Gino (24 Mar 2024)
"What will they think or say?"

If the partial rapture doctrine is correct, what will Christians, who don't make the cut, be thinking, when they are left behind?
They will see many others, who they were convinced were not Christians, that never believed on Jesus, left behind.
Those will be left behind because they were not saved.
But what about the Christian who also is left behind?
If they never heard about the partial rapture doctrine, will they think they were left behind, because they were never really saved?
Will they then consider that it was a lack of faith, rather than their lifestyle, and end up focusing on the wrong thing?
What about those who do know of the partial rapture teaching, that will be left behind?
Will they be torn between considering that they were never saved, or considering how far they fell short as Christians?
Wouldn't it be far easier, and more tempting, to consider that they were left behind, because they never really got saved?
And also end up focusing on the wrong thing?
Also, how would they explain it to the lost?
Will they say to them, "you were left behind because you are not saved, but I was left behind because I wasn't a good Christian"?