Luis Vega (3 Mar 2024)
"APRIL 8, 2024 AMERICAN ECLIPSE - 40 Day Countdown"


Repentance USA - Nineveh Nation?

by Luis B. Vega


As it has been discussed and reviewed, the 3 Great American Ellipse have a clear Nineveh and Jonah Prophetic Innuendo about them. The 1st Eclipse occurred on Elul 1, which starts the 40 Days of Repentance, per the Jewish Observances. The 40-Day Countdown, a Period of Repentance and Reflection in one’s Life, culminates on the Day of Atonement of Yom Kippur, etc. In the Prophetic Type of Jonah being sent by YHVH to the Great Power at the Time, Nineveh, the Message of Jonah was simple. ‘In 40 Days, Nineveh will be Destroyed’.

According to Historical Accounts, the City was so Great that it took Jonah about 3 Days to go from one Side to the other. This could be in terms of how Jonah perhaps Preached at 1 Site on 1 Day, then went on to a 2nd Site and Preached at that place and so on. So, after the Countdown of 40 Days, the Mighty Nation, starting from the Top, with the President, I mean the King, all Repented of their Evil Ways. And it was a genuine Repentance. And with good Reasons.

Astronomers document that a Solar Eclipse and a Plague had just ravaged the Empire and no doubt their Economy and Daily Lives were affected. There was perhaps a Lock-Down and Stay at Home Order as many Middle Class Businesses all went bust. And the Elites of the City consolidated the Transfer of Wealth by keeping the Masses subjugated with Mandates and Entertainment, etc.

Inflation soared as many became Homeless and Crime greatly increased. The Solar Eclipse that occurred was fresh on their Minds and they had the Common Sense to see that Divine Judgment was upon them because of their Secret Sins, etc. Then comes a Reluctant Jonah with the Message of Doom and Gloom. The People of Nineveh had enough Astronomical and Religious Understanding to put the 2 and 2 together, as they say.

For the USA, as many have made the Scriptural Comparison, the Difference is that the Average American has been so Controlled by the ‘Official’ Narratives, that to them, the 3 Solar Eclipse on Elul, 1 and Nisan 1 are just a nice excuse to watch the Day-Time turn Dark for those venturing out to be in and see the Eclipse Line. Nothing wrong with that as the Spectacle is an Amazing Demonstration of the Cosmic Order that is impossible to occur if the Universe was just a Random Act of Being. So, here is one’s Observation about the 40 Day Warning Countdown.

February 28, 2024 + 40 Day Countdown = April 8, 2024 (3rd Strike Solar Eclipse)

Fruit of Repentance

If one Counts 40 Days back from April 8, 2024, the Day of the ‘Last Chance’ Eclipse as one calls it, will be February 28, 2024. And? That is the Last Day, normally of a Non-Leap Year Month. Notice that for 2024, it is a Leap Year, meaning that the Month of February has an Extra Day. So for 2024, February has 29 Days. So? The Thought that entered one’s Mind is that YHVH is being gracious to allow even 1 Extra Day to Give the Mighty Modern ‘Nineveh’, USA 1 Extra Day to Repent as Warned by the Jonah’s of her Day. Has 6.66 Years since the August 21, 2017 Leo Eclipse not been enough? No, sadly.

In the USA, there is a Saying or Notion of ‘3 Strikes and you are out’. It is about being Gracious to People in given them, up to a 3rd Chance in changing a Situation or ‘Turning Things Around’ or Circumstances, etc. Will this occur for the USA? What will it take for the People of the USA to Repent?

If one considers the National Trends, there has been no National Repentance as the Social, Political, Moral, Educational and Religious Trends are farther apart from the Precepts of Holiness and what YHVH requires of a Righteous Nation to avert National Judgment. All those Institutions are Failing and Falling and going from ‘Bad to Worse’ as the USA is literally being Silently Invaded from its Borders. At some Point in Time, YHVH gives over a Nation to its Lust and allows it to reap what it has sown.

In the 1st Elul Prophetic Pattern, the Countdown would occur approximately, about halfway into Jesus’ Ministry, which would be about the Year 30 AD. This would set the Stage, as at that Time, Jesus Cursed the Fig Tree that represents Israel for having no ‘Fruit’ of Repentance.

​Reversing the Curse