Luis Vega (3 Mar 2024)
"A.I. TRIBULATION PERIOD - He who Controls A.I., Controls the World"



He who Controls A.I., Controls the World


by Luis B. Vega


How will A.I play-out or be used during the Tribulation Period? Here are one’s Thoughts. One’s Though are mostly in-line with what is considered will occur, but it is now more probable because of A.I. Technology, Mass Communication, and the Internet of Things. About 3 Years ago, Putin was doing his Yearly Public Question and Answer Session. He was asked the same Question. This is what he stated. ‘Whomever controls A.I. will control the World’. This is true or will be as one will make the connections to how it will play-out Biblically.


This Supposition is also based on how Pastor JD Farag also has insinuated that Humanity has arrived at the Time where the Technology that is needed for Biblical Prophecy to occur can now, not go beyond much longer. Or else, at the rate of how Knowledge is Doubling every Week, the Technology will outpace Prophecy, So, here is what or how A.I. will be used during the Tribulation Period, after the Rapture Event that closes-out the Church Age Witness and Testimony of Jesus. One has written about this before in how, based on the Study of the End Time, the Bible gives Clues and Inferences of how the World will look like, just before Jesus returns. And the World will be subjugated based on what are the ‘Usual Suspects’. 


They are categorized based on the general ‘Compartments’ that are used to Control as many People of the World, at the very Top of the World. Money, Medicine, Media, Military and Mandates. These Institutions have always been used to Control and Manipulate People since the Fall of Adam and Eve. But with the Technology now, once again attained as it was in the Days of Noah? It cannot be used wholesale to Control Humanity once again on a Global Level.


1, Satellites Network like Sky-Net

2. 5G-6G-7G Internet Networks and beyond 

3. Social Media Accounts

4. Digital Currency

5. Surveillance Society

6. Biometric Identity

7. Social Credit Score


This is why now, Laws are in place to not be able to, for example, grow own food, opt-out of the Power Grid, not pay with physical Coin or Currency, take Shots into one’s Body to go to School or have a Job and be surveilled, through one’s Online Accounts in Social Media or places of School, Work or out in Public.

Everybody wants to Rule the World
The Aim of the Luciferian Globalists is to make this Planet a Prison Planet and have it be a Utopia, but only for themselves, not the Masses. It is now Public Record that the Elites, like those of the WEF, World Economic Forum and like their ‘Prophet’ of Doom, Noah Harari stated that, essentially the World has too many Useless Eaters and they are consuming their Resources. Thus, they now can be ‘Eliminated’ as Humans are no longer ‘needed’.


Now with A.I., what Zbigniew Brazinski, of the Cold War Era said will come True. ‘In Early Times, it was easier to Control 1 Million People than to Kill 1 Million. Today, it is infinitely easier to Kill 1 Million People than to Control a Million’. And with A.I., this is exactly what has started to happen. Case in Point was the COVID Hysteria. Realize that the Virus was Genetically Engineered by A.I. This is not readily known or understood. This Statement would be and is considered ‘Misinformation’, despite Scientific Proof now available.

For example, knowing what has come about in the Fallout of the Adverse Effects of the Shots, that do indeed cause more than 30 Serious Side Effects, a Law in France was just passed about Medical Procedures. Anyone that just Questions any Government-Sanctioned Medical Procedure will now be either Fined or Jailed or Both. In California, the Legislature passed a State Law that if Doctors advise against mRNA Injections, they will be fired and can lose their Medical Licenses, etc.

All that to say, that as Students of the End Time, one knows where all that is going to culminate. The Bible depicts a World where the Themes of the Books, ‘The Brave New World’, and ‘1984’ have come True or will. Many who have read the Books, along with Atlas Shrugged, are convinced that they were not ‘Fiction’ but based on a Deliberate Protocol to Control the Masses. It is understood that eventually, the World will have to be ‘Set-Up’ for the Biblical AntiChrist to come On-The-Scene and actually control the Masses. And A.I. will facilitate that now.

Humanity has gotten to the Point, Technologically, and thanks to a large degree with the help of the Fallen Angels conveying such Technology to Humankind, it has not been to Stop War, Cure Cancer, clean-up the Air or Water, etc. No, on the contrary, it has been to Destroy such Elements to Control the Masses. Why? Lucifer does not what to Benefit Humanity, made in the Image and Likeness of YHVH. He knows that his Time is short before he is cast into the Lake of Fire for his Insurrection and Rebellion. And he knows that Humanity is essentially to Replace Him. Thus, the Prize-Possession is to take as many Souls with him to Hell.

And like the Pied-Piper Pan that he is, he has memorized Humanity through Money, Medicine, which is the Root Word for Sorcery, Pharmakeía, Media, and Mandates, etc. And by the way, these Attributes are what the ‘God Mercury’ is ascribed to champion and in whom ‘In God we Trust’ is their Motto. It is not the GOD of the Bible and Jesus, the only Savior of Humanity. Thus, how will A.I. look like in the Tribulation? The Concept is based on a Military Term, because it is War against Humanity.

Full Spectrum Dominance
It is about a Full Spectrum Dominance Campaign. It is about totally controlling every Action and even Though of Humanity. This is what the COVID Injections were and are really all about. It is to get this Technology, interfaced into Humans, at the Genetic Level. It is a Conditioning of the Following also.

-Ability to Buy and Sell.
-Where to Work and who can Work.
-Who and where one can Travel to.
-What one can say or not Online or in Print.
-What kind of Food is made and who can have it.
-Who can have a Home or Energy and how much?
-How many Children a Female can have.
-Who can get Married and what that is Defined as.


All this is why one was more convinced that the COVID Injection Mandates was a Trial Run to see who would and would not Comply. But the Technology is now being perfected or has that when the tribulation begins, and especially at the Mid-Point when the Mark of the Beast is introduced, the Technology, thanks to A.I. will be there waiting for it to be initiated upon the entire World. Thanks to such Technologies as Quantum Computing, what 8+ Billion People say, do, buy, sell, go to, eat and perhaps even ‘Think’ can be processed, incautiously. This is the Key. It is because since Lucifer is not YVHH, he cannot know All Things, All Thoughts and All Times.


And the best the World Authorities have had at their disposal is to only gather Meta-Data on all Humanity. This has been thanks to Cell Phones that are ‘Smart’ Phones. The Government Agencies now lawfully, in their manipulation Events, thanks to their False Flags, can gather and are recording all conversations, purchases and Movements of anyone using a Cell Phone or does any Transaction involve Electronics, etc. The Problem is that they do not have the Human Recourse to vet all that Information for Billions of People at once.


One has heard that it would take Millions of Years to analyze every Cell Phone Conversation or type of Purchases made Electronical. However, at this Point in Time, the Meta Information is just being Stored. This is where A.I. and Quantum Type of Technology can do all that. Here is how it was explained to me. A current Conventional Computer can Analyze Information and just assign Information delineated into either a 1 or a 0 in terms of Value. All Information is thus set-up in this Dynamic.


In comparison to having to spend Hours in searching, for example, how many Times the Word Church is found in both the Old and New Testament, it would have taken Weeks, Months if not Years of Study to find that out. But thanks to the currency Computing Power of Processing, a Computer can do that in Seconds. It is like a Wall full of Cabinets and the Conventual Computer looks through every File in every Cabinet. Now what a Quantum Computer can and does do is that instead of looking up every individual file in every Cabinet, it can Process all of the Files in every Cabinet…
However, it can do it, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Mark of the Beast Interface or ‘In Your Face’?
This is why, during the Tribulation Period, the AntiChrist and the False Prophet will have such Processing Power, thanks to the A.I. Technology. But there is an added Diabolical Dimension to it. There is a Term used, ‘Ghost in the Machine’. This Notion is that an Entity, Force, Power of Spirit can inhabit a Machine to take it over. Theologically, this can be the case, as the Apostle Paul taught that Demons inhabit Inanimate Objects like Statutes that People bow-down to Worship.


So, it is not a far-fetched notion to presume that it can happen with Machinery and other Types of Technology. Case in Point is A.I. and how in one instance, a Son was interacting with a Fallen Angel, that one is convinced was the Real Case. A Father recorded the Conversion that the Son was using ChatGPT through. The Video has since been taken down. But one made a Transcript of it, if one wants to read what was said. It was chilling.
But this is why the A.I. Technology will be so interfaced with the Powers of Lucifer, that once the Statue that will be set-up on the ‘Wing of the 3rd Temple’, it will be made in the ‘Image and Likeness’ of Lucifer. And People will have to bow-down to it. It will be like in the Days of Daniel and the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar that he had built. And all the People who did not bow-down were Murdered. Notice that it was at the ‘Sound’ of Music or Instruments. Can you say or think of Frequency, Cell Towers, Biometrics?


So, apparently this Statue will develop some type of Sentient Consciousness, that the Developers of A.I. have publicly stated is now possible. This is incredible. So, imagine the Psychological Effect of the False Prophet and the AntiChrist ‘being something to live out of nothing’. It is a mimicking of the Creative Force of YHVH, but it is only a Deceptive Counterfeit that is only a Demon Possession Effect. Yet the Masses of the World will be falling for it. So, that is where the World is headed to. Some People would argue, it is here now.



A Father’s Concern over Son’s Conversation

Here is a Video Animation of what the Powers-That-Be want Humanity to look like. And a Report just came out of how they surveyed over 100,000,000 (Million) People about the Adverse Effects of the COVID Injections. And guess what they are 'Admitting' now. 'Oh, yes, they do cause 'some' Damage in the Heart, Neurology and Muscles in Humans.' See Global Covid Vaccine Safety Project Report. It is Criminal.

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