Lewis Brackett (10 Mar 2024)
"??Nineveh Dark Sun prophecy??"

   My pastor friend in Ct called me today about a question one of his
people had on this topic. I then had a conference call with pastor and
his person. Basically, the soon coming eclypse can be called a "dark
sun." Its path North from Texas will apparently pass over maybe four
towns called Nineveh. Remember how the capital city of the Assyrian
empire, Nineveh, was destroyed by Ol' Nebbi of Babylon era abt 620 BC?
   A number of people are hyperventilating >  About this, and
apparently some false prophets are saying this means America's
imminent demise. I had to tell her to ignore them.
   Yes, the rapture and seven year tribulation period is in the near
future. However, to ignore the internet clickbait for profit
"prophets" saying the doom of America will happen the day of the
  Thankyou, Lewis