Gerry Almond (31 Mar 2024)

March 30, 2024


I saw this description on You Tube. It is not my finding, but another brother in Christ. I thank God for allowing me to know this as I have often wondered why America is so special to God. Now I see why. It is God's temple today.

The continental United States of America is God's tabernacle/temple and is designed just like the tabernacle of Moses, as seen in the lay of the land. The east coast to the Mississippi River (first curtain) contains the altar which sits over the wood and coal of the east coast, providing fuel for the altar fire, and goes to the wash bowl (brazen laver) for washing of hands, and the laver is located at the waters of the river and the Great Lakes. Through the curtain (across the Mississippi River) comes the inner court where are the shewbread, incense and candlesticks. Candles use the oil of Oklahoma/Texas, the upper mid west is the bread basket and Utah has coal for burning to heat incense. The Rockies form the second curtain behind which is the Holy of Holies and the ark of the covenant made of wood and overlaid with gold. That is the west coast with its trees and, of course, tons of gold. Thus, America is God's tabernacle, which explains why God protected it from wars and destruction. He singularly blessed America because of it. He alone may someday destroy it, if He so chooses to do so. I can see Him doing so for its many heinous sins.

The destruction year of the Temple in Jerusalem was 70 A. D., on August 29/30 and on Tisha B AV (the Black Fast began here).   Millions died that day so many years ago. Israel mourned; Titus gloated and an arch was built honoring him. By September 70 A. D. the Jews were dispersed everywhere and all over the known world.

The possible destruction of today's Temple, that is the continental U. S. A., may also be on the Black Fast, just as back then.  Tisha B Av (the Black Fast) this year, 2024 will be on August 12/13.  

I know the numerical value to God of the 280 days period. I applied the 280 days cycles to the time period between 70 A. D. and 2024 A. D. and came out with the following possible scenario:

There are 1,952 full solar years between 71 A. D. and 2023 A. D., inclusive count.  Total days of 1,952 years x 365.24219 days per year = 712,953 days.  From August 29/30, 70 A. D, the destruction date of the temple in Jerusalem, to December 31, 70 A. D. there are 124 days.  And from January 1, to August 12/13, 2024, the anniversary of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, there are 225 days.  Total days =  124 + 712,953, + 225 = 713,302 days from Black Fast in 70 to Black Fast in 2024. 

713,302 days divided by 280 days = 2,547.5 cycles, exactly and to the day.

I suspect that this may tell us America's end day.  Why say this?  Because, God said if we dare to defile His temple (as you now know it is the continental U. S.) that he would destroy both people and buildings.  In 70 A. D., He did it once in great fury over the rejection of Jesus Christ.  Millions of Jews died for their sins. And His beloved Israel was judicially dispersed all over the world by September, that very year. It continues mostly at this time, although a remnant is back in the holy land.

Babylon, that is, harlot America has broken every heavenly law and ordinance that there is. America is judged to be a very sinful nation. It is no longer the shining light on the hill that God intended. It is exceedingly sinful and that is why He will destroy her some day and I can see the irony of that day being on the Black Fast day, August 12/13, 2024, many (1,954) years after the destruction of 70 A. D.

It appears to me that July 3/4, 2024 may be a key day in this time line leading up to the Black Fast. Much posting is going on about Nineveh and the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse. Like Nineveh, which was given 40 days to repent or face destruction, America may have 40 days between Independence Day July 4 and the Black Fast to repent or face destruction.

I suspect that the harvest of souls may already be underway at that time by about 50 days when and if this judgment happens. 



Gerry Almond