Lewis Brackett (31 Mar 2024)
"The local gang put out a hit contract on my pastor"

    My recent pastor married his childhood sweetheart later in life
after they both had divorced. So he now had a couple adult step
children. The wife had brought up her children to be cultural
christians and only got saved after she married him.
   One of her two sons married a gangbanger girl a couple years after
her drug dealing husband met a violent end. She already had two
children, and together they had two more. Sadly, the stepson did not
have a decent work ethic. Because of that he had to move back into his
moms house with his family. This caused issues over several years as
you can expect as he could not keep a job.
   Finally the pastors wife retired from her civil service job, and
wanted to move back East to take care of family and to afford for them
to live.
   So the pastor and wife sold the house throwing the freeloaders out
on the street, and left town. The gangbanger daughter in law was
furious about losing her free ride, so put a contract out on the
pastors life if he ever came back to town. Nowadays if our former
pastor wants to come visit he has to do so without prior notice, just
show up at our church he had started, then be gone before the word can
get out. God publically judged the gangbanger girl for her actions
because she kept gangbanging and she died a couple years ago because
of health issues from her druggie life. The contract is still out for
our pastor though.
   Moral of the story is two-fold. first bring your children up to
have a work ethic and second never marry an un-saved person, especial
if they are criminals.