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"MATTHEW 24 SIGNS - Verse-to-Year 2025-2032 Correlation"




Verse-to-Year 2025-2032 Correlation Study

by Luis B. Vega

The purpose of this study is to examine a Portion of the Olivet Discourse given by Jesus to His Disciples. The occasion was when they were on the Temple Mount Platform, across the Mount of Olives. The Disciples had motioned to Jesus, of just how Splendid the Temple stood and was, as they were heading-up to the Olive Groves. To their Shock, it was at that Time that Jesus exclaimed that, there would come a Time where, ‘Not 1 Stone would be left upon another’, etc. As they reached the Mount of Olives, which is Evidence of how the Temple’s Location corresponded and will to the Dome of the Spirits Area, which is also aligned with the Golden Gate, the Disciples requested a ‘Private Debriefing’ of Jesus about it.

They wanted to know further, how what Jesus foretold would happen. If one is not a Jew, one may not realize just how Profound and Troubling what Jesus said was. To the Jews, the Temple was the Core, the Heart of their Religion and Symbol of their Relationship, Service and Devotion to the Creator, YHVH. It was their Covenant since Abraham, their ‘Umbilical Cord’. To have the Temple be ‘Cut’ or ‘Thrown-Down’ was to infer that their Direct Relationship with YHVH would be also Broken, Severed or ‘Cut Away’. Of course, nearly 2000 Years later, now since Jesus started His Ministry, the Church Age Believers realized that YHVH still does require a Temple and a Sacrificial Ordinance and Protocol of Approach. See Book of Hebrews, etc.

But that Jesus, being the True Temple, Metaphorically and even how the Temple’s Layout was Anthropomorphic of a Human Body, was and is the Type and Reality that has fulfilled. And that Jesus will never ‘Cut’ or Break that Bond nor the ‘Temple’ of His Body can never be Destroyed. Jesus’ Debrief to the Disciples put them at Ease, somewhat. But in an intertwined Prophetic Context, Jesus provided the Signs of when all that would occur. Jesus provided the Signs of when that would occur. Jesus gave the Disciples the Signs in knowing how to Decipher the Prophetic Blueprint.

The Signs were not only for the Last Sabbath Week of 7 Years, pertaining to the Land Sabbaths Owed by Israel. The Signs would also Prophetically Echo throughout the entire 7-Fold Church Age. This Prophetic Blueprint is also an abbreviated Book of Revelation, if one compares the Events and puts them Side-by-Side. And true to Biblical Prophetic Blueprints, the Prophecy had a Past-Present-Future Fulfillment. In 70 AD, the Past was fulfilled. It is presently being fulfilled. But then a Future fulfillment is yet to occur. This Prophetic Delineation requires much Discernment as most Followers of Jesus have confused the fulfillments based on the Signs given by Jesus. Why? Many Believers, especially in the West have replaced what pertains to Israel.

Delineation of Context
There is a placement of the Church Age Believers, erroneously in the events of the Last Sabbath Week, which is the Tribulation Period. And of which the Last Half, is the Great Tribulation, etc. This is why there is such Confusion as to the Timing of the Rapture and what, ‘After the Tribulation of those Days' mean, etc. Thus, based on this Contextual Delineation, one will provide one’s Interpretation by Dissecting the Olivet Passage based on such held Dispositions, Theologically. Then one will examine a certain Portion of the Passage to correlate such Verses to Years. It is only a Conjecture and Theory but one that has been established by Bible Scholars, like the Late Chuck Missler.

He, for example, derived a Prophetic Statement based on the 1st 10 Proper Names of Genesis. Other Bible Scholars have used this same Principle to Decipher certain portions of the Psalms to a specific 7-Year Time Period. With this in Mind, the Debriefing of Jesus to the Disciples is both emblematic of the Jews, and the Church Age Believers. But 1 Context that is specific to the Jews, and not the Church Age is in the Sign of Jesus’ Return and the End of the Age. Why? The Church Age Believer is not, as the Jews that are asking for such Signs or ‘Walk by Signs’, but by Faith.

In fact, it is a Tenet of the Dispensation of Grace. The Church Age Believer is not looking for Jesus’ Return but Appearing. i.e., the Rapture. And? It is the Church Age Believers that will make-up the Bride of Jesus that will return with Jesus at the End of the Age, that Last Day, in fact. What is also Key in Delineating the Church Age from this coming Last Sabbath of Years, i.e., Daniel’s Last Week, is that the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ will be Preached to all the Nations, then the End comes. Realize that the Emphasis of the Present Age Gospel has not been that of the Kingdom, as that pertains to the National Restoration and Rule of Israel as the Head of the Nations.

This will occur with King Jesus, a Jew, will be the Head, ruling as King of Earth from Jerusalem. This pertains to the Millennial Kingdom. The Present Emphasis of the Gospel is Grace; that one can be Saved, by Faith Alone through Christ Jesus Alone. By merely Calling Upon the Name of Jesus. Of course this is very Simplistic as one who becomes Jesus Disciple, must Follow Him and Obey His Commandment. It is a Present-Tense Work that then is occurring within one's Soul to present a Disciple, ‘Mature in Christ Jesus’, etc. Thus, in Contrast, the Tribulation Time will be focusing on the Kingdom, thanks to the 144,000 Sealed Jewish Evangelists and the 2 Witnesses.


They will be directly inferring that the Kingdom is Coming, if at least 7 Years off, from when they start their Witnessing Ministry. However, one does realize that Contextually, one is also convinced that the Signs are not also pertaining to the Tribulation Period specifically, but the Language and Inference is also Prophetic of the Time leading up to it. Meaning that during the Church Age, the Principle of the Signs will also be occurring. This is the inferred Prophetic ‘Double Entendre’ of the ‘Interweaving’ that has Echoed down the Halls of the 7-Fold Church Age. But what is Key, is how Jesus specifically goes from Generalizations, pertinent to the Church Age, to then Fulfilments that are specific Jewish Events. Evidence? It is Israel, not the Church that makes that Covenant of Death. That will involve the False Messiah that will present himself to Israel instead.

Last Sabbath Week of Years

It is the Jews that still seek their Messiah, erroneously and of whom they will accept his ‘Name’. And that a future ‘False Prophet’ will be erecting a Statue of some sort, on his behalf on the Temple. Then, this False Messiah will Defile the Temple, that being the ‘Abomination of Desolation Event. This is clear Evidence that this Time is not pertaining to the Present Church Age. Then to know how to Delineate the Context of how this Debriefing pertains to the Jews of the Last Sabbath Week of Years, Jesus speaks ‘Jewish’ to them. This is for the sake of those Jews, called the Remnant that will ‘Endure to the End, through the Great Tribulation.

This is not the Church Age ‘Saints’, but those that are called the ‘Tribulation Saints’, etc. Jesus speaks of the Sabbath and of the Temple. And? There has been no Temple for most of the Church Age and the Sabbath has been fulfilled in Jesus. Although Jesus had just got done telling the Disciples that that Temple would be totally Destroyed, that there would be yet a Future Temple Standing. And that the AntiChrist would defile it. Here is also a Side Point one likes to address. Presently, the 3rd Temple is currently being Prepared. One could call it the ‘Temple of the AntiChrist’. But is it really? No. Others argue that ‘No Christians have Business helping the Jews erect a Damnable Thing that would ‘Offend’ Jesus’. Or because, ‘We are the Temple of GOD’, etc.

Such warn, ‘Do not give Money to or help with their Red Heifer Projects’. Fair Objections but misunderstood. First, People have not read the Bible carefully enough to Discern. For example, if the 3rd Temple was ‘Of the Devil’ and the AntiChrist, False Prophet, Axis of Evil, why would YHVH still call it ‘His Temple’ still? And why would it be Defined by the Abomination of Desolation event if it was already? No, the Point is that the Temple of YHVH, is the Temple of YHVH regardless of who has Earthly Authority over it. Did not most of the High Priests and Kings defile the Temple at 1 Time?

Did their Unfaithfulness or Wickedness cause the Temple of YHVH to cease to be it? In 1 case, the Jews even murdered a High Priest at the Altar, etc. Now back to the Delineation of the Context between what pertains to the Jews and what pertains to the Church Age. Jesus ends the Debrief by saying that for the Elect’s sake, those Day will be cut short. The Elect is Israel, not the Church Body. And Jesus is not referring to a less than 24 Hour Day or 7-Day Week. It is referring to how the Tribulation will be Cut to just 1 Sabbath Week of Years, as that is barely all that Humanity will be able to Endure. And lastly , the Church Age is not the Remnant, ‘Elect’. That is an Old Testament Term.

This is another misunderstood Term in which many Christians replace the Church Body with the Remnant that pertains solely upon the Jewish Faithful. Now that one has laid the Theological Contextual Framework for one’s Theory, the following will present a Possible Timeline from 2022-2032, spanning the 10 Corresponding Verses from the Debrief of Jesus. Why? In studying these particular Verses, one Postulates a possible Prophetic Inference to what one has calculated, at this Point in Time, that a 2025-2032 Timeline could be the possible Tribulation Period. This is based on the Verse-to-Year Pattern. Here are the Verses 22 to 32. One just adds a ‘20’ in front of the Verse. One will then Comment on the Correlation one suggests could be in Prophetically Inferred.  

2022 If those Days had not been Cut Short, nobody would be Saved. But for the sake of the Elect, those Days will be Cut Short.

The Year 2022, was the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel, the ‘Elect’ since its Modern ‘Re-Birth’ in 1948. But one Contents that 1952 is the correct Countdown Year. Why? It is because it has to do with the Sabbath of the Land. Thus, this Verse could then infer that Israel’s ‘Shelf Life’, will be ‘Cut Short’ since 1948 to not exceed 80 Years. 2032 will be the 80th Year from 1952. Thus, in a sense, Israel’s Modern Days will be ‘Short’.


2023 At that Time, if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There He is!’ do not believe it.


In the Year 2023, the Verse could allude to how much of the World and especially the Jews and the Luciferians are ‘Looking’ for their ‘Anointed’ or Chosen Man to usher-in their Reset New World Order. They are eagerly Anticipating the AntiChrist’s Debut, as much as the Believers of Jesus are Anticipating the Rapture Event.


2024 For False Christs and False Prophets will appear and perform Great Signs and Wonders that would Deceive even the Elect, if that were possible.

The Year, 2024, is the Year, one Postulates will be the Year in which the Rapture Event is calculated to occur. This is based on the Information one has Researched at this Point in Time. Links to Research will be noted in the End Notes. This year, 2024, if the Rapture does occur, infers when the AntiChrist and False Prophet will be Debuted with Accompanying Lying Signs. This is where the UFO Disclosure will Deceive most.


2025 See, I have told you in Advance.


In the Year 2025, the Verse infers when one does Surmise, that based on the current Research, it is when the Tribulation is to Begin, in the Fall. This would suggest the 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline. And the Verse infers that Jesus will have told the Body of the Time given to the Bride of Christ to Know and Discern just beforehand, perhaps.


2026 So if they tell you, ‘There He is in the Wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here He is in the Inner Rooms,’ do not believe it.


In the Year 2026, the Verse, in terms of possible Prophetic Inferences, is Vague. But it would suggest that there will be a Systematically Effort to convince the Masses of the World that the AntiChrist is the ‘True’ Messiah as he is foretold that he will ‘Conquer through Peace’. It is a Contextualizing of a ‘Going-Out’ to see and a ‘Coming-In’ to Believe just what the Luciferians will come-up with to Deceive the Masses with. Or even when the 3rd Temple is to be built, how the Jews will Believe that their Direct Connection to YHVH will be because of the ‘Inner Room’, which is the Holy of Holies. Perhaps it will contain the Ark of the Covenant that will be Rolled-Out for that purpose.

2027 For just as the Lightning comes from the East and Flashes as far as the West, so will the coming of the Son of Man.


In the Year, 2027, the Verse infers how Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars will be Signaling just how close the Return of Jesus is to occur. These Cosmic Signs would corporate what the Book of Revelation depicts will occur during the Tribulation Period.


2028 Wherever there is a Carcass, there the Vultures will gather.

In the Year, 2028, the Verse suggests that the Worldwide Catastrophes, based on what Jesus foretold of Wars, Famines, Plagues, Death is taking its Toll and Consequences. And how a Great Slaughter will occur at the Time of the coming Battle of Ezekiel 38, in which YHVH precisely Depicts how the Birds will Feast on the Flesh of all the Dead Soldiers that will Fall on the Mountains of Israel, for example.


2029 Immediately after the Tribulation of those Days: ‘The Sun will be Darkened, and the Moon will not give its Light; the Stars will fall from the Sky, and the Powers of the Heavens will be Shaken.’

The Year 2029 is when one suggests, it will correspond to the ‘Midst’ of the Tribulation Period or the 1260th Day. This Mid-Point is when the Daily Sacrifices are stopped by the False Messiah and the Abomination of Desolation occurs. This is also when the Revelation 12 Sign Event happens that ties them directly to Jesus warning the Jews of Time and Place to ‘Flee to the Mountains’ and Wilderness. This will be the Exodus 2.0.. Then, based on the Description of Jesus, the Celestial Cataclysms will be as a Direct Result, the Flyby Effects of Planet X will have on Earth at that Time.


2030 At that Time the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in Heaven, and all the Tribes of the Earth will Mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the Clouds of Heaven, with Power and Great Glory.


In the Year 2030, the Verse suggests the whole World will realize the Pending Return of Jesus. This Year would also Corroborate the Notion that it will be the Year Jesus Returns. How so?  There are those that believe 2030 will be the Jubilee Year and thus when Jesus, ‘has to return’, etc. But this Year could be more so, Prophetically the ‘Foot-Steps’ of Christ Jesus as He casts the Shadow of His Return.


2031 And He will send out His Angels with a Loud Trumpet Call, and they will Gather His Elect from the 4 Winds, from 1 End of the Heavens to the other.


In the Year 2031, the Verse suggests based on one’s Research of the 7 Translations or ‘Raptures’ during the Tribulation Period, that this would correspond to the Last One, or the 7th of the Book of Revelation. This would perhaps correspond to the Year prior to the actual Return of Jesus in 2032, based on one’s current Research. This Portion of the Debrief is what confuses many in believing that this is the Post-Rapture Event. It is, but, if one is a Jew and that will ‘Endure to the End’.

2032 Now Learn this Lesson from the Fig Tree: As soon as its Branches become tender and sprout Leaves, you know that Summer is near.

In the Year 2032, the Verse suggests that if 2025-2032 is the probable Tribulation Period, based on this Verse-To-Year Theory, then 2032 would Coincide with the 80th Year. This is the Year in which the Maximum Limit of the Psalm 90 Prophetic ‘Shelf-Life’ would have its Maximum Extent. This Calculus is if one uses the Countdown Start Year of 1952, as mentioned. It is based on the Land Sabbath of Israel that occurred in 1952, being the 1st since Israel was Re-Born in 1948, etc.

Thus, Prophetically, Summer’s End, is when Jesus would thus Return and fulfill the Fig Tree Generation, literally.  As to the Fig Tree, He is speaking to are obviously those making up that generation of Jews living at that terrible future time. And so, He is affirming that such a Generation will live to see all of those things Signs occur, in light of it being a brief Time Period, that of 7 Years, etc. One is Convinced that the Parable of the Fig Tree alludes to Israel, Prophetically.


One realizes that the Numerical and Chapter Divisions are not ‘Inspired’. But there have been many Studies that, for example, the Strongs Numbers do come-up with some Amazing Prophetic Correlations based on the Meaning of the Numbers. One has done a Chapter-to-Alefbet Letter Inference study, suggesting the possible indication of the various Timing of the coming Raptures. This is based on the study of the Book of Revelation that showed now the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alefbet.

They appear to Correspond to the Chapters and Key Prophetic Time Markers for 7 ‘Raptures’ that will occur. They start with Chapter 4, which corresponds to the Rapture of the Church Age Believers. At which Time, it will conclude the Church Age Portion of the Olivet Discourse ‘Generalities’. It is thereafter that the Specifics, pertaining to Israel and the Jewish Remnant Elect follows. Now one Understands that many People will Criticize or Mock this Matthew 24:25-32 Verse-To-Year Theory Notion, as Far-Fetched. Perhaps, but again, one is only considering the Inferences that appear to Correlate to a possible 2025-2032 Tribulation Period Timeline, nothing more.

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