Jason T (3 Mar 2024)
"FW: 2.28.24 Gog.is.bho.says.Jews.boy.who.died"


Hi John,

My name is Jason Tulee and have been a regular reader to 5 Doves but have never commented or submitted an article or such.

I am a born again Christian after gaining sobriety 12.1.06.  I also look at sites like “Before the News” for any fringe articles

Regarding Jesus, Rapture, or prophecy- mainly with a grain of salt.  A most excellent site I also frequent regularly is “His Kingdom Prophecy,”

As someone who wants to stay awake for the return of our savior and as a watcher on the wall.  Most of the articles on Before the News

I take with a grain a salt but with some semblance of warnings as more articles a produced as these times get worse and worse.


On Before the News yesterday, I copied a video that moved me to act. 

The video is in regard to the Mount of Olives; after watching the Video, I looked up the word “Har Hazeitim,”of which the Har Hazeitim foundation

to protect sacred jewish ancestory cemetery has come up.  I sent them the link to the video below also as the boy describes what he sees there in the

future Gog Magog war there at the Mt. of Olives.

God Bless and Maranatha.  Jason.

Welcome to the doves, Jason!


From: Jason Tulee
Sent: Thursday, February 29, 2024 7:47 AM


I recently saw this video and had to look up the word “har hazeitim,” for

Hearing the boy’s near death experience and how close we are to end times.

I feel deeply moved by the Holy Spirit to share this with you.  God Bless.



From: Jason Tulee