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"LEO NEW YEAR KEY ALIGNMENT - Chi Rho Motif Unlocking the Lion's Gate"



Unlocking the Lion’s Gate

by Luis B. Vega

‘So take your Stand with your Spells and with your many Sorceries, with which you have wearied yourself from your Youth. Perhaps you will succeed; perhaps you will inspire Terror! You are wearied by your many Counselors; let them come forward now and save you— your Astrologers who observe the Stars, who Monthly predict your Fate. Surely they are like Stubble; the Fire will burn them up. They cannot deliver themselves from the Power of the Flame. There will be no Coals to warm them or Fire to sit beside’. - Isaiah 47:13-14

The purpose of this study is to present some depictions of what the Sky looks like on the Day of the Leo New Year of a July 23 Day. If one is standing next to the Sphinx in Egypt, which is a Motif of the Fusion between Virgo and Leo, and looking East at the Horizon, one will see the Triangulation of the Chi Rho Celestial Key. Note that the Sphinx is the literal Stone Embodiment of the entire 12-Sign Mazzaroth or the Zodiac. The Story-Line is that of Jesus that starts with the Virgin Birth in Virgo and ends with the Triumph or Hydra by Leo, the Conquering Lion of Judah, etc.

The Sphinx is like the Hour Hand on a Clock that Synchronized the Constellations and is ‘Telling Time’. On the Day of the Leo New Year of July 23, the Rising of the Sun occurs in conjunction with the Rise of Sirus over the Horizon. That is then triangulated to the Constellation of Orion. It is at that Time and Place that the Ecliptic Line, the Path in which all the Planets and the Sun and Moon traverse on, is perfectly at a Vertical Alignment with the Sphinx. Coincidence? No. It is directly in-Line and in-Sight of the Silver Gate that is Guarded by Orion, the Sentinel of that Star Gate.

The Sun enters and exits that Celestial Gate on the Summer Solstice of a June 21 Day. Astronomically, it is on the 2 Solstices, when the Sun is at its Highest and Lowest Points, relative to Earth’s Equator that the Sun enters and exits through these to Celestial Gate. In the Hebrew Reckoning of Time, Spring Equinox marks the Last Day of the Year. The next Day is the start of the Agricultural Summer Portion of the Torah Year. But what is Spectacular and Amazing to consider what this study is about and what one seeks to connect with the Lion’s Gate, the Leo New Year in reference to the possible Time and Place of when the Rapture Event is to take place.

Yes, it is a Bold Statement. It is about knowing a Year, Month, Day and even Hour. Of course, as a Disclaimer, one does not know for sure. That is why it is a Theory, a Working Theory nonetheless that has been built upon by Decades of Research and Insights given, one is trusting the Holy Spirit about. Now if one exchanges the Ecliptic Line, that is exactly Vertical to the Sphinx and aligns it with the Galactic Plane, one will more easily discern the Key to the Lion’s Gate. What? What is this Key? This Key is the Chi Rho Key of the Triangulation of the Pleiades, Orion and Sirius.

Chi Rho Orion

This Chi Rho Motif is Ancient and what is now used as a Religious Symbol in some Christian Circles. In fact, it is the Logo of one’s Website, etc. Here is some background on the Ancient and Mysterious Motif for Context before further developing one’s Conclusion about it in reference to the Rapture’s Timing. The Chi Rho Celestial Key being an Anagram of the Constellation of Orion with the Stars depicting the Christ Crucifixion. The 5 major Stars then depict the 5 Puncture Wounds of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary with Out-Stretched Arms, Head and Member.

This Pleiades-Orion-Sirius Triangulation combination functions as the 'Key' that unlocks the 'Stargate' or Door to Heaven of which Orion is the Galactic Sentinel, etc. It is about a Depiction of the Cosmic Crucifixion. In the Psalms, it says that David, under Holy Spirit Inspiration proclaimed that the Messiah was going to be Crucified.

And that  the Messiah would be surrounded ‘Bulls’ and ‘Dogs’. And that He would be Killed outside the City  Gate. Jesus was surrounded by the Pharisees-Sadducees ‘Bulls’ and Gentile ‘Dogs’, the Romans. He was Crucified outside the Damascus Gate, that is Silver Colored.  Jesus was the Greater Orion. The Lion-King with the Keys.

Astronomically, this signals that it is Orion, at the core that is the Sentinel of the Silver Gate, or the Gate of Man. He is the 'Celestial Warden' with the Key to the Chamber that is the Silver Gate, etc. It is 1 of the 2 Celestial Keys to the 2 Celestial Gates that define the Expanse of the Visible Known Universe. The other Key Holder and Guardian of the Gate is Ophiuchus at the Golden Gate. The Chi Rho is a Christogram, formed by superimposing the first two (capital) Letters—Chi and Rho (ΧΡ)—of the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christos) in such a way that the vertical stroke of the Rho intersects the center of the Chi.


In Latin text, it is an ending added appropriate to Latin nouns, thus XPo, signifying Christo, ‘to Christ’, the dative form of Christus. In Pre-Christian Times, the Chi-Rho symbol was the Abbreviation for Chrēston, meaning ‘Good’. The word Chrestos existed Ages before Christianity. It was found to be used, from the 5th Century B.C., by Herodotus, Aeschylus and other Classical Greek Writers. It goes back to Egypt also with a Mythology of Horus. However, the Biblical Correlation goes further back to the Cosmological Depiction of the Constellation of Orion.


Using the Motif defined by the 7 Outlining Stars, it construes the Christogram, especially with the 3 Belt Stars and its mirroring with the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem where the House of YHVH stood and will again. Ultimately, based on the study by E.W. Bullinger, Witness of the Stars, the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac is the Story-Line of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Each Constellation is a facet of the Plan of Redemption of Humanity on Earth found and accomplished in Jesus. With this supposition, the Chi Rho is attributed to Orion, which is the Motif then attributed to the ‘Hero’, Redeemer who is Jesus. It is He who destroyed the Works of Lucifer, Sin and Death at the Cross of Calvary.


You are doing Astrology
Now many criticize this Type of Research as ‘Pseudo-Science’ or on the Fringe of Lunacy and Heresy because of the Astrological Inferences that one is inferring to. And no less having them attributed to the possible Discernment of when the Rapture Timing is to occur, could or should. Many argue that it is correct that the Astronomical Boundaries have been set by the IAU. ‘The IAU is the International Astronomical Union is a Non-Governmental Organization with the objective of advancing Astronomy in all aspects, including promoting Astronomical Research, Outreach, Education, and Development through Global Cooperation’. -Wikipedia

Now Months are lengths of Time, measured by the position of the Sun in its Sign. It begins when the Sun enters a New Sign. But other Critics will rightly point-out also that in the Tropical Solar Year, the sizes of the Signs are not perfectly Equal. It is because the Earth does not orbit around the Sun in a Perfect Circle. It is more Elliptical. This is why some signs are larger than others. But in all ancient cultures, they used the Sidereal Revelation of the Sun to partition an Equal Division of 12 30-Degree Signs. Equinox and Moon Phases measure when Crops are Planted, Ripen and are Harvested.

It determines the Feast Times of YHVH. But realize that the Bible does not tell anything about the Stars, along the Ecliptic are to be Grouped or how they are to be Divided. The Bible is not clear of their Boundaries in order to make up 12 distinct Periods that perfectly comprise a Year. On 1 Hand, it is presumed and on the other, the Bible is not All-Inclusive of every Detail or Knowledge that is ascribed to other Books.  The Constellation Boundaries were only recently invented by Men. But the Bible does mention them. It is inferred as the Mazzaroth.


The word מַזָּלוֹת Mazzaloth (Strong’s H4208). In 2 Kings 23:5 Mazzaloth refers to specific Stars and Signs or the Constellations that the Priests and People of Israel were worshipping in Idolatry. Thus, one is only inferring that the Mazzaroth is All-Inclusive of the 12 Signs of the Constellations of the Zodiac. The מַזָּרוֺת Mazzaroth (Strong’s H4216) is brought out in Job 38:32 talks about several of the Sign. Now, to be fair, Christians have criticized one about basing all this Conjecture about the Rapture’s Timing on astrology. It is the very thing YHVH rebukes Israel and the Nations in Isaiah 47.

But it is not that the idolatry of the People and Priests knew about Astrology, which is the Interpretations of the Astronomy of the Stars. Idolatry came to be when they considered them as ‘Gods’ and worshipped them instead of the GOD who created them. But look at a Leo New Year, at the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest with the Lion’s Gate is opened, Astrologically. Notice a couple of peculiar Day Counts in reference to the July 23 Day. There is a Period of 40 Days from my Leo New Year Rapture Theory Date of a July 23 Date. There is a 40 Day Period also with the Spring Equinox to the End of Passover for 2024. See also the 2 Articles that touch upon the Number of 888.

March 20 Spring Equinox to a July 23  Leo New Year = 180,000 Minutes or 3000 Hours


June 21 Summer Solstice to a July 23  Leo New Year = 33 Days

Like a Weather Forecast?
So, if a Person looks-up the Weather Forecast for the Week or Month and reads the Prognostications that are based on the Tides being affected by the Moon, or the Moon’s Phases and the Angle of the Sun, and Wind Patterns? Is that not ‘Astrology’ and consulting the Sun, Moon and the Stars for Daily Readings if one is to use an Umbrella or not that Day? There are Extra-Biblical Sources, like Gesenius that did state that the Mazzaroth are the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. And that the Signs of the Zodiac are 12 Equal Segments that comprise 1 Year, etc.

People argue that the Reason why the Bible does not tell anything specific about the Stars of the Ecliptic or the Constellations of the Zodiac is because YHVH did not want People worshipping them. This is True to an extent. YHVH had forbidden certain Types of Knowledge of the Sun, Moon and the Stars that, for example, the 200 Watcher Angels in the Days of Enoch had descended on Mount Hermon.


Their Mission was to subvert and divulge such Secrets of the Heavens to Humans that YHVH did not intend Humans to have at that time. It was due to, in one’s Assessment because of the Fallen State of Man’s Sinful Nature. The Worship of this Knowledge was 1 Outcome. But to the contrary, the Sun, Moon and the Stars were precisely given to Mankind in Genesis to know and keep track of Time. And Time for what? The Time to know when to ‘Meet with YHVH’ through His Feast Days, etc.

For sure, it is a Mysterious Knowledge to indulge in and it has been misunderstood and misused to Control and Manipulate People. It is also that such Knowledge provided the ‘Key’ to the ‘Gates’ of Knowledge that transcends Humanity and propels it into the Dimensions beyond Space, Matter and Time. All that to say, that beyond the Gates are the Dimensions where the Spirit Realm exists. And there exists Spiritual Beings, which comprises Lucifer’s Kingdom, the Fallen Angels, and Demons. Humans stand no chance of having an Advantage as such Beings are exponentially far superior in Intellect, Power and Knowledge.

This is why one is attempting to ‘Reclaim’ this Lost Knowledge to the Glory of Jesus, as He is the True Lion King. He is the Shepherd that leads the Sheep to the Sheep Pen, through the Gate, the Lion’s Gate. And this Lion-King laid-down His Life for the Sinful Sheep. In fact, this Lion King that has now the Key of David, of the Power of Life, Death and Resurrection is whom all Power and Authority has been given to. What Door, Star-Gate He opens, no one can shut. What Jesus, as the Great Warned of the Universe shuts, no one can open.

And it is Jesus that seeks to Open the Gate of Eden on Earth once again. Moreover, and more amazing is that Jesus has opened the very Gate to Heaven. Thus, one is just conjecturing that, what if this Sacred Knowledge, Lost Knowledge of the Lion’s Gate, on a July 23 Day is when the Door, that Open Gate, and even ‘Star-Gate’ will open for the Philadelphia Type of Believers? Will the Rapture, the Great Escape of the Sheep from the other ‘Roaring Lion’, i.e., Lucifer who seeks whom to Devour will occur on such at Place and Time?

One is more convinced of this because the Leo New Year and that being on a July 23 Day is what one has also calculated was the Day that the Acts 2 Pentecost Descent of the Holy Spirit occurred. And that Event is what provided the Power to Initiate the Church Age with. One is just conjecture that what if the End of the Commission of Jesus, of the Church Age occurs on its Anniversary?



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