Jean Stepnoski (10 Mar 2024)
"Yet Another Sign of Jonah?"

To be sure, there are signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars on 4-8-2024 during the total solar eclipse over the USA. George at the return of the king videos on you tube is looking both toward and after these Signs in the Heavens on 4-8-2024. Please watch his video "The 3rd Day After the Eclipse." Looking to when? To 4-8 to 10 and 11. How so? He notes planetary placements on 4-10 which may signify rapture on that day. The 3rd Day. What about 4-11? He ponders the arrival of Orion in the night sky. So what? George associates Orion with the antichrist. Unaware of it, George is pointing attention to yet another The Sign of Jonah, 3 days from 4-8 to 4-10! Over a period of 46 Days we have The Sign of Jonah: 40 days, then The Sign of Jonah: 3 Days, then The Sign of Jonah: 3 Days. PRECISE TRIPLE SIGN OF JONAH!!! Precise to the day from Purim Lots on 2-25-2024. According to The Torah Calendar, Month 2 (Iyar) will begin at sunsets on 4-9-2024. The Rosh Chodesh. The Scriptures note that David's Seat is empty at the Rosh Chodesh (the new moon, the renewed moon). Might The Blessed Hope be on or before 4-10-2024? Before Orion appears on 4-11-2024? Time is fleeting dear doves.

With Love and Shalom,