Gino (3 Mar 2024)
"good to go?"

I realize that I have brought up this subject, in different fashions, over the past few years.
Once, I asked, if there is to be a partial catching away (rapture), how can I know if I'm good enough to go.
Another time, I presented my case, that if the partial catching away is correct, then I'm definitely not good enough to go.
Yet another time I asked if anyone on FiveDoves, who believed in the partial catching away, believed they're going up?
Then I asked if even one person knows someone, that they can be sure, will be going up in a partial catching away.
Sadly, no one, that I remember, said they were good enough to go, or knew someone who was good enough to go.
So, either this teaching leaves Christians wringing their hands, saying, "Oh! I hope I'm going, I hope I'm going!", but never knowing for sure.
Or, maybe no one answered, because they do not want to sound like a Pharisee, kind of like:

"Two Christians went to church; the one good enough to go, and the other who will be left behind.

The one good enough to go, stood and prayed,

God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, even as this Christian who will be left behind."

Seriously, if the partial catching away is true, how can we know whether we are going up, or being left behind?
Is it as radical as the teaching of sinless perfection? If so, we're all doomed to be left behind.
Or is it a measure of godliness or righteousness? If so, can we be only one sin over the line, and be left behind?
Am I wrong, but does the partial catching away doctrine tend to cause us to be looking at our righteousnesses, rather than at Jesus and his righteousness?

Of course Jesus wants us to walk in the Spirit, live godly, turn away from sin & the world, and to do good.
That is not in order to get saved, or to stay saved, though there are a number of people who think that is so.
But is it the way to be taken up in the blessed hope?
If so, what % of the time do we need to walk in the Spirit, or how godly do we need to be?
What if we do not fully turn from every sin, like maybe pride?
Or how good to we need to be?