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"GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE APRIL 8, 2024 - Planetary Parade in Pisces"



Menorah Planetary Alignment

by Luis B. Vega

One has been asked, now numerous Times, from Viewers and Readers about what is one’s Assessment of the apparent ‘Menorah’ Planetary Alignment that will be configured on the Nisan 1 New Year Great American Solar Eclipse. One has already written extensively considering the Array of Lights, based on their positioning. One could say that there is some possible Meaning that one does agree or would agree is Highly Significant, and Prophetic, as far as Astronomical Signs go. However, Planetary Alignments occur rather frequently. What does appear to set this one apart is its Place and Time.

The 7-Planet Parade occurs as the Total Solar Eclipse takes place in the Sign of the Fish, Pisces. When examining the ‘Menorah’ Pattern, one would have expected that the Sun would be in the Center Position as the Center Stem of the ‘Menorah’ Type. And if that were to be a ‘True Menorah Typology and Arrangement, then there would be precisely 3 Planets on the Left and the 3 Planets to the Right of the Solar Eclipse, etc. This is not quite the case if one considers all the Planets, regardless if they can be seen by the Naked Eye or with the aid of Telescopes, etc. However, what one does surmise about the Celestial Configuration is no less Spectacular and perhaps Prophetic even.

The following are one’s Observations based on one’s Interpretations of what one has studied and teaches about Biblical Astronomy. On the Day of the ‘Last Chance’ Great American Solar Eclipse, it will be the 3rd in the Series that started in 2027, exactly 6.66 Years ago. And that 1st Eclipse occurred 33 Days prior from the Revelation 12 Sign that was configured Astronomically. Most do not realize that September 23, is the End of the Astronomical Year. Then it has been calculated that from the Revelation 12 Sign to the possible Offering of the Red Heifer on March 30, 2024, is 6 Years, 6 Months and 6 Days.

But then from the Sabbath Parah of March 30, 2024, if one adds the same Numerical Factor of 33 Days, it will be May Day. Then, if one calculates the Duration of Time from this Red Heifer Sabbath to the Astronomical Leo New Year of July 23, 2024, that would be 3 Months and 22 Days, (322) End Day Excluded. One is just pointing-out that with Numbers, they can be used to arrive at particular Values that have possible Prophetic Meaning. But one is convinced that the 3 Eclipses across the USA are Omens of National Judgment, as they began in Elul 1, the Seasons of Repentance. There seems to be Symmetry in the Planetary Alignment that will be discussed.


Signs of the Times
To the Right of the Eclipse, there is Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Venus for a total of 4 Planets. To the Left of the Eclipse, there is Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. These are the total 7 Planets of the Solar System, minus Pluto that was demoted to a Pseudo-Planet, etc. What one thinks is Spectacular is that there is a Double Conjunction occurring, 1 on each side of the Sun during the Eclipse. There is the Mars-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius. And then there is the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Aries. These Signs will come into Play with respect to their Meaning and Inference.


It was suggested that this Planetary Alignment is mirroring the Imagery of what John saw in the Book of Revelation with Jesus in the Midst of the Menorah of the 7 Church  Lights. And that the Pleiades in Taurus are exactly representing the 7 Churches of Asia, in the hands of Jesus, etc. There is some Prophetic and Apocalyptic Association to the Astronomy of what is occurring, but one is only suggesting it very loosely. What one can or would insinuated with a Measure of Confidence, is that in the same Book of Revelation, Jesus describes Himself as Venus, the Bright and Morning Star. But as the True Christ can be ‘Seen’ or Inferred in the Array of the Menorah Typology, so can the AntiChrist, Lucifer be seen as well. How so?

Then what will also occur, is that Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is projected to be visible during the Eclipse. It has not visited the Solar System in 70 Years. It will be near Jupiter. It is called the ‘Devil’ Comet because of the ‘Protruding’ Effect of its Tail having ‘Horn’ at certain Times. Other People have called it the Millennium Falcon Comet instead. It is conjectured that the ‘Devil Horns’ Effect has been due to a burst of Gases. Nonetheless, during the Eclipse, it will be an opportunity to see a Comet that would normally not be able to be seen during the Day.

What one can perhaps surmise about it, taking into account the prior Prophetic Inclinations, is that the Devil will come ‘Peeking’ through the Veil, as if to be Seen. Or that ‘Behind the Scenes’, of the USA’s Pending Judgment, has been Lucifer, all along. It is like the Movie, The Wizard of Oz, in how once the Curtain was pulled back, one could see who was really behind the Controls, etc. And the following is how the Astronomical meets-up with the Biblical, in one’s Assessment. How so? Realize that the Comet’s Perihelion, the closest point to the Sun in its Orbit, occurs on April 21, 2024. That is 14 Days (7 x 7) after the April 8 Pisces New Year Eclipse. April 21 is the 111th Day of the Year, and it is just before the Eve of Passover on April 22, 2024. Is all this just mere Coincidences?

It so happens that in the Planetary Alignment on the Day of the Eclipse, the Midst of the 7 Planets is Venus. So, in this regard, Venus would be as Jesus, being in the Midst of the Menorah or a Balance ‘weighing-In’ on an entire Nation. And what is in the Balance? The ‘Nineveh’ Nation of the USA that many End Times Students of Prophecy have associated the 3 Eclipse to the Judgment pending upon the Nation needing to Repent. Taking Liberty to run with this Menorah Theme, consider that what is Spectacular about the 2 Concurrent Conjunction is perhaps the Message. Here is one’s Interpretation.

In the Valley of Indecision
On either side of the Pisces Eclipse, is the Message based on the Meaning of the Planets in Conjunction. Consider the 2 Planets to the Right of the Eclipse, Saturn and Mars. Saturn is associated with Lucifer and Mars is the God of War. When a Planet is in conjunction with 1 of  the 2 Gas Giants, the meaning of the Lesser Planet is what is insinuated and Amplified to the Nth Degree of its Meaning. So, in this case, it is a Message of Intense Warfare, far beyond the ‘Normal’. Then, to the Left of the Eclipse, on the Ecliptic from Earth’s Perspective, you have the Conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus.


Likewise, the Meaning of Jupiter is associated with the King Planet, of Majesty and the Messiah, etc. Uranus, is the God of the Sky and the Father of the Gods, etc. What came to Mind, in all this, is how when the Israelites were at Shechem and about to enter the Promised Land to Possess, it was Joshua who stood in the Midst of the Divided Nation. He was in-between the 2 Hills and proclaimed the 2 Judgments. Joshua 8:30. YHVH instructed Joshua to divide the 12 Tribes, with 6 Tribes on Mount Ebal, and 6 Tribes on Mount Gerizim.

To the Right He proclaimed the Curses; War, Pestilences, Exile, etc. To the Right, Joshua proclaimed the Blessings; Abundance and Prosperity, etc. One cannot help but to picture this Prophetic Event with that of this Astronomically Arrey of the entire Planetary Bodies of the Earth’s Solar System with respect to the Pending Decision the USA will need to make. Why? Apparently, the USA has been Weighed and has reached a Turning Point of sorts in her History.

Has Jesus, the Greater Joshua gathered the entire Planets of the Solar System to weigh-in on the USA’ Decision as Witnesses? Is Jesus about to make a similar gathering for this Judgment and Proclamation? One may be reading too much into all this Biblically, but one cannot help but to see it as if Jesus, like Joshua, is in the Valley of Decision and is calling on the USA to make-up her Mind and Decide. Decide on what? The Curses or the Blessings, just like with Israel.

Will the USA choose the Curses and go the way of War, to the Extreme, continuing in Evil and living by and being controlled by Lucifer and his Agenda? Or will she Repent and choose the King of the Planets, the Father of the True Heaven, YHVH and go the way of what is Right? Is the USA now in the Balance and found Wanting? Realize that as one discusses all these possible Prophetic Innuendos, the Significance of the Pending Judgment and Fall of the USA is daunting.

One could also not help but to think of how, like Mighty Babylon, when Belshazzar had the Banquet and Mockingly defiled the Vessels of the Temple of YHVH, Daniel’s last Prophetic Interpretation was given to the Ruling King. Likewise in the USA, specifically but in the World in-general, the Living Vessels of Jesus’ Temple have been Mocked, just the same. Jesus does not take too kindly to what has been done to His Holy Vessels, His Bride, etc. Daniel conveyed to the President or the King of Babylon that the Mighty Nation would be taken through its Borders.

And that is exactly how the Empire was taken. The Medo-Persians led by Cyrus the Great, diverted the Euphrates River. The Water Level dropped enough for the entire Army of Young Military Aged Men to just walk across its Borders and under the Walls of the USA, I mean Babylon. One will leave some links to other Significant Planetary Alignments that have been noted and discussed. Also, there is an Article about how one saw what was coming back in 2013 with the Hybrid Solar Eclipse over the Statue of Liberty and what that meant as a Warning that has now come True for the USA.

Thus, this is what one can Assess, at the moment, given the Menorah Planetary Parade that accompanies the Piscean Eclipse as Witness of a Prophetic Dichotomy that the USA is called to Decide upon. Will she choose the False Christ, God of War and the Age of Aquarius with their False Gospel? Or will she choose the True Christ, Jesus that is the King of the Universe, Creator and is the Father of the Lights? And whose Sign is that of the Lamb what was Slain that proclaims the True Gospel by calling His Disciples to likewise ‘Go the Way of Suffering?

All this is how one has taken the Planetary Parade in Pisces during the ‘Last Chance’ Great American Eclipse. One has conjectured it to be a Biblical Parallelism from what occurred with Israel, just the same. YHVH provided Israel with a Chose, Life or Death. Deuteronomy 30:11-20. YHVH encouraged Israel to choose Life. Sadly, Israel rejected her True Messiah King and exchanged Him for a False Jesus and Son of the Father, Bar Abas. And in the last Week of Year that will conclude Israel’s Disciple for their Unfaithfulness, she will still rather make a Deal with Devil and his False AntiChrist Jewish Messiah Imposter. What will the USA choose?

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