Luis Vega (31 Mar 2024)
"RAPTURE, INDIANA - Google Earth Mile Markers"


Peculiar Mile Markers

by Luis B. Vega

‘To the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia write: These are the Words of the One who is Holy and True, who holds the Key of David. What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open. I know your Deeds. See, I have placed before you an Open Door, which no one can shut. For you have only a Little Strength, yet you have kept My Word and have not denied My Name’. -Revelation 3:7-8

So, in the ‘You cannot make this Stuff up’ Department, one was considering some Destinations on the Map of the USA, regarding the 3rd and Last Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024. In particular, they are from the Locale of Rapture, Indiana. Early in February of 2024, one 1st noticed the Township of Rapture being nearly Dead-Center in the Crosshairs of the ‘X’ that marked the Intersection of the 2 Main Eclipses of 2017 and now 2024. One then reported that Observation as an Article on 5 Doves dated February 2, 2024,

‘I Know Where the Rapture will Take Place’.

In light of the Tragedy of the Francis Scott Keys Bride in Maryland collapsing, one wondered if that was truly Significant and perhaps even Prophetic with respect to the Great American Eclipses, etc. A lot of Information and Data Points have come out about the Incident and there are some Daunting Implications if what is being suggesting is True. As a Historian, one is most fascinated with how the Factor of the Historical Association of the Bridge is tied to an Invasion of the USA. Is this what it is signaling?


It was in 1812 that the British invaded the USA and burnt-down Washington DC. Most Americans hardly realize this occurred. It was called the 2nd Revolutionary War, etc. It was during the Bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British that Francis Scott Keys, in direct Observation, penned the Star Spangled Banner Song. It was inspired by that U.S. Flag that flew over the Fort and was not captured.

Also, it was during the War of 1812 that the Devil Comet was Re-Discovered by Louis Pons of the Marseilles Observatory. And? It is the Comet that was expected, precisely to be seen during the Eclipse of April 8, 2024. In contemplating the Event and the Locale named Rapture in Indiana, one decided to ‘through’ a Ley-Line towards the Baltimore area where the Bridge is situated or was. It was precisely 1 Mile long. And here is what one came across to report. The findings that one is presenting are just one’s Interpretation. It could be all Happenstance or Coincidence. But the Ley-Lines from Rapture, Indiana to certain Destinations are very interesting to take note of.

Destination: Rapture
If one draws a Line, exactly 666 Miles from Rapture towards the Francis Scott Keys Bridge angle, the Destination is exactly the beginning of Runway 9 of the New Castle Airport next to Christiana, Delaware. And? Well, the Airport Runway Configuration happens to also be configured to an Alef and Tav Hebrew Letter Script. Coincidence? Perhaps. But as many End Time Watchers joke about soon Departing from Earth on ‘Flight 777’ on 'Spirit Airways', this would be a great Complement given.

Coordinates: 39.6796715,-75.6076335

It is because the Alef and the Tav are what is making the proverbial ‘X’ from the 2017 and 2024 Great American Eclipses. Now one is not insinuating, as some People are, that the Rapture occurs on the Day of the April 8, 2024 Eclipse. If one has followed one's Research, one will understand that a July Acts 2 Pentecost Wheat Rapture is in Order. And that being on the Feast of New Wine and now, coinciding with the Leo New Year at the Lion's Gate, etc. The Year is yet to be determined.

One is just noting how exactly 666 Miles from Rapture, Indiana, towards the area of the Keys Bridge collapse, points to the Runway that is exactly configured like an Alef and the Tav Eclipse Path across the USA. Now some People will wonder, why are you associating the Rapture with such an Evil Beast Number of 666? But it is precisely, because the Rapture is a ‘Flight’ or Escape from the Evil and Mark that is coming. If one remembers seeing the Movie, ‘2012’? The Family escaped Lost Angeles as it was being destroyed on a small Plane that barely cleared the Runway. They Escaped.

One then further played with the Notion of the Ley-Lines and the following are also some very peculiar Destinations from Rapture, Indiana. If one converts the Miles to Nautical Miles, using Google Earth, from Rapture, Indiana, exactly 660 Nautical Miles will reach the Destination of the New York One World Complex. That is now also considered the ‘Freedom Tower’ that is exactly 1776 Feet Tall with the Spiral. This other Historical Association has the implication of a Revolution and a Freedom from Tyranny.


The last Destination from Rapture, Indiana is tied to what the Rapture is all about. According to the Bible, in one’s accepted Interpretation, it is for those alive, thus the Rapture Event that accompany the Resurrection of those ‘Asleep’ in Jesus since the Crucifixion. It is the Promise of Jesus given to the Church of Philadelphia, in terms of an ‘Open Door’, a ‘Key’ and an Escape from the coming ‘Testing’ that is to befall the whole Earth, etc. The Name Philadelphia comes from the Greek ‘Filos’. It is 1 of the many Types of Love that is of the Brotherly Kind.

Thus, what if one laid a Ley-Line from Rapture, Indiana to the City of Philadelphia? Well, that too has a unique Number Association of being 600 Nautical Miles. Sure, some will argue that one can make a Destination of any Locale, with the same Distance in Miles, Kilometers, etc. True. But one is just pointing out the Biblical Associations, given the Great American Eclipses that suggest overtly, some undeniable Prophetic Implications. And that Theme has been thoroughly vetted to be based on the Themes of Salem, Nineveh, Jonah, etc. It is, in one’s Opinion, ‘Omens of National Judgement’ Pending and even the Rapture to have one take-off on Runway ‘9’ on Flight 777 aboard ‘Spriit Airlines’ Buckle-Up. You have a Ticket? The Runway is Clear for Take-Off.


Celestial Omens of Judgment
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