Gino (3 Mar 2024)
"RE: Steve C: 02.25.24: outer darkness"

Thank you for your reply.
Yes! The doctrine of the judgment seat of Christ, the bema seat, seems to be ignored, watered down, or at glossed over, today.
Years ago, a friend went off to Bible college, where the head of the school tried to bring this to their attention in a radical sort of way.
He presented an hypothetical case where a Christian had gone back to the world and sin, where he was smoking marijuana again.
No sooner does the Christian take a deep inhale, filling his lungs with smoke, the trumpet blows, and up he goes.
Up in the clouds with all the others, he is terrified, knowing that his lungs are full of marijuana smoke, and he doesn't want to exhale it out.

Not regarding how doctrinally off that hypothetical case may be, the young students were riveted on the thought of, "ashamed at his coming".