Luis Vega (24 Mar 2024)
"CIVIL WAR 2.0 USA - Implosion of a Nation"


Implosion of a Nation

by Luis B. Vega

‘Rejoice and be Glad, because Great is your Reward in Heaven; for in the same way they Persecuted the Prophets before you. You are the Salt of the Earth. But if the Salt loses its Savor, how can it be made Salty again? It is no longer Good for Anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by Men’. -Matthew 5:12-13


If one has studied the Subject of the End Times or Eschatology, one will realize that many People over a few Decades now, but especially in the Last Decade have had Dreams of the USA engaged in a Modern Civil War 2.0. This Notion has come by way, mostly by Dreams and Visions. What has been a Common Theme if most of them is how People describe there being Russian and Chinese Troops On-the-Ground in the States. One can recall that during the Obama Administration, there was that sort of ‘Scare’ as videos surfaced of U.N. Vehicles being transported through the USA.

Then there were those 1000s of ‘Coffin’-Like Black Containers that could hold up to about 3 Bodies. And the stacks of them are piled-up for no apparent use. And it was also how some Truckers had the Masonic Compass and Ruler Emblem as part of their Tags on the Rig. Now, it would have been that the Driver was just a Mason, or the Masons have a Truck Line, or both. However, when the June 3, 2017 London Bridge ‘Attack’ was carried out, the Ambulance Helicopter was clearly operated by the Masons. Very Interesting.

But as to the USA? The Luciferians have their Mantra of ‘Order out of Chaos’ for no reason. They need to have the USA, specifically and the World, in general be brought to a Point of such Chaos, that the World and the USA will demand ‘Order’. Thus, the majority of People having the Dreams and Visions of the USA get to such a threshold of Chaos is exactly where the USA is heading, by design. The Dreams are a long line of such Phenomena that insinuates the same ‘Prophetic’ Outcome for the USA. Below in the End-Notes, is an example of one Dream that is pretty the same in terms of depicting a Common Theme of Russian and Chinese Troops being stationed in the USA.


It could be because the U.N. could be called to fill-in the Ranks of those Law-Abiding and Law-Enforcing Americans that, for some ‘Unexplained Reason’, are no longer able to. So, not sure when that will occur. But if the Timelines of the Tribulation Period that one is currently considering is a possible Scenario and Indication, it could be sometime after 2025. In one’s Mind and Thought, it would be an Event like the Rapture that will be the Final Factor that collapses the USA. Imagine all the Police, Fire, Emergency 1st Responders, Soldiers, all going ‘Missing’.

It is about ‘Cooking’ the Books
The Vacuum of the People 'Gone Missing' will collapse the Infrastructure of the USA, that is left of it, anyway. This is 1 Main Reason, in one’s Opinion, why the Luciferins have flooded the Borders of the USA and Europe, with Illegal Aliens and those mostly of, as many People have reported, of ‘Young Military Age’. Notice that a lot of them have come from China, Venezuela, and Central America. These are where the Countries are all Communist and/or Authoritarian. They are being helped to get to the USA by the ‘Communists’ or Leftists Woke Types in the USA. Yes, the USA saw all these Left of Center Types rear their Ugly Heads, with ANTIFA, for example during the Black Lives Matter Riots.

Notice, they were pretty much all White Middle Class Young Men and Women. And this thanks to the U.S. Taxpayer Public Education and especially the Universities where one works at. It is all true. They are graduating ‘People’, not ‘Women’ or ‘Men’ but Person, preferring Pronouns that can change by the Flavor of the Day in terms of who they ‘Identify’ as. They are truly Brainwashed and Indoctrinated to believe and accept they are Meaningless, Insignificant, caused by an Accept, evolved from the Goo to the Zoo.


That have no Purpose, are worthless, replaceable, in a Trans-Human quest to transcend their Body. It is about, ‘Their Body their Choice’, except when it comes to the COVID Kill Shots. But more alarming, they are trained to Hate Christians, specifically and all that Christianity represents. They reject Marriage and are not ‘Polyamorous’, Non-Binary, Fluid, of whom over 70% identify as having some sort of Mental Illness or Struggle. One wonders why?

During the Spanish Civil War, Franco termed a Notion of there being a ‘5th Column’, that in his case would help him subvert the Political Liberal and Leftist Government of the Republic of Spain. There was and it did. In Spain, most of the Republican Leadership were initially ‘Voted’ in. But in fact, they were ‘Closeted’ Marxists, Socialist, Atheists and Communists. However, to be fair, all types of Authoritarians use or rather misuse Democracy and Free and ‘Fair’ Elections to get into Office and then take over the Nation.

This happened with Hitler in Germany too. Then once inside the Hall of Power, they impose their Authoritarian Form of State, and make the ‘Free Elections’ appear that way, from then on, etc. Consider the following Dire Statistics of the Current Mental Health of the ‘Best and Brightest’ the USA has to offer itself and the World. As one who works at a University and works on this Front Line on a Daily Basis, one can personally attest to this. However these Statistics were taken during the Initial Stages of COVID. The Numbers are far worse now.


Mental Health CDC  

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In 2021, more than 4 in 10 (42%) Students felt persistently Sad or Hopeless and nearly 1/3 (29%) experienced Poor Mental Health. In 2021, more than 1 in 5 (22%) Students seriously considered Attempting Suicide and 1 in 10 (10%) attempted Suicide.

It is a Psy-Op Generation
Then consider the deliberate take-down of the USA through Drug-Use. The Fentanyl and Meth, is like a Plague unto itself. Some Reports state that since 2020, over 100,000 Americans have Died of Overdosing. Although the Bio-Engineered Disease was reported as the Underlying Cause of Death or a Contributing Cause of Death for an estimated 377,883 People in 2020, was because the Numbers were inflated. The Statistics included those having Died of Yearly Flu. And any Death that was just suspected of a Person having COVID was counted without a Confirming Autopsy.  


The Point is that the Drug Epidemic is just as bad and where are the ‘Lock-Down’s, stopping the Country, dead on its Tracks, Sealing the Border, close-down Businesses, Testing People? There is none. It is all be design. But one’s Point is that in the USA, you do not need a ‘Hidden’ 5th Column to have the Communists, Socialist, Marxist, Atheist gain Power. They are already there and have it. When the all major Institutions of a Republic or the USA, in this case have been subverted by the Leftists and Company, it is only a matter of Time. One is waiting for that ‘Last Piece’ of the Puzzle to be in place before the whole ‘House of Cards’ comes crashing down, as they say.

And again, the Rapture or some False Flag Event will trigger that, it has to. It is part of the Luciferian and Globalist ‘Reset’ Plan to initiate their New World Order. It will surely come, as it is part of the Biblical Prophecy Time Table. This is why, once again, the Flooding of Illegal Aliens has been orchestrated. Notice that they are flown-in to all parts of the Nation. They have been fanned-out and ‘Farmed-Out’, as part of the Governments insolvent in Human Trafficking and with the Sex and Labor Trade. All these Sinister Endeavors are serving multiple Outcomes. In the Political Aspect, they are making sure the Illegals, which will vote for the State because they get now the following: a Free Drivers’ License, Free Medical Care, Free University Tuition, Free Housing, Free Food, Free Credit Cars, Free Flights or Transportation to Destinations.

It is to ensure the White Middle Class that takes-on the Public Taxpayer Burden, and most Importantly, because they have been the Bedrock, Backbone of Christian and/or Conservative Institutions, goes Broke and Bust. They themselves are to become a 3rd World People, relegated to ‘White Migrants’ as were the ‘Arkies’ and ‘Okies’ of the Dust Bowl Era. So, when in the USA, you have the Major Institution of what once made the Nation Great, all infiltrated by the Leftist Lunacy, in Education, the Military, the Churches, in Sports, in the Social Media, Banking, in Medicine, etc.

It is all to ensure no Conservative or Biblical Influence of a Difference can be had any more. And from a Historical Perspective, it has been noted that the Final and Last Evidence of a ‘Sick’ People, Nation or Empire is the issue of Gender. And? In one’s Opinion, once the USA, through the Supreme Court ‘Redefined’ what Marriage was, and is, that cast the Last Lot for the USA. That was the Line drawn in the Sand by YHVH for this Nation. Why? Marriage is what Defines a Man and a Woman and establishes the Reasons for it. According to the Book of Genesis, it introduces the Creator, YHVH. It established the Purpose for Humanity, to make YHVH and Jesus known.

It is about the Sins of the Fathers
Marriage was designed as a Covenant or Promise, a Sacred Vow. It was to enjoy Sex within its Sacredness and to Procreate. The Purpose of Man and Woman was to fill and subdue the whole Earth, etc. This Divine and Sacred Institution and Instructions go totally contrary to all that is Woke. It is because all that is Leftist is Luciferian at the core. The Left is implementing and using the Tools and Means to an End to Deface the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH given to Mankind to Reflect and Live by. That is why, in one’s Estimation, is that as the USA rather chose to go ‘Woke’ and redefined Marriage back in 2015, the 3 Great American Eclipses signaled the Divine Judgment of the Omen of how the USA is going to be Judged, like at no other Time.


And the ‘Signs’ of the 3 Eclipses clearly infer to the National Judgments of Nineveh and Egypt. Sure, no Nation is without Sin, Corruption and Division. But when the Issues dealing with YHVH’s Divine Institution of Marriage is now Codified into Moral Law? That is how all prior Empires fell. It had to do with the Threshold of Immorality. So, when you have the latest Generation in the USA, that is called ‘Gen Z’, who the Majority, over 80%, ‘Believe’ that they rather Trust the State and that Socialism is ‘Better’ than Capitalism? And Marriage is what you want it to be? And there are ‘X’ Genders and you cannot define a Woman or Male? It is a Lost Cause.


They are trained to Hate American and all that is White. If such are so Angry and Distressed about living in Racist USA, can they please exchange their Airline Ticket for 1 of the Migrants that left all that back in their Communist and Socialist Utopia? Why do they fail to see that the Hoards running to the USA Border are escaping the Communist, Leftist Wokeness that has been achieved in their ‘Socialist Utopias’? It is because it is a Mass Psychosis. All the Truth and Statistics that can be waived in front of their Faces will not change their Minds. Why not? They are Indoctrinated, truly Brainwashed. This is what the Bible foretold the Last Generation of Humanity would be like, just before His Return.


People would be given over to a Reprobate Mind. Meaning that they have suspected Reality and Reason. This is why it is really scary in terms of winning the Soul of the USA. It is a Spiritual Contention for the Mind, Body and Soul. In the USA, the ‘War’ over the Mind is lost. The War over the Body is Lost. Will the Battle for its Soul be lost too? The Point is that only the Power of the Gospel can penetrate, not only the Mind, but the Heart. This is why sharing the Gospel is paramount now and the only Thing that can get through. Now, what they respond with or react to, that is on them.


Sadly, if any indication of this is the outcome, the Hostility against the Gospel, the only Factor that can Save their Souls, as a Last Chance and Opportunity, is being Rejected and Lost also. This is why the National Judgment is coming next. That is what is catastrophic for the Nation. It has truly turned its Back on GOD, Jesus and the Precept of the Bible. And that is why, on 1 Level of Outcome, the USA is destined for Destruction, and Occupation, etc. This Pattern and Outcome has always befallen a Nation, seen in the Bible and witnessed in History. And not to mention the Abortion Number that now is approaching 100 Million Souls murdered since Roe vs. Wade.

The Lost Salt and Light
And the Aborted Baby Body Parts are used for Research to Cosmetics. This is yet another Reason for the Flooding of Immigrants into the USA. These Young Men and Women are essentially all those Millions that do not Exist now that should and are their ‘Replacements’. What are Followers of Jesus to do? In one’s Opinion, a Political Salvation that most Christians, of the Conservative Persuasion, at least Hope and Pray for, is not going to work. It did not. And no ‘Man of the Hour’ will either.

Although the Attempts were made and some did make an effort to get involved with Politics, it was not enough. The Numbers of those that were at the Top, making Policy and Interpreting that were not enough nor were they sustained. On 1 Hand, it is because the Left in Power Legislated that for example, Pastors, Ministers, Priests cannot ‘Endorse’ or Preach any Politics to their Congregations. You see, if a Church gets any sort of Federal Aid, or Tax Exemption 501C Status, they must report the Names of the ‘Members’ to the State. Have you all wondered why Christian Churches have ‘Memberships’?

And look what happened during COVID? It was about 90% of all Churches in the USA that closed their Doors, just like the State ‘Told’ them to. Why? It is because the USA in general and the Churches, specifically, to a large extent are essentially a Laodicean Church Type. They are Houses of Worship, but where Jesus is no longer the Head. Such Congregations are ‘Woke’ and have Canceled Jesus outside of their Church Doors. Rather, the Churches are now full and run by Jezebels and Nicolaitans. If one drives around by most Towns in the USA now, about 90% of all Churches will be flying the Rainbow Flag.


And that is not a Sign of Noah to ‘Warn’ People to Repent of their Sexual Perversions. No, on the contrary , it is to signal that they Embrace and Celebrate People’s Sexual Perversion. They have sided with the State and Lucifer to Marry Same-Sex People, just ’Like in the Days of Noah’, Jesus stated. Churches have gone beyond Sodom in that the Churches now even have Drag Queen Bible Story Hours for Children and Sunday School. As one has stated before. When you have Men dressed in Women’s Dresses, in Make-Up pretending to be a Woman and are Homosexual or Transvestite teaching Impressionable Children about the Story of Noah, the Ark and the Rainbow? Jesus is going to eventually come in and ‘Clean House’.


The only Recourse for Bible-Believer Followers of Jesus is to continue or begin Preaching the Gospel, 1 Person at a Time, while one still can, up until the Call and the Commission comes to a Close. A Commission only has a certain Time Commitment. It has an ‘Expiration’ or Separation Date. The Harvest only lasts for a Season. Once the Harvest of Souls has reached that 153rd Proverbial Fish, the Catch is brought to Jesus. If you can speak Russian, Spanish or Chinese, for those that are ‘Left Behind’, that will come in handy.


Released July 2020: Sheepsong Productions


Celestial Omens of Judgment
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