Luis Vega (10 Mar 2024)
"STAR OF DAVID COMET - Sickle and Key of the Lion King"


A Time and Place for the Rapture Event Theory

‘Jesus spoke to them using this illustration, but they did not Understand what He was telling them. So He said to them again, Truly, truly, I tell you, I AM the Gate for the Sheep. All who came before Me were Thieves and Robbers, but the Sheep did not listen to them. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it in all its fullness. I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His Life for the Sheep’. -John 10:6-11

In continuing to investigate and develop one’s possible Rapture Timing Theory tied to the Leo Astronomical New Year of July 23, one came across 2 Pieces of Data Points that one would like to highlight from past Research. It has to do with the very peculiar shaped Object, considered a Comet nonetheless, 354P/Linear. The other Data Point is how the July 23 Date is then directly associated with the Lion’s Gate, Astronomically. And this Phenomena of a Gate in Leo is also considered to open a ‘Portal’ into Heaven, starting on a July 23 Date (723).

As to the Comet? It had a Hexagram Configuration that one deems the ‘Star of David’ Comet. It was formally designated as P/2010 A2 LINEAR. It was discovered in January of 2010. What was peculiar about it was its shape. The Images captured by the Hubble Telescope depicted what was perceived as an ‘X’ Motif. However, upon further Observation, it really was and is that of a Hexagram. A Hexagram is essentially 2 Interlocking Triangles that is also referred to as the ‘Star of David’ and Tetrahedron.

There is however, no direct connection that King David used this Motif as his Ensign. The Motif is Ancient and not Jewish in origin as it has Mystical and Occult Inferences as well as Meaning that goes beyond Earthly Wisdom and Understanding, etc. Why the apparent Comet is of interest, Biblically and Prophetically, is that having a Hexagram or Star of David Configuration suggests a Tetrahedron. This then suggests that it has Sacred Geometric Properties to insinuate it would be ‘Celestial Merkavah’ of sorts.

The very Etymology of the Word Merkavah speaks volumes. The 3-Dimensional Star has 8 Points and it takes its Name from 3 Words in the Hebrew: Mer for Light, Ka for Spirit, and Ba for the Body. Or in other Words, it is a ‘Vessel’ or Body of Light. For example, in the Israeli Military, their Main Tank is called the Merkavah. It is a ‘Chariot’. Geometrically, a Tetrahedron, at its core forms a Perfect Cube. All that to say and for Context, fast-forward 14 Years, and what ever happened to that ‘Comet’?

Well, it is still around and the following is one’s Observation about what one sees as having a direct tie-in to the Rapture Timing Window of a July 23 Rapture, perhaps and happening at the Lion’s Gate. This is, of course all Speculative and New as one is not aware of this Direct Association of the Rapture to the July 23 Astronomical Leo New Year Time-Frame and that also coinciding with being the Lion’s Gate.

Rapture Window
First-Off, the ‘Star of David’ Comet has a 3 Year and 2 Month approximate orbit around the Signs of the Ecliptic. Having this Frequency of visits, it has traversed the Constellation of Leo since 2010, a total of 5 Times, as of 2024. The next Visit Cycle to Leo will occur in 2027. Now what is Spectacular and the Reason for bringing this to one’s Attention is where and when the ‘Star of David’ Comet conjoins with Leo. For the Year 2024, the Comet will have a Triple Conjunction with the King Star, Regulus and the Moon. And this Triple Conjunction occurs on June 11, 2024 (6-11). And? This happens to be the Jewish Feast of Shavuot or their Celebration of the Feast of Weeks.

JUL 6-----------SEP 20---------JUN 23----------SEP 9----------JUN 6---------AUG 30


As Researched and Written about this Feast, it is what the Christian Church has also adopted and called ‘Pentecost’. It is technically correct, but only as far as the Name insinuates just a Period of 50 Days. This is what is being Overserved, 50 Days from the Day after Passover on Nisan 15. What one argues though, is that this 50 Day Count is just the 1st of 3 Counts of 50 Days of a Shavuot that are based on the Penta-Feasts of the Feasts of the First Fruits of the New Grain, the New Wine and the New Oil, etc. One argues that it is the 2nd Shavuot that corresponded to the New Wine Feast of Acts 2.

Thus, one thought that this Star of David Comet Connection, Astronomically to the Jewish Shavuot on June 11, 2024 (9-11) is rather interesting. And it is also interesting based on another Numerical Factor. Note that June is the 6th Month in the Gregorian Calendar. If one then inverts and rotates the Numbers of 6-11, the Mirror Effect will be 9-11. And? One surmises that 9-11 or September 11, -3 BC was the Birth-Day of the True Lion-King, Jesus. And from that, how the Rapture Typology, one argues, is best explained in the Context of a Summer July White Wheat Wedding Harvest, when as a Type of Boaz, the Lion King is in the Field, the Wheat Field with his Sickle and Key, etc.

One has presented Evidence of the Typologies to include, primarily that of Boaz and Ruth and the Event in the Gospel where the Religious Elders of Zion questioned and criticized Jesus for allowing His Disciples to pick the Wheat Grain for Food as they traveled through the Field on a Sabbath. Jesus established His Credentials, as being not only Messiah of Israel, and LORD of the Wheat Harvest, but LORD of the Creation Week, to include the Purpose for the Sabbath, etc. Then, the issue is that of what occurred, also about 10 Years Ago with another ‘Star of David’ Celestial Configuration.

Back in 2013, one wrote about the Hexagram of Planets that aligned and was the 13th in a Series that started in 1990. And? It so happened that the Configuration started to form such a Motif, precisely on July 22, 2013, the Eve of the Astronomical Leo New Year. So, that is pretty much one’s Observation in how the Leo Constellation is being signaled by its corresponding ‘Gate’, ‘Sickle’ and ‘Key’ Motifs; of a King and Star and Comet in this case, that are based on the Construct of a Star of David Configuration. Now as to its possible Prophetic Implications? As one has presented, one is more convinced that the Timing of the Rapture Window is tied to the Astronomical Leo New Year of a July 23 Date and that it occurs at the Lion’s Gate.

Key to the Gate
It is when the Lion’s Gate is ‘Activated’ or Opens from that Time forward. One is more convinced that the Rapture Timing is tied to a July Summer White Wheat Wedding for these precise Data Points and Inferences. One is just stressing and highlighting these Assertions and Associations, as no other type of Research has likened the Rapture Timing and Place to his Leo Theory. Realize that it is Jesus Himself who compared the Present Age, like a Harvest, and that of a Wheat Type of Harvest. And that one has presented Evidence how a July 23 was the precise Day that was the Anniversary of the Golden Calf Incident or Rebellion on Mount Sinai.


And from the Nisan 15 Day after Passover during the Exodus, the precise Day Count was the 99th Day when the 2 Tablets were smashed by Moses. This then directly mirrors the Day Count when in Acts 2, the 120 Core Disciples on another Mountain, Moriah saw the Reversing of the Calf Curse. And how it brought the Restitution of the 3000 that had perished at Sinai, etc. As this Acts 2 Pentecost was when the Promise of the Holy Spirit came to Indwell and Seal a Believer and Follower of Jesus, as a ‘New Wine, it also coincided with the 2nd Day Count of the 50 Day that corresponded to the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine, etc.

One last Piece of Data to drive home the Theory of the Lion’s New Year and Gate being the Place and the Time of the Rapture Event. It has been observed and accepted that the Celestial Motif of Leo is that of a Lion. And that the Head region is construed to appear like a Sickle. Granted and it is a very profound Motif in its inference then to the End the Wheat Harvest on a July 23. But one introduces this next Interpretation. Consider that in keeping with the Theme of the Lion’s Gate, what is the Key? Where is the Key and more important, who is the Key?

Realize that the same Sickle Motif that comprises the 6 Stars of Leo’s Head can be interpreted as the ‘Key’, just as much of a Motif. Astronomically, this Motif Interpretation would complement the Gate to which Leo is the Celestial Guardian or Sentinel of, the Lion’s Gate. It is for no Reason, that in the Occult, the Movie Industry uses this Motif. Or how it is seen in Architecture and Ancient Art, the concept of the Lion’s Gate is premiered. Why? It is the Gate to Heaven. As one has touched upon this in another Theory of mine, the Layout of Leo Astronomically mirrors what is in Heaven or how Heaven is laid-out as.

The best Rendition of how Heaven is mirrored on Earth is found at the Giza Pyramid Plateau. There are other Sacred Sites all over the World that also incorporate this Depiction and the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation is just one other Theory of mine that delves into this Concept. Yes. What one is insinuating is that, wherever Heaven is at or in whatever Dimension it is construed, there are 3 Temples or Structures there that are Prominent. And the Expanse is defined by 2 Opposing Gates, a Golden and Silver one. The Known Universe is patterned after Heaven, as is the Earth and various Sacred Sites, such as Giza, Jerusalem, Babylon, Teotihuacan, Baalbek, etc. But at the Center or directly in front of Heaven, its Main Entrance is the ‘Lion Gate’. Now, the New Jerusalem that is coming will have 12 Gates.

A 9-11 DNA
So, one is presuming what is presently the case until then. It is the Gate of the King of the Universe, Jesus. This is why Jerusalem has the Lion’s Gate on the East Side, going into the Temple Mount. And 1 Day, during the Tribulation Period, there will be 3 Temples there that will mirror the 3 Belt Stars of Orion, as they are at Giza and virtually all other Ancient Sacred Sites on Earth. One has cataloged 100s of them. See an example here of the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem.

Chart: Orion Jerusalem Star Map


In the Giza Plateau, the representation of Leo’s Connection is seen in how the Sphinx is a Hybrid, in Stone of Leo and Virgo. It represents the complete Astronomical Cycle of a Year and Divine Storyline of the Lion King, from its Virgin Birth in Virgo to its Victory over Leviathan by Leo. Note that it has been researched that the Sphinx was Synchronized with the Leo Constellation approximately 10,000 Years Ago. This next Piece of Data pertains to another ‘9-11’ Association. How so?


Consider that in Astronomy, there is a Concept of the Grand Sextile. It is essentially the Construct of a Hexagram or ‘Star of David’ pertaining to how the Signs of the Mazzaroth Triangulate with each other in 3’s around the Ecliptic, when the Ecliptic is configured to be a Circle. What is the Issue or of Prominence is that as it is known that the Start of the Mazzaroth is with Virgo and it Ends with Leo, these 2 Signs define the ‘End from the Beginning’ and the Beginning from the End’. As it is with the Hebrew Calendar, the 7th Month of Tishrei, the Head of the Year was changed to the 1st Month of the Year, in Nisan by YHVH in Exodus.

But the Principle is the Same with the Mazzaroth. One cannot explain this, other than to note it and say that, as far as the Mazzaroth is concerned, the Start of the Astrological Year is in Virgo and the End of it, is with Leo. But with the Astronomical Year Theory, it is with Leo that the New Year Begins and it is with Virgo that it Ends, well, actually in Cancer. But as to the Sextile corresponding to this ‘Beginning and End’ Delineation of the Signs of the Sky, the following are their corresponding Triangulations.

Leo – Libra – Gemini

Virgo – Cancer – Scorpio

If one takes the Circular Rendition of the Zodiac and lines-up Leo’s Triangulation, juxtaposed to Virgo’s Triangulation, the Motif will be a ‘Star of David’ Configuration. And? If one then connects their End Signs vertically, one then constructs the following Anagram. (I X X I). Does this Motif look familiar? It should if one has researched or studied the Occult or Esoteric Knowledge. It is, among many other Interpretations, a Numerical Representation of the Latin for IX = 9 and XI = 11, (9-11). Coincidence?


Celestial Chariots
Meaning? As stated before, one is just pointing out and suggesting that with the construct of Leo and Virgo, the Beginning and the End, the End and the Beginning. This is a glimpse into the very DNA of the Logos, Christ, Jesus who is the Beginning and the End, Birthed in Virgo and Triumphs as Leo. Jesus is the ‘Sphinx’ that Guards the Gate to Heaven as the Lion-King who is the Door, the Gate and is the Key to unlock it to enter the Heavily Edin, etc. This is one’s Theory. See Charts of illustration. What this suggests is that not only Leo is signaling the Astronomical New Year, as in Solar Years relative to Earth, but that it signals the End and Beginning of the Astronomical Ages.


But suffice it to say that Leo is then a sort of ‘Reset’ to the Cosmic Clock’…a 12 Noon Hour, if one wills to better comprehend what one is trying to say. Thus, in a Microcosm, who is to say that why not have the Rapture Timing to this Event, that one insinuated marked the Change from that of the Law to that of Grace or more specifically the Star and End of the Church Age that will conclude with the Rapture Event. And what better Time and Place than to have it occur in Tandem with the Leo New Year and at the Lion’s Gate.

It would follow, Biblically, the Typology of how Jesus stated of Himself that He is not only the Lion King, the LORD of the Wheat Harvest but is the Gate. Jesus is the Door of the Sheep and is the Key of David, the ‘Star of David’. And back in 2013 a Star of David, Astronomically configured on the Day of the Leo New Year and at the Lion’s Gate. It occurred on July 22, 2013, the Eve of the Leo New Year at the Lion’s Gate. And will it not be the case that at the Rapture Timing, Jesus will be coming from Heaven, through its ‘Front Door’, through its Lion’s Gate to meet the Bride in the Clouds? Will Jesus be riding on that Celestial Chariot or Merkavah of Light, as Isaiah, Daniel and Psalms depict, that will mirror what King Solomon Did in taking the Shulamite Bride back to his Palace.

Or how the Chariot of Israel, the Star of David Tetrahedron ‘Vehicle of Light’ Merkavah came for Elijah. Will it not come likewise to carry the Bride of Christ to meet Jesus in the Clouds? And will not Jesus, as the Good Shepherd and Lion King, lead the Flock through the Sheep Pin, that by the way, the Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem was formally called the Sheep’s Gate? And will He then not lead the Sheep to the Father’s House in Heaven to present His Bride?

And will they not then go to that Isaiah 22 Wedding Chamber and shut its Doors until the Indignation passes of the Wrath that is to Test the Inhabitants of the Earth thereafter? Of course, all this is Speculation on one’s part, but nonetheless presenting it as one is developed this Leo New Year Rapture Theory, that could very well coincide with where and when the Rapture Event will occur to End the Church Age. The following are the Main Verses in the Bible that depict YHVH as the ‘Cloud Rider’, or the One who is ‘Riding the Clouds’ in the Celestial Chariot, i.e., Merkavah ‘Star of David’, etc.

‘O Kingdoms of the Earth, Sing to GOD; sing Praises to the LORD, Selah

to Him who rides in the Heavens, the Ancient Heavens; behold, he sends out His Voice, His Mighty Voice’. -Psalm 68:32-33


‘Bless the LORD, O my Soul!… He lays the Beams of His Chambers on the Waters; He makes the Clouds His Chariot; He rides on the Wings of the Wind; he makes his Messengers Winds, His Ministers a Flaming Fire’. -Psalm 104:1-4


‘An Oracle concerning Egypt. Behold, the LORD is riding on a Swift Cloud and comes to Egypt; and the Idols of Egypt will tremble at His Presence, and the Heart of the Egyptians will melt within them’. -Isaiah 19:1

‘I saw in the Night Visions, and behold, with the Clouds of Heaven there came One like a Son of Man, and He came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before Him’. -Daniel 7:13

‘Again the High Priest asked him, Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? And Jesus said, I AM.
And you will see the Son of Man seated at the Right Hand of the Mighty One and coming with the Clouds of Heaven’. -Mark 14:61-62

‘And when [Jesus] had said these Things, as they were looking on, He was lifted up,
and a Cloud took Him out of their Sight’. -Acts 1:9


‘Behold, He is coming with the Clouds, and every Eye will see Him, even those who Pierced Him, and all Tribes of the Earth will Wail on account of Him. Even so. Amen’.
-Revelation 1:9


Main Sources



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