of particular Significance, on its own Merits, was that it conjoined the Parade of Planets that configured right as the 3rd and last Great American Eclipse occurred over the Continental USA. What that meant is that as the Eclipse reached its Apex near the Heart of the USA, and the ‘Lights went Out’, the People in the Path of Totality saw this Comet. It will be off to the Side of Jupiter, just above the Ecliptic in the Sign of Aries.

One will be making some Observations and then correlate that Comet Conjunction and the many Data Points. One believes it did carry some Prophetic Weight as to its possible Inference in relation to the End Times, generically but as it pertained specifically to the USA.
One is of the Opinion that what and when the USA ‘Crossed the Line’, was when in 2015, the Supreme Court redlined what Marriage was and is presently. It is no longer between a Biological Man and a Biological Woman.

Now, since Eden, Humanity has tampered with Marriage and its practices. However, despite all the Abuse due to Sin and the ‘Hardiness of the Heart’, Marriage was still understood and accepted to be between a Man and Woman. But thanks to the USA, the Nation codified that Redefinition into its very Laws. This is contrary to the Law of YHVH, and the 10 Commandments, etc. No Nation can ‘Change’ the Divine Order and Design of Marriage and its Purpose and ‘Get Away with it’. This is why, since 2017, YHVH has given the USA 6 Years, 6 Months, 6 Weeks and 6 Days to Repent. The Sign was a 3-2-1 Celestial Countdown of Eclipses that have come down to the Valley of Decision.

The Chart accompanying this Study will illustrate some very peculiar attributes of the Comet’s Path and Conjunction. With that, the Depiction will be based on a Stereographic View of the Universe from a ‘Top View’. The Ecliptic will be circulated with the Galactic Equator meeting at the End Points that are the Star Gates of the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate, etc. Having this Orientation, the Planet Parade of the 3rd Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024, which happened to be the Jewish New Year of Nisan 1, will be in the lower, Left Hand Quadrant.


One will also note the Years in which the Comet 1st started to approach the Ecliptic and cross it to where it converged with the Eclipse Planetary Line-Up. The Comet appeared to be traversing Space in a Corkscrew Pattern, starting around 1954, well below the Ecliptic. Oddly enough, that is when the Modern Astronomers took note of its Approach. Then it was in 1958 that the Comet crossed the Ecliptic into the Northern Hemisphere.

The Wind-Up
From there, the Comets continued in its Corkscrew Pattern in a more concise and intense Frequency. In fact, this Span of Time having the Corkscrew Pattern lasted for about 70 Years, all the way to 2023. It was in that Year, that the Comet appeared then, to have been ‘wound-up’ for a ‘Throw’. And here is the Main Reason for the Study. On December 7, 2023, the Comet conjoined with the Star Vega.


It was from that Star, and all that it signifies, Biblically is when it then shot over to the Planetary Parade. It was like a Bullet being fired from a Gun, a ‘Shot Across the Bow’ Warning. It conjoined the Great Eclipse over America in only 4 Months or 122 Days, to be precise. That is, by the way, 33% of the Years’ Time. After the Eclipse, the Comet proceeded to Orion, Canis Minor, and Argo, etc. But it never produced the former Corkscrew Pattern made from 1954 to 2024. So, what does all that mean?

The following is some Basic Information of the Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks from Wikipedia with some Edits. The Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is a Periodic Comet with an Orbital Period of 71 Years. It is referred to as a Halley-Type Comet. It is one of the brightest known Periodic Comets. The Comet’s Perihelion occurred on April 21, 2024, with its Closest Approach to Earth being 1.55 AU (232 Million KM) on June 2, 2024. The comet was expected to brighten to about an Apparent Magnitude of 4.5. The Comet’s Nucleus is estimated to be around 30 KM in Diameter.


How the Comet got its current Name was by the 2 Appearances in the 1800s and noted by 2 European Astronomers. Comet Pons-Brooks was re-discovered at Marseilles Observatory in July 1812 by Jean-Louis Pons. And on its next appearance in 1883, it was observed by William Robert Brooks. However, there are Ancient Records of the Comets that are believed to be attributed to this Comet.


Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks has been identified as a comet observed in 1385 and in 1457. The 1385 apparition was recorded by the Chinese in Ming Shilu and was also mentioned in some European Sources. It is possible that it was also a Comet recorded in Chinese sources in September 245 AD. So-Yeon Park & Jong-Chul Chae (2007) suggested that Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks was also the Come that was recorded in Asian sources in 1313 and 1668.


On July 20, 2023 the Comet had some Gas Outburst that resulted in the Comet having a Horseshoe Shaped coma. Although initially Spherical, the Coma became Asymmetrical. This was due to the effects of Radiation Pressure on the Dust. Because of this appearance, it was deemed to be the Devil’s Comet because it looked like there were ‘Horns’ protruding out.


The following is some Basic Information of the Star Vega from Wikipedia with some Edits. Vega is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra or Lyrae. The Star is relatively close to Earth, at only 25 Light-Years (7.7 Parsecs) from the Sun. Vega is the 5th-Brightest Star in the Visible Universe. Vega has been extensively studied by Astronomers, as some have been led to state that it is the next most Important Star in the Sky after the Sun. Vega was the Pole Star around -12,000 BC and will be again around the year 13,727 AD. On 17 July 1850, Vega was the 1st Star, other than the Sun, to have its image and spectrum photographed. It was one of the 1st Stars whose Distance was estimated using the Measurement called Parallax. Vega has functioned as the Baseline for calibrating the Photometric Brightness Scale.

Vega appears to have a Circumstellar Disk of dust. This Star lies at a Vertex of a widely Spaced Asterism called the Summer Triangle, which consists of Vega-Altair-Deneb. This Star Formation is the approximate shape of a Right Triangle, with Vega located at its Right Angle. Vega's Spectral Class is A0V, making it a Blue-Tinged White Main-Sequence Star. It is caused by the fusion of  Hydrogen to Helium in its core. Vega has a Rotation Period of 12.5 Hours. Because of its relatively fast Rotation, the Rotation produces an Equatorial Bulge. This means that the Radius of the Equator is 19% larger than the Polar Radius.


The Name, Vega is a Spanish Word, meaning a Low Plane next to the Coast. It is believed to be derived from the Arabic, Al Nesr al Waki. It appeared in the Al Achsasi al Mouakket Star Catalogue and was translated into Latin as Vultur Cadens, ‘Falling Eagle/Vulture’. Among the Northern Polynesian People, Vega was known as Whetu o Te Tau, the ‘Year Star’. For a Period of History, it marked the Start of their New Year when the Ground would be prepared for Planting.

The Assyrians named this Pole Star Dayan-Same, the ‘Judge of Heaven’, while in Akkadian it was Tir-anna, ‘Life of Heaven’. In Babylonian Astronomy, Vega is believed to be the Star named Dilgan, ‘The Messenger of Light’. To the Ancient Greeks, the constellation Lyra was formed from the harp of Orpheus, with Vega as its Handle. For the Romans, the Start of Autumn was based upon the Hour at which Vega set below the Horizon. In Zoroastrianism, Vega was sometimes associated with Vanant, a Minor Divinity whose name means ‘Conqueror’.


In Modernity, the Vega became the 1st Star to have a Car named after it with the French Facel Vega line from 1954 onwards. Later on, in the USA, Chevrolet launched the Vega in 1971. Other vehicles named after Vega include the ESA's Vega Launch System and the Lockheed Vega Aircraft. The Soviets launched 2 Satellite Probes named Vega 1 and Vega 2. The Mission was to study Venus and the passing of Comet Halley in 1984. There are also numerous Computer Software Programs, Care Products having the Name, Vega attributed to the Star.

This next portion of the study will delve into that and will present one’s possible Prophetic Implications from the Devil’s Comet Eclipse Planet Parade. When making the Ecliptic a Circle on the Chart for the illustration, one immediately noticed that the Star Vega was nearly at the Center of the Circle. Vega is in the Constellation of the Lyre. It is an Instrument of Worship used for Song and Praise. The Name Vega, means ‘Bright Lights’, in one Definition, i.e., ‘Las Vegas’, as in the ‘Bright Lights’, etc.


However, the accompanying Motif is that of a Falling Eagle. Lyra is next to Cygnus, the Northern Cross and is that of a Swan. According to E.W. Bullinger, Vega means, ‘He shall be Exalted’ and Conqueror’, etc. In this Mythos, Vega speaks of Praise but of a Lament in how the Swan or the Mighty Eagle was Crucified. And that is in Prophetic Reference to the Crucifixion of Jesus. It was at the Cross, where Jesus, as one can put it, like a Swan, an Eagle, ‘Fell’ in the sense that Jesus took the place of Mankind.


This was due to His Substitutionary Death to Atone or Pay to Restore Humanity from its Fall and Lament. Vega was the Ancient ‘North Star’ of which all other Stars revolved around. Amazing, due to the Precession of the Equinox, the Earth’s Tilt is recalibrating to it with each Passing Day. One finds it very interesting that, out of all the Planets in the Planetary Parade that configured a ‘Celestial Menorah’, it conjoins at Sign and Planet.

Valley of Indecision

The Sign of the Sacrifice, Aries, the ‘Lamb of YHVH’, and with the King Planet of the Messiah, Jupiter. In Aries, the Comet passes through the Star named Hamal. Aries in Hebrew denotes a Lamb or Taleh. Al Hamal, in Arabic means Sheep. In Ancient Akkadian, it was Bar-Ziggar, meaning ‘Altar of Sacrifice, to make things Right’. It has 66 Main Stars. The following will be one’s Interpretations, based on the Biblical Narrative. In one’s Mind, the ‘Message’ of the Comet, the Devil’s Comet is clear. It is the Final Message to the USA.


As the Day of the Eclipse makes the Path of Totality go completely Dark that formed the ‘X’ at the very Heart of the USA, the Message is to the Heart of the USA, to the Heart of the People of the USA. And what is that? The Eclipse traverses 13 States as the USA was originally 13 Colonies. The Number 13 is the Number of Rebellion. In 2013 the 13th Sign was said to be Ophiuchus, who hold the Serpent, etc. In one’s Interpretation, the USA is in Rebellion to Jesus and His Laws. And the Comet is signaling a Choice for America and how Jesus is reminding or putting the Choice before the USA as a Final Decision. How so? And what is that?

When the Sky went Dark, People saw and the Comet of the Devil and Jupiter, the Planet of the Deliverer. Which will the USA choose? That is the Choice one believes the Conjunction and Conjecture is about. It is like Ancient Israel in the Valley of Indecision. Which one is the Real GOD and who will Israel Follow? Jesus was reminding the USA, or its People of how Jesus is the ‘Aries’, the Sacrificial Lamb that made ‘All things Right’ with YHVH to forgive Sin. But the USA is at the Crossroads, Literally and Celestially and will have to make a Decision. The Choice and Decision is, which GOD will the Nation ‘Trust’ in? The Real Christ or the coming AntiChrist?

As one who studies History and was a U.S. History 8th Grade Teacher, one realizes that there were at least 3 Main Revivals in the USA, or Great Awakenings. It is possible that there can be a Great Awakening at the USA’s End, as it was in its Beginning. One would Pray and Hope for that to be True. As Truth in the USA is being ‘Thrown to the Streets’ with Progressive Relativism, one had presented the Interpretation that the 3 Eclipses spelled-out ‘Truth’. This is based on the Notion of a ‘Beginning, Middle and End’ Reference. It is the Alef, the Mem and the Tav. In Hebrew, these 3 Letters mean ‘Truth’. This is what the USA desperately needed, the Truth.


But as one who works at a University and senses a Spiritual, Political and Moral Pulse of the Next Generations that is about to Lead the Nation? Expect that the Majority within the USA will not Choose Jesus, the ‘Aries’, the ‘Lamb of YHVH’, and the Jupiter King Planet to the Messiah, the Deliverer. And? Expect National Judgement. Jesus rightly scolded the Israel of His Day for having more Knowledge and Understanding than prior Generations.  And no less, the Creator in the Flesh directly was in their midst and teaching them. Yet, National Israel rejected their ‘Aries’ and ‘Jupiter’. Jesus rightly warned them that Nineveh was Preached to and Repented. Elijah Preached to a Wavering Ancient Israel in the Valley of Indecision, but they Repented also. Yet the Israel of that Generation did not turn to the Truth.

Thus, the Words of Paul in Romans rang True. ‘They rather believed the Lie’. Jesus cautioned Israel that Nineveh and Sodom would rise and Witness against them on Judgment Day. Will that be the Case for the USA? Will Nineveh and Sodom include not only the Israel of Jesus’ Day but the USA of the Last Days? Lastly, one wishes to also connect the Year that the Comet got its present Name. That Honor was given in the Year 1812. And? It is called the ‘2nd Revolutionary War.. As it pertains to the Theme of the USA, it was experiencing the War of 1812 against Britain.

Most Americans are not aware of this War. It was an Invasion. It was England’s attempt to recapture the 13 Rebel Colonies. It almost succeeded but the Nation’s New Capital of Washington D.C. was burnt to the Ground. Both the Capital Building and the White House suffered severe Damage due to the Fires. The Point is that the USA has been ‘Invaded’ before on its very own Soil. Many Americans boast that the ‘USA has never been Invaded!” It has and will be again. It already is at its Southern Border.

It was also in 1814, during the end of the War, that the Battle of Baltimore ensured and Francis Scott Keys penned the Star Spangled Banner. It was as Fort McHenry was being attacked by the British. So, is the Devil Comet signaling a Warning of a 3rdd Revolutionary War? Or that of the Continental USA being Invaded or the Capital being burnt-down as before? Could it happen again? Will it happen again? In the Year 2025, it will be the 210 Year Anniversary of the End of the War in 1815.


Conjunction at the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse


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