Gerry Almond (3 Mar 2024)

March 2, 2024


I developed two possible scenarios around it. In the scenarios, I made two assumptions. These two are: That the war in heaven that casts Satan and his unholy angels to the earth to be among men lasts three weeks (21 days) just as it did in Daniel's day when the captives were freed from Babylon. Second, that this event would be outside the thousand two hunded three score (1,260 days) that antichrist is to have free rein in the second half of Daniel's prophecy of the final seven years.

Based on these two, here are two possible scenarios as I see them:


March 20/21 plus 21 days comes to April 7/8, (the great solar eclipse completing a giant X over America), both in the year 2024. March 20/21 is the vernal equinox, the first day of Spring and the anniversary of the conception of Jesus Christ in the year 00. From there, 1,260 days forward comes to September 19/20, 20027. That is the first day of Fall, the autumnal equinox. Adding first the thirty days of Daniel 12 comes to October 19/20 and adding further the 45 more days of Daniel 12, ends up on December 3, 2027.

In this scenario, the harvest of souls brought in with the aid of the left behind church, Laodicea, could run from March 20 for 120 days to July 18/19, 2024.


If the first day of a scenario is April 7/8, 2024, adding three weeks (21 days) brings us to April 29/30, 2024. Satan and his unholy angels will be on earth then. If the next day begins the reign of antichrist, then 1,260 days forward will come to October 10/11, 2027 and adding first the thirty days of Daniel 12 brings us to November 10/11, 2027. Adding further the 45 more days of Daniel 12, ends up on Jesus Christ birthday, December 24/25, 2027.

In this scenario, the harvest of souls brought in with the aid of the left behind church, Laodicea, could run from April 7/8 for 120 days to August 6/7. This happens to be the anniversary of the atom bomb destruction of Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. A good day for the rapture of Laodicea.

This end date is also day one of the Jewish Feast of Hanukkah which lasts eight days and ends January 1, 2028. This assumes the beginning of the Kingdom Age on that date.

Either of the two has as its central point, the day of the great eclipse over America.

I have little doubt what that great sign means. God has judged America for its many idolatrous and extremely sinful practices.


The day count of 280 is extremely important to our Lord. It is the count for both the time element of the human birth cycle and the sacred feasts cycle. As a matter of fact, God placed the timing of the sacred feasts on the develop of a human being from conception to birth. Please note:

Conception to fertilization takes 14 days.

The first feast, Passover is 14 days after 1, Nisan being the first sacred month.

The fetal development to birth takes 266 days.

The sacred feasts, from Passover to the end of Tabernacles takes 266 days.

Because of Israel's major sinning via idolatry, I believe that God stopped the Feast of Tabernacles and replaced it with a lesser feast call Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights. In the Feast of Tabernacles, Israel had the booths torn down and a royal exit through the great eastern gate of Jerusalem. I believe that is a picture of the rapture for them, if they would have had it. They didn't, thus Jesus came, gave birth to the Church of Jesus Christ, and promised His gentile bride (while God planned to put His wife, Israel, on a shelf, so to speak), the rapture. In the meantime, God did put Israel on a “shelf” in 70 with the destruction of the temple as foretold by Jesus.. This is addressed by Paul (Romans 11) and will last until the fulness of the gentiles comes in.

God then brought the teen age Israel (when compared to the age of the Church) back from the valley of dry bones to live again (to take her finally off the “shelf” on which she was placed in 70 A. D. When the gentile bride is removed, Israel will again have her prior place with God. Israel is declared to be the wife of God. The Church is to be the wife of the Son of God.

Finally, it is my conviction that America is being judged for failure to do what God intended for her to do as the lighthouse to the world, spiritually speaking. He blessed America much more than any nation in the history of the world and gave her victory after victory, never allowing an enemy to invade or captivate the nation. He blessed her with goodness, truth, freedom, honor and wealth, to name a few of His glorious gifts to her. What did she do? She allowed herself to become a whore nation, rejecting the very One who blessed her with so much. She became “mystery Babylon”, the mother of harlots.

That is why, I believe, she has been judged and destruction is her lot. Sadly, I say this, but it is Scriptural and also common sense. Israel found it out, and so will she.

It is from this destruction that the rapture takes His obedient children to Himself. We will be rescued from certain death because we have obeyed, loved and honored Him.

Pray like never before for the lost, the back-slidders and the outright disobedient.


Gerry Almond