Luis Vega (10 Mar 2024)
"CRUCIFIXION DECREE - Converging Rapture Timelines"




Discerning the End of the Church Age

by Luis B. Vega


The purpose of this study is to consider some Key Comprehensive Prophetic Timelines that in most cases have Astronomical Correlations that one will attempt to Link with, when the End of the Church Age is to occur. The Prophetic Timelines starting with the Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem, the Birth, Death of Jesus could help determine the Key Markers that are Synchronized in one’s Estimation to the Start and End of the Church Age. The following are the converging Key Year Markers in the various Timelines pertaining to the Messiah, Jesus.

March 21, -445 BC                 = Decree when Messiah would be Presented.
September 11, -3 BC             = Birth of Jesus
December 25, -2 BC               = Magi Visitation (Jupiter in Retrograde in Virgo)
November 1, 29 AD                = Start of Jesus’ 1260 Day Ministry
April 10, 32 AD                       = Triumphal Entry (Sabbath)
April 14, 32 AD                       = Crucifixion, Burial, Resurrection (Start of Church Age)

+ 2000 Solar Years                 = 32 AD + ‘2 Days’ = 2032
Fall 2032 - 7 Year Tribulation = Fall 2025? Implying a 2024 Rapture Year?


One’s Conjecture is that from such Key Year Markers, highlighted in the various Timelines, one can Reverse Engineer these Segments of Time to ascertain, possibly when the End Church Age will be closed-out by the Resurrection-Rapture Event. And then conversely, at the End of the Tribulation Period, when Jesus is to Return. Starting with the Royal Decree of Artaxerxes II, why this one in particular?


As there were 4 Major Decree of when the Jews, being Exiled to Babylon, were to Return to the Promised Land of Israel, to Jerusalem and their Temple, etc. The 4 Major Royal Decrees of the Persian Monarch, started with Cyrus the Great that Reiterated the Return of the Jewish from Persia. So, the Question has been debated, which of the 4 Major Royal Decrees since Cyrus is the one in which the Prophecy of Daniel is pegged to the Arrival or Appearing of the Promised Messiah at the Temple, at Jerusalem in Israel?

One contends that it was from the Last Decree, that of Artaxerxes II. Why? On 1 Hand, the Decreed occurred on an Astronomical Time-Piece, that of the Spring Equinox, in one’s Calculations. Then on the other Hand, this Royal Degree was made by none other than the Son of Esther and Artaxerxes I. The Key to the Decree was to ‘Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem’, based on the Books by Ezra and Nehemiah, etc. It is later that the Issue of the 2nd Temple is addressed.

From Which Decree?

Why is this Specific Prophecy pertinent? It is because the Timeline will measure when the 70 Year Judgement against Israel, or the 490 Years will Begin and End. The Decree is based on what the Arch-Angel Gabriel revealed to Daniel in Daniel 9:25. However, it is understood Theologically that in-between the 69th and the 70th Week, there has been an ‘Intermission’. And that Period of Time has mainly been attributed to the Church Age.


These Royal Decrees were issued by different Persian Monarchs over a Time Period of 93 Years. These Dates will vary in Agreement. For example, all Traditional and Historical Sources point, unanimously, to the Decree reiterated by Artaxerxes I, to be when the Daniel 70 Week Prophecy started. One does not agree with this Interpretation. It is rather the Last Decree reiterated by the Son of Artaxerxes I, Artaxerxes II.


The 4 Major Royal Decrees to ‘Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem’ started with Cyrus the Great. Once the Babylonian Exile of Punishment was completed, a Remnant of the Jews started to return to the Promised Land of Israel, in Jerusalem to eventually rebuild the 2nd Temple, etc. The following is one’s Timeline of what the 4 Decree were that was a reiteration, 3 Times made of the initial one.

1 Decree: Cyrus the Great     = -537 BC       Ezra 1:1-4.
2 Decree: Darius I                  = -518 BC       Ezra 6:1-12    

3 Decree: Artaxerxes I           = -458 BC       Ezra 7:11-28
4 Decree: Artaxerxes II        = -445 BC       Nehemiah 1-2


Nonetheless, what can be agreed upon, at least in Christian Eschatology, is that in the Prophecy of Daniel, the coming of the Messiah the Prince was and is Jesus Christ. It is factored that He was to show-up 483 Years after the Decree. However, the 483 Years are counted as being based on a 360 Day/Year Calendar. The 483 Year Countdown corresponded then to the Year in which Jesus was Crucified, 32 AD. These Year Counts are based on one’s Calculations, etc.


As to the Birth of Jesus? One surmises Astronomically, that this Event correlated to September 11, -3 BC. It was just over a Year later that the Magi made their way to Bethlehem and it had to do with Astronomy and the Retrograde of Jupiter, the King Planet of the Messiah, etc. One has presented Evidence of how one Surmises Jesus’ Birth Timeline, one has Confidence that December 25, is when the Magi actually arrived at Bethlehem. It was not when Jesus was Born, as depicted in most Christmas Greeting Cards.

And that the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ was the occasion of Jupiter ‘Standing Still’ because it was about to then begin its Retrograde. The King Planet of the Messiah was in the King Celestial Sign of Leo in -3 BC. Jupiter then had its 3X Conjunctions with the King Star of Regulus and the 2X Conjunctions with Venus, in Leo, in -3 BC. Any Year outside this -2 BC Year Range, to be considered, like -4 BC or even as far back as -7 BC would put the Retrograde of Jupiter that was in Leo and then in Virgo out of sequence of the Prophecy of the ‘Star’ rising out of Jacob Motif.

Retrograde of Jupiter
Realize that Jupiter enters 1 of the 12 Signs or Constellations every 12 Years. The Star of the Messiah, Jupiter was in Retrograde in Virgo, starting in December of -2 BC and it became ‘Stationary’ in -2 BC, right when the Magi came to Jerusalem and made that Astronomical Observation. This is evidence of how, based on this Timeline, there could be no Crucifixion Year of 31 or 33 AD because of these Astronomical Alignments and Conjunctions that only occurred at this -3 BC to -2 BC Year Time-Frame.

It is also because of the Extremely Small Window of Astronomical Time that the Retrograde of Jupiter had in Leo and Virgo on that 12th Year Cycle, that cannot be said of a -4 BC Year to calculate a 31 AD or a 33 AD Crucifixion Year, etc. This Timeline of Jupiter being in the Constellation of Virgo, the Celestial Motif of Israel was last aligned in Leo and Virgo in -15 BC. Jupiter’s 12 Year Cycle happened in -3 BC and thus corroborates a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. It Aligned with being within the Constellation of Virgo, just after Jesus’ Birth in September 11, -3 BC. Of course, all this is one’s Interpretation, but based on these Astronomical Time Markers, etc.


Then, more specifically, Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, a few Days before His Death solidifies one’s Timeline of the Messiah appearing (7 + 62) x 7 = 483 Years after the Last Decree made in -445 BC by Artaxerxes II. Consider this Factor and Fractal of the 483 Year Prophecy if one also incorporates that with another Parallel Decree from another Monarch, Suleiman the Magnificent. A Parallel Prophetic Count started with Suleiman the Magnificent, a Type of Solomon who Built the 1st Temple. In 1539, the Walls of Jerusalem were Decreed to be ‘Rebuilt’. If one takes the 69 Weeks Coefficient, then the End Date is when the ‘Walls’ of a Jerusalem is to be ‘Completed’, i.e., the Spiritual Walls of the Celestial City of the Bride, the New Jerusalem?

483 Year Factor + 1541 Walls of Jerusalem Completed = 2024

Does this Dual Prophecy allude to the coming of the Antichrist after the 62nd Week and then the 2nd Coming of Jesus after 7th Week, i.e., the 70th Week, all Inclusive? Will this Year calculated and noted be the End of the Church Age? Will the Fall of 2025 then be when the Start of the 70th Week of Daniel is to commence? However, consider that there is a Discrepancy in the Interpretation of how long the 70 Weeks are to be. Are they a literal count base on a 365 Day/Year Calendar? Or are they ‘Prophetic Years’ based on a 360 Day/Year Calendar? And then also consider the Conversion from BC to AD. There is no ‘Year 0’, in that from 1 BC to 1 AD is Year 1, not Year 2, etc.


Then also consider that out of the 4 Royal Decrees, Artaxerxes II was technically a ‘Jew’, the Son of a Father who made the Decree. This Monarch was the Son of Artaxerxes 1 and Queen Esther of the Bible. And? Consider that in the Jewish Bloodline Laws, that is determined through the Mother. Meaning, that if a Mother is Jewish, the Bloodline, legally will have the Prodigy be considered ‘Jewish’. So, although Artaxerxes II was the Monarch of the Persian Empire, he was Technically Jewish or would be recognized as such within Jewish Law of Heritage, etc. And?


It is about when Jesus was at Lazarus’ Home
The Point is then that it was a ‘Jew’ who made this Last Royal Decree as a Foreshadowing of the Messiah and even as a Double Entendre of when the AntiChrist will do the same in Sanctioning the 3rd Temple in the Near Future. The Late Chuck Missler surmised an April 6, 32 AD Debut of Jesus as the Proclaimed Messiah Presented to Jerusalem, the Daughter of Zion. Mind you, Missler’s Calculation was done without the Aid of Internet Calculators and Calendar Converters that take into account the Leap Years and the Conversion from the Julian to Gregorian Counts. If one has any Discrepancy with Missler’s Calculation is that it is ‘Off’ by 4 Days.


One puts forth the Evidence that the Decree was made on March 20, precisely on the Spring Equinox to have a Debut of Jesus on April 10, 32 AD. This would then Synchronize the Week to have it be wherein Jesus was Crucified on a Wednesday and Rose on a Sabbath, or Saturday, not a Friday to Sunday as Church Tradition has it. This Roman Catholic Tradition does not account for a Biblical Whole Day, being from Sundown to Sunrise, etc. Here is the following Day Count based on Daniel’s Prophecy.

173,880 days

From and including: March 20, 445 BC (Spring Equinox Decree)
To, but not including: April 10, AD 32 (Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on the Sabbath.)


This Timeline then means that Jesus met at Bethany, at Lazarus’ House on April 9, 32 AD for the Meal to commence the Sabbath. This was where Jesus’ Feet were Anointed for His Burial by the Woman. It is suspected that it was Mary Magdalene, etc. But the main Point one does want to bring up, deals with the Timing of Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection Sequence. As one argues that Jesus was Crucified in the ‘Midst’ of the Week, it is contingent on following the Prophetic Pattern given in Daniel. It is pertinent of how the Messiah was to be ‘Cut-Off’ or Killed in the Midst of the Week. One is convinced that the Prophecy of Daniel is multifaceted. It has a  Short-Term and Long-Term Fulfilment, in one’s Estimation.

Day 1: Nisan 8
Day 2: Nisan 9 Friday (Evening Meal before Sabbath observed.)
Day 3: Nisan 10 -1st Day Saturday (Triumphal Entry) of Lamb needing to be ‘Examined'.
Day 4: Nisan 11 -2nd Day Sunday
Day 5: Nisan 12 -3rd Day Monday (Celebration of Passover Meal – LORD’s Supper.)
Day 6: Nisan 13 -4th Day Tuesday (Arrest and 7 Illegal Mock Trials during the Night.)

Day 7: Nisan 14 Wednesday (Passover Slaughtered 3pm.)

The Passage that is Key in collaboration with a Wednesday Crucifixion Day, is based on the Account of meeting-up at Lazarus’ Home ‘6 Days before Passover’. This Timing Scenario is a Proof Text for one’s Working Theory. The Timing of when Jesus visited Lazarus, Mary and Martha’s Home is also why one believes the Triumphal Entry was on the Sabbath, the Saturday and not based on the Traditional ‘Palm Sunday’.

He Who Came in the Name of the LORD
As one has presented in prior studies, one conjectures that the Crucifixion Year was based on the Year 32 AD Hypothesis. So, it is a biased Account as the following Day Counts presents do appear to ‘Fit’ for that 32 AD Year only, in comparison to the other Year Contenders for Jesus’ Crucifixion Year, 30 AD, 31 AD and 33 AD, etc. Consider that in 32 AD, Nisan 14, being the ‘Midst’ of the Week, per Daniel was a Wednesday. If one then Reverse Engineers the Day Counts 6 Days Prior, then the Entry to Jerusalem occurred on Nisan 10, a Saturday. Jesus is the LORD of this Day.


What better Day to be Pronounced 'King of Israel', who came in the Name of the LORD. It was on the very Day, that it was revealed to Daniel when the Messiah would come, to the very Sabbath Day. So, just an Observation as it was from that Day, that 4 Days had to then be determined to have the High Priest Examine the Passover Lamb. It was to make sure it was Pure and had no Blemishes, etc. Of course, the Sabbath Triumphal Entry is Circumstantial Evidence, but in one’s Book, very Compelling. Why the Detail?

It lends to when Jesus was truly Crucified and when He Arose. That in Turn, determines when the Acts 2 Pentecost occurred that then was when the Church Age was then ‘Initiated’ by the Holy Spirit. Thus, as it Started on that Leo New Year, will it End on that Anniversary Day, just the same? Notice that this Day Count is a 7-Day Span of Time that Echoes Prophetically the Creation Week of 7 Days and how 7 is the Biblical Number Signifying, ‘Completeness’ and 'Perfection', etc.

So, was Christ Crucified on Wednesday or Friday? Well, Based on these ‘Menorah’ 7-Day Data Points, it was clearly on a Wednesday. And? What if one takes the 4000 Year Span of Time in which Jesus came, and divided it by the 120 Numerical Factor? The resulting Variable would be 33.3. This is exactly the Age of Jesus, at the Time of His Crucifixion. Note also that a 33.3 Portion of a Year is April.

4000 Years (Adam to Jesus) / 120 Jubilees of Time = 33.3 Counts

January to April                       = 33.3
May to August                         = 33.3
September to December         = 33.3
TOTAL                                    = 9.99 or ‘1’

This Calculus could be Supporting Evidence for a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. How so? If Jesus was 33.3 Years Old in 30 AD, then this means that He could not have been Born in -3 BC, as one and many other Researchers Assert. The Bible teaches that YHVH gave Noah a Numerical Coefficient of 120 Years. Many have interpreted a shortening of the Human Lifespan after the Flood, which did occur. But then, 120 is the Number of Jubilees YHVH has given Humanity to play-out its History and Time. This would be the following Equation when counting the Delineations using a 50-Year Variable, then the following is True.

50 x 120 Factor of Time = 6000 Years


In the Year 2025
If one takes the Prophetic Template from Peter of there being 1 Day corresponding to 1000 Years, then the following. All that is really remaining of Human History since Adam, is for the 70th Week of Daniel to be completed. And then for the 7th Age or Dispensation of the Kingdom that starts on the 7000th Year called the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth. So, here is one’s Totality of Humanity’s History. The following Notion came to mind. What is the Outcome if one considers the 49 Year Factor of a Jubilee Count x 4000 Years? This 4000 Year Timespan would be from approximately the Birth of Abraham in 1948 Anno Mundi to the End of the Church Age, concluded by the Rapture Event. How so?


Thus the Main Points of this study has been based on one’s Main Timelines of Convergences as noted since the Royal Persian Decree to ‘Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem’ It was the Last Decree, as opposed to the Initial Decree that pertained to the Rebuilding of the Temple. And thus based on the Decree of -445 BC, a Birth-Day of Jesus in -3 BC, a Crucifixion Year of 32 AD and the subsequent ‘Initiation’ of the Church Age on a Leo New Year in July 23 (723), the End-Point of the Church Age Commission coming to a Conclusion points to the Year 2025 as the start of Daniel’s Last Week of Years. And so, one’s Deductive Logic implies that before that, the Year 2024 would work for the Rapture Event, all speculative of course. 

1. 1948 Israel's Birth + 70 Year Anniversary 2018 + 1 Sabbath Count = 2025.

2. 1948 Israel’s Birth + Anna 84 Year Old Factor/Code = 2032 - 7 Year Tribulation =

3. 1952 Sabbath Cycle + 70 Year Psalm Maximum = 2022 +7 Years =
2029. (Mid-Point)

4. 1952 Sabbath Cycle + 80 Year Psalm Maximum = 2032 - 7 Year Tribulation =

5. 2018 Altar of Sacrifice Rededicated on 70th Anniversary + 1 Sabbath Count =


The other Source is the Work and Research of Ken Johnson. He has Discerned a lot of the Dead Sea Scroll based on the Records of the Essenes. This Community, of which it is believed by many to be what John the Baptist was involved with, do attest to a 32 AD Debut of the Messiah’s Year of Death. And they surmise that the Last Prophetic Week of Daniel will commence in 2025. So, the following are Rationale as to why one does believe it is possible for the Tribulation Period to start in the Fall of 2025.


One is now more convinced that the Timing of the Rapture is directly tied to the 3 Minor Feasts of the First Fruits of the Grain, Wine and Oil. They are based on the Pentecost or Shavuot Count of 49 Days + 1 Day or a total of 50 Days. But there were 3 Counts of these Shavuots. One has presented the Evidence that the Jews, based on the Teachings of the Talmud and the Zohar, stopped Celebrating these Feast. The Rabbinical Jews just left the 1st of the 3 Shavuot Counts to have that be the Tradition ‘Shavuot’ and Pentecost that the Church then also Celebrates. But do realize that the 2 other Shavuot 50-Day Counts corresponded to the Prior Minor Feasts of New Wine, as recorded in Acts 2.

‘Man of the Hour’
One contends that it was the 2nd Shavuot 50-Day Count, and then the 3rd 50 Day Count, being the Feast of New Oil, etc. And that in particular, the 2nd Pentecost or Shavuot Count would coincide with the Feast of New Wine, per Acts 2. But even so, one also believes in the Gap Theory after the Rapture Event that concludes the Commission of the Church Age. One Surmises about 1 Year of a Gap as it will be ‘Accelerated’, but it will be just enough Time to get everything in place for the Luciferian Globalists to initiate their Reset, etc. As the Rapture Event has taken place, the Alien Disclosure will Officially be Announced and a Global Power Shift will be reconfigured, Worldwide.


The USA will collapse and she will no longer be the ‘Leader of the Free World’. A Man from the Ancient Roman Borders will rise to be Debuted as the ‘Man of the Hour’ and Unites the World, backed by the Roman Catholic Papacy and the Jewish Sanhedrin, etc. He will Unite the World under his Banner of ‘Peace and Security’ Decree. This will be the Last Vestiges of the 4th Beast and Metal Kingdom of the 10 Toes that terminated the 2 Legs that Split and had originally formed from the Pelvis as 1, after the Greek 4 Divisions of the Torso. Here below is what one surmise will still have to occur to have the World prepared for the Debut of the AntiChrist.

1. The U.S. Dollar has to Collapse. A New Digital Currency will take its place.

2. Sovereignty will be given over to the WHO/UN to Mandate and Manage future Plandemics.

3. Europe will somehow have to be Restructured, Politically, Economically and Militarily.

4. Various Muslim Para-Military Factions will Invade Israel, simultaneously. Psalm 83 War.

5. Israel will Nuke the City of Damascus and will prevail in the Regional War.

6. The 3rd Temple will have to be Rebuilt to start the Daily Sacrifices, i.e., Altar of Sacrifice.

7. The 3rd Temple will be as a Direct Result of having the Ark of the Covenant Debuted.  

8. The 3 Temples on the Temple Mount will be patterned after the Abraham Family Houses.

9. The Man uniting World due to these ‘Houses’ will be seen as the Messiah, Mahdi and Christ.

10. This False Messiah will promise and ‘Confirm’ Israel’s Security for a 7-Year Pact of Time.

So, as on can Assess, ALL these various Timelines have been converted. They have to be in Place soon after the Rapture that Ends the Church Age. It is about a Person, a Messiah Figure that will make a Royal Decree much like the study started out with in assessing, that of Artaxerxes II. In this case, it will be as it was originally made by Cyrus the Great to Build YHVH a House. This is exactly what the False Jewish Messiah will Promise Israel. And he will ‘Confirm’ it with the Covenant of Moses. It will be between him and the Many L’Rabbim or the Elders of the Sanhedrin, in one’s interpretation.


But this is why one Subscribes to about a 1 Year Gap of Time to allow for enough Time to have the Man of Sin put in-place everything, based on the List that occurs after the Rapture Event. Remember the Prophetic Principle of the Restrainer. He, Lucifer and their Earthly and Spiritual Minions are ‘Tied’ and Restrained presently, so long as the Last Believer and Follower of Jesus is still alive on Earth. They are the Light and the Salt that prevents all the List, from items 1 to 10 to be carried out, for now.



Circumstantial Evidence why it was in 32 AD

When was Jesus Crucified? Was it in 30 AD? 31 AD, or 33 AD? This has been 1 of the most Profound Questions, that has been Debated since the Church Age started with Jesus' Death. Can the Year and the Week Day be Determined? Is there any Evidence to suggest a More Accurate Year and Week Day? The Research one is providing in this Book, is one's Best Attempt in Showing why one is More Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. One is not attempting to ‘Convince’ , or to ‘Prove’ the Year, as that is beyond one’s Ability.





Summer White Wheat Wedding

The purpose of this Book is to provide a Compilation of Articles over several Years of ‘Discovery into the Journey of Identifying where and when the True Count of Leviticus 23:15-16 occurred, i.e., the Feast of New Wine, precisely at a 99th Day Count. The challenge that his Book tackles is what is the Start Date? Why? This initial Start Date will determine the exact Day in which the Feast of New Wine, and thus the Pentecost of Acts 2 occurred. The Book will present Evidence that there are at least 3 main Theories based on differing Calendar Start Dates.




Coming Tribulation Period

The purpose of this Book is to provide a Comprehensive Study of the Political, Social, Religious and Biblical Factors demonstrating just how close the End of the Church Age is and ready to Transition into Daniel’s 70th Week of Years to include a time of ‘Great’ Tribulation for the World and Israel where Faith will be under Fire. The Last Sabbatical Cycle of 7-Years will be the most intense time in Human History. For details and the way to ‘Depart’ or escape from such a Time, refer to the Book of Revelation. His Name is Jesus.



Rededication of the Altar of Sacrifices

The purpose of this Book is to present a case for the Redemption of Israel of how the Rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice is directly related as the Precursor for the coming 3rd Temple, the AntiChrist and the fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. The Religious Jews along with the Sanhedrin Rededicated the Altar of Sacrifice on December 10, 2018. This Rededication 'Echoes' the one also performed by Nehemiah at a similar 70th-Year Time Marker.




In the Midst of the Tribulation

What happened to the Sign of Revelation 12? Is it still a Prophetic Warning? What if it is a 7-Year Countdown to the Rapture? What if it Marks the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period? The Book is a Critical Review of the Status of the Revelation 12 Sign Encrypted Celestially and suggesting a Timeline alluding to the Rapture Event and the Mid-Point Marker of the Tribulation. When? One will argue that the Revelation 12 Sign is the Midst or Mid-Point Sign of the 7-Year Tribulation Period.